Purvarcika-Chapter 6 >> Section 2

ओ३म् त्वमेतदधारयः कृष्णासु रोहिणीषु च।
परुष्णीषु रुशत्पय॥५९५
English:- Only you as mind and electric energy bear, hold and maintain in circulation this bright vital liquid energy as sap and blood in the dark and red life sustaining veins and arteries of living forms. (Rigved 8-93-13)
ओ३म् अरूरुचदुषस पृश्निरग्रिय उक्षा मिमेति भुवनेषु वाजयु।
मायाविनो ममिरे अस्य मायया नृचक्षसः पितरो गर्भमादधुः॥५९६
English:- Lighting up the dawns, stars and planets in space, the sun, prime and abundant source of light, warmth of life and waters of sustenance, giver of food and energy shines over the regions of the world. By the light, power and causal effects of it on other objects in existence such as planets and satellites, scholars of science do their astronomical calculations, and parental, kind and studious scholars studying humanity and divinity realise the nature and character of Soma, the original seed of life and source of energy for the world of existence. (Rigved 9-83-3)
ओ३म् इन्द्र इद्धर्यो सचा सम्मिश्ल आ वचोयुजा।
इन्द्रो वज्री हिरण्यय॥५९७
English:- Indra, the omnipresent Spirit, Indra, the universal energy of vayu or maruts, and Indra, the solar energy, the bond of unity and sustenance in things, co-existent synthesis of equal and opposite complementarities of positive and negative, activiser of speech, lord of the thunderbolt and the golden light of the day and the year. (Rigved 1-7-2)
ओ३म् इन्द्र वाजेषु नोऽव सहस्रप्रधनेषु च।
उग्र उग्राभिरूतिभि॥५९८
English:- Indra, lord of light and omnipotence, in a thousand battles of life and prize contests, protect us with bright blazing ways of protection and advancement. (Rigved 1-7-4)
ओ३म् प्रथश्च यस्य सप्रथश्च नामानुष्टुभस्य हविषो हविर्यत्।
धातुर्द्युतानात्सवितुश्च विष्णो रथन्तरमा जभारा वसिष्ठः॥५९९
English:- Vasishtha, the most brilliant seeker and teacher, a man of versatile mind and boundless possibilities who was gifted with a radiative spirit and passion for enlightenment, received the pure, applied, beatific and life giving Word of the Veda, the first, original and eternal gift of the lord of omniscience into his yajna of cosmic creation, from Agni, sustainer of the light of knowledge, Vayu, vibrant sage with passion and strong will, Savita, i.e., Aditya, brilliant and inspiring like the sun, and Angiras, the sage inspiring as omnipresent Vishnu and breath of life. (Rigved 10-181-1)
(This Vasishtha, the brilliant disciple of the four sages, Agni, Vayu, Aditya and Angira, who then became the teacher of the Vedas, was Brahma. Swami Brahmamuni explains this interpretation of this mantra in his commentary on Rgveda and cites authoritative evidence from the Brahmana works. Swami Dayananda explains the cosmic process of creative evolution and Vedic revelation in his Introduction to his Commentary on the Vedas, Rgvedadi Bhashya Bhumika, saying on Vedic and ancient authority that the Vedas were first revealed to four sages: Rgveda to Agni, Yajurveda to Vayu, Samaveda to Aditya, and Atharva veda to Angira. Brahma, the brilliant disciple and later the inspired teacher, learnt the Veda from these four sages and passed on this knowledge to his disciples.)
ओ३म् नियुत्वान्वायवा गह्यय शुक्रो अयामि ते।
गन्तासि सुन्वतो गृहम्॥६००
English:- Vayu, scholar of the dynamics of the winds, self- controlled with your disciplined mind and senses, drying up the mists of ignorance and confusion with the brilliant light of knowledge, come to the brilliant light of knowledge, come to the house of the yajamana who has distilled the soma. Universally moving you are, I invite you come in person. This soma is for you. (Rigved 2-41-2)
ओ३म् यज्जायथा अपूर्व्य मघवन्वृत्रहत्याय।
तत्पृथिवीमप्रथयस्तदस्तभ्ना उतो दिवम्॥६०१
English:- O lord of glory, Indra, matchless without precedent, when you rise for the elimination of darkness, then you manifest the wide space and plan the heaven, earth and sky in their place in the cosmic order. (Rigved 8-89-5)