Purvarcika-Chapter 5 >> Section 8

ओ३म् पुरोजिती वो अन्धसः सुताय मादयित्नवे।
अप श्वानश्नथिष्टन सखायो दीर्घजिह्व्यम्॥५४५
English:- O friends, for your attainment of the purified and exhilarating Soma bliss of existence, eliminate vociferous disturbances of the mind and concentrate on the deep resounding voice of divinity. (Rigved 9-101-1)
ओ३म् अयं पूषा रयिर्भग सोम पुनानो अर्षति।
पतिर्विश्वस्य भूमनो व्यख्यद्रोदसी उभे॥५४६
English:- It is Pusha, life-sustaining and nourishing protector, wealth and honour of the world, power and the glory, Soma that is pure and purifying, ever going forward with the world. It is the master, sustainer and ruler of the vast expansive universe and illuminates both heaven and earth. (Rigved 9-101-7)
ओ३म् सुतासो मधुमत्तमा सोमा इन्द्राय मन्दिन।
पवित्रवन्तो अक्षरन्देवान्गच्छन्तु वो मदा॥५४७
English:- Filtered, felt and cleansed, honey sweet soma streams, pure and exhilarating, flow for Indra, the soul, and may the exhilarations reach you, noble favourites of divinity. (Rigved 9-101-4)
ओ३म् सोमा पवन्त इन्दवोऽस्मभ्यं गातुवित्तमाः।
मित्रा स्वाना अरेपस स्वाध्य स्वर्विद॥५४८
English:- Streams of Soma flow for us, brilliant, eloquent and expansive, friendly, inspiring, free from sin, intellectually creative and spiritually illuminative. (Rigved 9-101-10)
ओ३म् अभी नो वाजसातम रयिमर्ष शतस्पृहम्।
इन्दो सहस्रभर्णसं तुविद्युम्नं विभासहम्॥५४९
English:- Indu, divine spirit of peace, power, beauty and grace, move and bless us to achieve wealth, honour and excellence of high order, universally loved and valued, a thousandfold sustaining, mighty powerful, all challenging bright and finally victorious. (Rigved 9-98-1)
ओ३म् अभी नवन्ते अद्रुह प्रियमिन्द्रस्य काम्यम्।
वत्सं न पूर्व आयुनि जात रिहन्ति मातर॥५५०
English:- Just as young mothers love and caress the first born baby in early age, so do people free from malice and jealousy take to Soma, meditative realisation of divinity, dear favourite love of Indra, the soul. (Rigved 9-100-1)
ओ३म् आ हर्यताय धृष्णवे धनुष्टन्वन्ति पौस्यम्।
शुक्रा वि यन्त्यसुराय निर्णिजे विपामग्रे महीयुव॥५५१
English:- For the lovely bold Soma, devotees wield and stretch the manly bow, and joyous celebrants of heaven and earth before the vibrants create and sing exalting songs of power and purity in honour of the life giving spirit of divinity. (Rigved 9-99-1)
ओ३म् परि त्य हर्यत हरिं बभ्रुं पुनन्ति वारेण।
यो देवान्विश्वा इत्परि मदेन सह गच्छति॥५५२
English:- Ten psychic powers with the best of their potential adore and exalt that dear divinity, omniscience itself, who, omnipresent, pervades and rejoices with all divinities of the world with divine ecstasy. (Rigved 9-98-7)
ओ३म् प्र सुन्वानास्यान्धसो मर्तो न वष्ट तद्वच।
अप श्वानमराधस हता मखं न भृगवः॥५५३
English:- That silent voice of the generative illuminative Soma of divine food, energy and enlightenment for the dedicated devotee, the ordinary mortal does not perceive. O yajakas, ward off the clamours and noises which disturb the meditative yajna as men of wisdom ward them off to save their yajna. (Rigved 9-101-13)