Purvarcika-Chapter 6 >> Section 1

ओ३म् इन्द्र ज्येष्ठं न आ भर ओजिष्ठं पुपुरि श्रव।
यद्दिधृक्षेम वज्रहस्त रोदसी उभे सुशिप्र पप्राः॥५८६
English:- Indra, lord of noblest virtue and knowledge, bear and bring us that best and most lustrous food for the nourishment of body and mind which we cherish and by which, O wondrous hero of golden helmet and wielder of thunder in hand, you fill, fulfil and replenish both the earth and the sky upto heaven. (Rigved 6-46-5)
ओ३म् इन्द्रो राजा जगतश्चर्षणीनामधिक्षमा विश्वरूपं यदस्य।
ततो ददाति दाशुषे वसूनि चोदद्राध उपस्तुतं चिदर्वाक्॥५८७
English:- Indra is the sovereign ruler of the moving world and her people on the earth. Whatever various and manifold wealth there is on the earth, he alone is the master ruler. And therefrom he gives profusely of wealth, honour and excellence to the generous man of charity, inspires our potential strength and success, and when he is closely adored in meditation, he reveals his presence to our direct vision and experience.(Rigved7-27-3)
ओ३म् यस्येदमा रजोयुजस्तुजे जने वन स्व।
इन्द्रस्य रन्त्यं बृहत्॥५८८
English:- This abundant, vast and gracious charity of Indra, this divine bliss of the self-refulgent lord, is dear and adorable among the generous people. May this charity and grace of the lord flow to us.
ओ३म् उदुत्तमं वरुण पाशमस्मदवाधमं वि मध्यम श्रथाय।
अथादित्य व्रते वयं तवानागसो अदितये स्याम॥५८९
English:- Varuna, dearest lord of our choice, we pray, loosen the highest, middling and the lowest bonds of our sin and slavery so that, O Lord Supreme of light, free from sin and slavery and living within the rules of your law, we may be fit for the attainment of the ultimate freedom of Moksha. (Rigved 1-24-15)
ओ३म् त्वया वयं पवमानेन सोम भरे कृतं वि चिनुयाम शश्वत्।
तन्नो मित्रो वरुणो मामहन्तामदिति सिन्धु पृथिवी उत द्यौः॥५९०
English:- O Soma, spirit of divine peace, power, beauty and glory, in our battle for self-control and divine realisation, let us always choose and abide by paths and performances shown and accomplished by you, pure and purifying power of divinity. And that resolve of ours, we pray, may Mitra, the sun, Varuna, the ocean, Aditi, mother Infinity, Sindhu, divine space and fluent vapour, earth and heaven, help us achieve with credit. (Rigved 9-97-58)
ओ३म् इमं वृषणं कृणुतैकमिन्माम्॥५९१
English:- I am one, even alone. May the heavenly powers inspire me, this self, to rise to the strength, nobility and generosity of the great.
ओ३म् स न इन्द्राय यज्यवे वरुणाय मरुद्भ्य।
English:- Soma, lord of peace and purity, power and piety, creator, controller and commander of the entire wealth of life, flow on by the dynamics of nature and bless us for the benefit of power and glory, yajna and unity among the yajakas, judgement and right values and the vibrant forces of law and order. (Rigved 9-61-12)
ओ३म् एना विश्वान्यर्य आ द्युम्नानि मानुषाणाम्।
सिषासन्तो वनामहे॥५९३
English:- Soma is the lord of humanity and the earth. By virtue of him and of him, we ask and pray for all food, energy, honour and excellence for humanity, serving him and sharing all the benefits together. (Rigved 9-61-11)
ओ३म् अहमस्मि प्रथमजा ऋतस्य पूर्वं देवेभ्यो अमृतस्य नाम।
यो मा ददाति स इदेवमावदहमन्नमन्नमदन्तमद्मि॥५९४
English:- I am the food of life for life. I am the first born of the divinities of the eternal yajna of the immortal flow of existence, prime of value for the divinities. He that gives me, i.e., food, to others for sustenance of life thereby protects and promotes life. And I eat up as food the man who eats food only for himself, without caring for others.