Purvarcika-Chapter 2 >> Section 6

ओ३म् इद ह्यन्वोजसा सुत राधानां पते।
पिबा त्वा३स्य गिर्वणः॥१६५
English:- O lord and ruler of wealth, power and potential, drink the exciting soma of this generous yajamana, elaborately distilled with vigour and splendour and offered with the voice of homage and reverence. (Rigved 3-51-10)
ओ३म् महा इन्द्र पुरश्च नो महित्वमस्तु वज्रिणे।
द्यौर्न प्रथिना शव॥१६६
English:- Indra is great, supreme and transcendent, self- refulgent like the sun, extensive like space and more. May all the power and grandeur be for the lord of justice and the thunderbolt. May all be dedicated to Him. (Rigved 1-8-5)
ओ३म् आ तू न इन्द्र क्षुमन्तं चित्रं ग्राभ सं गृभाय।
महाहस्ती दक्षिणेन॥१६७
English:- Lord of mighty arms, Indra, gather by your expert right hand abundant riches for us which may be full of nourishment, energy, wonderful beauty and grace worth having as a prize possession. (Rigved 8-81-1)
ओ३म् अभि प्र गोपतिं गिरेन्द्रमर्च यथा विदे।
सूनु सत्यस्य सत्पतिम्॥१६८
English:- To the best of your knowledge and culture and with the best of your language, worship and adore Indra, protector of stars and planets, lands and cows, language and culture, creator of the dynamics of existence and protector of its constancy. (Rigved 8-69-4)
ओ३म् कया नश्चित्र आ भुवदूती सदावृध सखा।
कया शचिष्ठया वृता॥१६९
English:- When would the Lord, sublime and wondrous, ever greater, ever friendly, shine in our consciousness and bless us? With what gifts of protection and promotion? What highest favour of our choice? What order of grace? (Rigved 4-31-1)
ओ३म् त्यमु वः सत्रासाहं विश्वासु गीर्ष्वायतम्।
आ च्यावयस्यूतये॥१७०
English:- O people of the land, that generous and brilliant victor (Sudaksha) in all sessions of the enlightened citizens and celebrated in their universal voices, you elevate to the office of ruler for your defence, protection and progress. (Rigved 8-92-7)
ओ३म् सदसस्पतिमद्भुतं प्रियमिन्द्रस्य काम्यम्।
सनिं मेधामयासिषम्॥१७१
English:- May I realise, I pray, and attain to the direct presence of the Lord of the Universe, wondrous darling love of the soul, with gifts of the divine and discriminative vision of meditative intelligence. (Rigved 1-18-6)
ओ३म् ये ते पन्था अधो दिवो येभिर्व्यश्वमैरयः।
उत श्रोषन्तु नो भुव॥१७२
English:- Indra let all the pathways below the regions of light by which you ignite, initiate and radiate currents of energy in the firmament be known to us, and let the people all regions of the world listen to our voice.
ओ३म् भद्रंभद्रं न आ भरेषमूर्ज शतक्रतो।
यदिन्द्र मृडयासि नः॥१७३
English:- Indra, lord of infinite actions of grace, when you are kind to us and bless us with joy and well being, you give us food, energy, knowledge and enlightenment so that we may rise towards perfection as good human beings. (Rigved 8-93-28)
ओ३म् अस्ति सोमो अय सुत पिबन्त्यस्य मरुत।
उत स्वराजो अश्विना॥१७४
English:- O Maruts, mighty men of honour and action, this soma of glorious life is ready, created by divinity. Lovers of life and adventure, Ashwins, live it and enjoy, those who are self-refulgent, free and self-governed, and who are ever on the move, creating, acquiring, giving, like energies of nature in the cosmic circuit. (Rigved 8-94-4)