Purvarcika-Chapter 2 >> Section 8

ओ३म् य रक्षन्ति प्रचेतसो वरुणो मित्रो अर्यमा।
न कि स दभ्यते जन॥१८५
English:- The man whom Prachetas, men of knowledge and wisdom, Varuna, distinguished and meritorious man, Mitra, friend of all, Aryama, man of justice, all these protect and advance (is really strong). Can he ever be hurt, bullied or suppressed? No! (Rigved 1-41-1)
ओ३म् गव्यो षु णो यथा पुराश्वयोत रथया।
वरिवस्या महोनाम्॥१८६
English:- Lord greatest of the great, Indra, come now as ever before and bring us wealth of lands and cows and discipline of the mind and senses, wealth of horses, progress and meaningful attainments, and scientific transports and spiritual adventures of the soul in meditation and yajnic sessions. (Rigved 8-46-10)
ओ३म् इमास्त इन्द्र पृश्नयो घृतं दुहत आशिरम्।
एनामृतस्य पिप्युषी॥१८७
English:- Indra, these spotted cows of yours, various earths, starry skies which yield and shower honey sweets of milk and life giving soma are augmenters of the divine yajna of universal evolution. (Rigved 8-6-19)
ओ३म् अया धिया च गव्यया पुरुणामन्पुरुष्टुत।
यत्सोमेसोम आभुवः॥१८८
English:- Indra, O higher mind, O soul, O awareness of divinity, who are adored by many, celebrated by many many names in many ways, arise in every person in every soma yajna by with virtue of this intelligence, this knowledge and this awareness which nature has given to every person. (Rigved 8-93-17)
ओ३म् पावका न सरस्वती वाजेभिर्वाजिनीवती।
यज्ञं वष्टु धियावसुः॥१८९
English:- May Sarasvati, goddess of divine speech, mother knowledge of arts, science and divinity, come with gifts of food for the mind and intellect and purify us with the light of knowledge. May the mother grace our yajna of arts and sciences and bless us with the light divine. (Rigved 1-3-10)
ओ३म् क इमं नाहुषीष्वा इन्द्र सोमस्य तर्पयात्।
स नो वसून्या भरात्॥१९०
English:- Who in this bounden humanity can regale and surfeit this Indra with the soma of surrender and adoration? None. May the lord of boundless abundance bring us wealth, honour and excellence of life.
ओ३म् आ याहि सुषुमा हि त इन्द्र सोमं पिबा इमम्।
एदं बर्हि सदो मम॥१९१
English:- Indra, lord omnipotent and omnipresent, we hold the yajna and distil the soma of life in your service. Come, grace this holy seat of my yajna dedicated to you, watch my performance, enjoy the soma, and protect and promote the yajna for the beauty and joy of life. (Rigved 8-17-1)
ओ३म् महि त्रीणामवरस्तु द्युक्षं मित्रस्यार्यम्ण।
दुराधर्षं वरुणस्य॥१९२
English:- May the great, refulgent and inviolable protection and promotion of the three, Mitra, Varuna and Aryaman bless the life of nature and humanity. (Mitra, Varuna and Aryaman are explained as prana, apana and heart energy, and as the sun of the summer, winter and spring seasons round the year.) (Rigved 10-185-1)
ओ३म् त्वावतः पुरूवसो वयमिन्द्र प्रणेतः।
स्मसि स्थातर्हरीणाम्॥१९३
English:- Indra, shelter home of the world, leader of humanity, presiding over mutually sustained stars and planets in motion, we are in bond with you and so shall we remain. (Rigved 8-46-1)