Purvarcika-Chapter 2 >> Section 1

ओ३म् तद्वो गाय सुते सचा पुरुहूताय सत्वने।
शं यद्गवे न शाकिने॥११५
English:- In your soma yajna in the business of the world of the lord's creation, sing together songs of homage in honour of the universally adored, ever true and eternal almighty Indra, songs which may be as pleasing to the mighty lord as to the seeker and the celebrant. (Rigved 6- 45-22)
ओ३म् यस्ते नून शतक्रतविन्द्र द्युम्नितमो मद।
तेन नूनं मदे मदेः॥११६
English:- O lord of a hundred great actions, Indra, ruler of the world, the most generous, brilliant and ecstatic will and pleasure that is yours, by that, pray, inspire us and let us share the joy of divine achievement. (Rigved 8-92-16)
ओ३म् गाव उप वदावटे महि यज्ञस्य रप्सुदा।
उभा कर्णा हिरण्यया॥११७
English:- The psychic base of the devoted seeker of meditative communion is highly creative. O mind and senses attended with both knowledge and action of divine character, rise high and reach close to the reservoir of divine grace and win the showers of bliss. (Rigved 8-72-12)
ओ३म् अरमश्वाय गायत श्रुतकक्षारं गवे।
अरमिन्द्रस्य धाम्ने॥११८
English:- The sage, having drunk of the soma of divine love, sings in praise of the dynamics of motion and attainment and the music overflows, he sings of the dynamics of creative production and power of communication such as waves of energy, earth and cows, and he sings profusely of the lord's refulgent forms of wealth, beauty and excellence. (Rigved8-92-25)
ओ३म् तमिन्द्रं वाजयामसि महे वृत्राय हन्तवे।
स वृषा वृषभो भुवत्॥११९
English:- That Indra, dynamic and enlightened mind and intelligence, we cultivate and strengthen for the elimination of the great waste, deep ignorance and suffering prevailing in the world. May that light and mind be exuberant and generous for us with showers of enlightenment. (Rigved 8-93-7)
ओ३म् त्वमिन्द्र बलादधि सहसो जात ओजसः।
त्व सन्वृषन्वृषेदसि॥१२०
English:- Ruling power, Indra, you have risen high by virtue of your strength, patient courage, and grandeur of personality. Generous as showers of blissful rain, you are mighty, excellent and refulgent as the sun. (Rigved 10- 153-2)
ओ३म् यज्ञ इन्द्रमवर्धयद्यद्भूमिं व्यवर्तयत्।
चक्राण ओपशं दिवि॥१२१
English:- Yajna, joint creative endeavour which protects and replenishes the earth and environment, pleases and elevates Indra, the ruler, and creates a place of bliss in the light of heaven for the doer. (Rigved 8-14-5)
ओ३म् यदिन्द्राहं तथा त्वमीशीय वस्व एक इत्।
स्तोता मे गोसखा स्यात्॥१२२
English:- Indra, lord of universal knowledge, power and prosperity, if I were, like you, the sole master of wealth, wisdom and power in my field, then pray may my dependent and celebrant also be blest with wealth and wisdom of the world. (Let all of us together be blest with abundance of wealth and wisdom under the social dispensation of our system of government and administration.) (Rigved8-14-1)
ओ३म् पन्यंपन्यमित्सोतार आ धावत मद्याय।
सोमं वीराय शूराय॥१२३
English:- O makers of soma, to Indra, offer the drink of soma, brave, ecstatic and heroic, and let each draught be more and more delicious and adorable. (Rg 8-2-25)
ओ३म् इदं वसो सुतमन्ध पिबा सुपूर्णमुदरम्।
अनाभयिन्ररिमा ते॥१२४
English:- O lord of the world's treasure of wealth, honour and excellence, here is this exhilarating soma nectar of love and devotion distilled from the heart and soul. Pray drink of it to your heart's content. We offer it to you, lord beyond fear. (Rigved 8-2-1)