Purvarcika-Chapter 5 >> Section 5

ओ३म् पुनान सोम धारयापो वसानो अर्षसि।
आ रत्नधा योनिमृतस्य सीदस्युत्सो देवो हिरण्यय॥५११
English:- O Soma, pure and purifying our thought, will and actions, abiding in the heart, you move and flow on in our consciousness. Bearing treasures of jewels, pray come and sit on the seat of yajna vedi and our sense of truth and eternal law. Indeed, O lord refulgent, you are the fountain head of life's golden treasures. (Rigved 9-107-4)
ओ३म् परीतो षिञ्चता सुत सोमो य उत्तम हवि।
दधन्वा यो नर्यो अप्स्वा३न्तरा सुषाव सोममद्रिभिः॥५१२
English:- From here onward sprinkle Soma with love and service, Soma, the spirit of beauty, peace and joy of life, Soma, realised with best of thoughts, effort and determined discipline of meditation, Soma which bears the best materials for creative yajna of personal and social development, Soma which is the leading light of life, realised within in the heart and our Karmas performed in life. (Rigved 9-107-1)
ओ३म् आ सोम स्वानो अद्रिभिस्तिरो वाराण्यव्यया।
जनो न पुरि चम्वोर्विशद्धरि सदो वनेषु दध्रिषे॥५१३
English:- O Soma, spirit of universal bliss and protection, invoked and stirred by acts of meditation, radiating across the covers of darkness, enter the heart core of the soul as citizens enter their home in town, arise in the depth of heart and intelligence and abide there in the love and faith of the soul, your own cherished seat of existence among the wise. (Rigved 9-107-10)
ओ३म् प्र सोम देववीतये सिन्धुर्न पिप्ये अर्णसा।
अशो पयसा मदिरो न जागृविरच्छा कोशं मधुश्चुतम्॥५१४
English:- O Soma, be full with the liquid spirit of joy like the sea which is full with the flood of streams and rivers, and, like the very spirit of ecstasy overflowing with delicious exuberance of light divine, ever awake, flow into the devotee's heart blest with the honeyed joy of divinity. (Rigved 9-107-12)
ओ३म् सोम उ ष्वाण सोतृभिरधि ष्णुभिरवीनाम्।
अश्वयेव हरिता याति धारया मन्द्रया याति धारया॥५१५
English:- Soma, invoked by celebrants, manifests with blissful inspiring powers of protection and promotion and, saving, watching, fascinating, goes forward, rushing, compelling, in an impetuous stream like waves of energy, and it also goes forward by a stream of mild motion, soothing and refreshing. (Rigved 9-107-8)
ओ३म् तवाह सोम रारण सख्य इन्दो दिवेदिवे।
पुरूणि बभ्रो नि चरन्ति मामव परिधीरति ता इहि॥५१६
English:- O Soma, light of life and universal joy of existence, I rejoice in your friendly company day in and day out. O mighty bearer sustainer of the universe, a host of negativities surround me, pray break through their bounds and come and save me. (Rigved 9-107-19)
ओ३म् मृज्यमानः सुहस्त्या समुद्रे वाचमिन्वसि।
रयिं पिशङ्गं बहुलं पुरुस्पृहं पवमानाभ्यर्षसि॥५१७
English:- O Spirit omnipotent with the world in your generous hands, celebrated and exalted, you stimulate and inspire the song of adoration in the depths of the heart and, pure, purifying, radiating and exalting, set in motion immense wealth of golden graces of universal love and desire for us. (Rigved 9-107-21)
ओ३म् अभि सोमास आयव पवन्ते मद्यं मदम्।
समुद्रस्याधि विष्टपे मनीषिणो मत्सरासो मदच्युत॥५१८
English:- Intelligent and dedicated lovers of Soma refine and sublimate their pleasurable joy of the heart and emotion, direct it to divinity on top of the existential ocean of daily business and, thoughtful, ecstatic and divinely oriented, experience the heavenly ecstasy of Soma as in samadhi. (Rigved 9-107-14)
ओ३म् पुनान सोम जागृविरव्या वारै परि प्रिय।
त्वं विप्रो अभवोऽङ्गिरस्तम मध्वा यज्ञं मिमिक्ष णः॥५१९
English:- Pure and all purifying, O Soma, spirit of peace and bliss, ever awake and awakening with your eternal consciousness, all protective and promotive, dearest in the heart of the cherished loving soul, you are the vibrant awareness of omniscience and the very life energy of life. O Spirit of peace, joy and divine bliss, pray bless our yajna of life with the honey sweets of existence. (Rigved 9-107-6)
ओ३म् इन्द्राय पवते मद सोमो मरुत्वते सुत।
सहस्रधारो अत्यव्यमर्षति तमी मृजन्त्यायव॥५२०
English:- Soma, joy of existence, invoked and realised, flows purifying and consecrating for Indra, the vibrant soul, in a thousand streams of ecstasy and overflows the heart and soul of the devotee. That Spirit of the universe, intelligent dedicated yogis realise, exalt and glorify. (Rigved 9-107-17)
ओ३म् पवस्व वाजसातमोऽभि विश्वानि वार्या।
त्व समुद्र प्रथमे विधर्मं देवेभ्य सोम मत्सर॥५२१
English:- O Soma, spirit of universal light and joy, you are the harbinger of food, energy and victory. Radiate and move, purifying and inspiring, toward the spirit of universal vision and wealth for the achievement of knowledge and enlightenment. You are the first oceon of the first laws of Dharma who bore the mighty treasure trove of infinite light and joy and let it open to flow for the divine sages. (Rigved 9-107-23)
ओ३म् पवमाना असृक्षत पवित्रमति धारया।
मरुत्वन्तो मत्सरा इन्द्रिया हया मेधामभि प्रयासि च॥५२२
English:- Purifying, energising and inspiring currents of ecstasy and nourishment for the senses, will, intellect and imagination flow by stream and shower at the speed of winds to the holy heart of the sagely celebrant.(Rigved 9-107-25)