Purvarcika-Chapter 2 >> Section 5

ओ३म् पान्तमा वो अन्धस इन्द्रमभि प्र गायत।
विश्वासाह शतक्रतुं महिष्ठं चर्षणीनाम्॥१५५
English:- Sing in praise and appreciation of Indra, the ruler, protector of your food, sustenance and maintenance, all tolerant, all defender and all challenger, hero of a hundred noble actions and the best, most generous and most brilliant of the people. (Rigved 8-92-1)
ओ३म् प्र व इन्द्राय मादन हर्यश्वाय गायत।
सखायः सोमपाव्ने॥१५६
English:- O friends, sing exciting songs of celebration in honour of Indra, your leader, commander of dynamic forces who loves the nation's honour and excellence and thirsts to celebrate the grandeur of it. (Rigved 7-31-1)
ओ३म् वयमु त्वा तदिदर्था इन्द्र त्वायन्त सखायः।
कण्वा उक्थेभिर्जरन्ते॥१५७
English:- Indra, we too have the same aims and objectives as you. We are your friends and admirers. We know and wish to achieve, and with all words of praise and appreciation, we adore you as others, wise devotees, do. (Rigved 8-2-16)
ओ३म् इन्द्राय मद्वने सुतं परि ष्टोभन्तु नो गिर।
अर्कमर्चन्तु कारव॥१५८
English:- Let all our voices of admiration flow and intensify the soma for the joy of Indra, and let the poets sing songs of adoration for him and celebrate his achievements. (Rigved 8-92-19)
ओ३म् अयं त इन्द्र सोमो निपूतो अधि बर्हिषि।
एहीमस्य द्रवा पिब॥१५९
English:- Indra, this soma pure and sanctified on the holy grass of yajna vedi, is dedicated to you. Come fast, you would love it, drink and enjoy, and protect and promote it for the good of all. (Rigved 8-17-11)
ओ३म् सुरूपकृत्नुमूतये सुदुघामिव गोदुहे।
जुहूमसि द्यविद्यवि॥१६०
English:- Just as the generous mother cow is milked for the person in need of nourishment, so every day for the sake of light and knowledge we invoke and worship Indra, lord omnipotent of light and life, maker of beautiful forms of existence and giver of protection and progress. (Rigved 1-4-1)
ओ३म् अभि त्वा वृषभा सुते सुत सृजामि पीतये।
तृम्पा व्यश्नुही मदम्॥१६१
English:- Lord of generous and creative power, when the yajna is on and soma is distilled, I prepare the cup and offer you the drink. Pray accept, drink to your heart's content and enjoy the ecstasy of bliss divine. (Rigved 8- 45-22)
ओ३म् य इन्द्र चमसेष्वा सोमश्चमूषु ते सुत।
पिबेदस्य त्वमीशिषे॥१६२
English:- Indra, of the soma which is distilled and poured in the cups and ladles of spiritual yajna for you, drink to your heart's desire since you yourself rule over the ecstasy of the nectar. (Rigved 8-82-7)
ओ३म् योगेयोगे तवस्तरं वाजेवाजे हवामहे।
सखाय इन्द्रमूतये॥१६३
English:- Friends together and friends of Indra ever stronger and mightier, in every act of production and progress and in every battle for protection and preservation, we call upon Indra for defence and victory for well-being. (Rigved 1-30-7)
ओ३म् आ त्वेता नि षीदतेन्द्रमभि प्र गायत।
सखाय स्तोमवाहसः॥१६४
English:- Friends and celebrants of song divine, come, sit together and join to meditate (on life, divinity, humanity, science and spirituality, and freedom), and sing in thankful praise of Indra, lord of life and energy. (Rigved 1- 5-1)