Purvarcika-Chapter 5 >> Section 7

ओ३म् प्र सेनानी शूरो अग्रे रथानां गव्यन्नेति हर्षते अस्य सेना।
भद्रान्कृण्वन्निन्द्रहवान्त्सखिभ्य आ सोमो वस्त्रा रभसानि दत्ते॥५३३
English:- Soma, heroic brave leader, warrior and commander, marches at the head of chariots, ardently ambitious for positive gains for the commonalty, his army follows with joyous enthusiasm. Thus nobly fulfilling the divine call of Indra for the advancement and excellence of the friends of humanity, Soma takes on the robe and role of peace and protection and the arms for the defence of humanity. (Rigved 9-96-1)
ओ३म् प्र ते धारा मधुमतीरसृग्रन्वारं यत्पूतो अत्येष्यव्यम्।
पवमान पवसे धाम गोनां जनयन्त्सूर्यमपिन्वो अर्कै॥५३४
English:- O Soma, the honeyed showers of your gifts radiate and flow when you, with your power and purity, move to your favourite choice well protective and well protected. Indeed, pure and purifying, you move and bless the treasure homes of light, and, self-manifesting and generative, you vest the sun with the light that illuminates the days. (Rigved 9-97-31)
ओ३म् प्र गायताभ्यर्चाम देवान्त्सोम हिनोत महते धनाय।
स्वादु पवतामति वारमव्यमा सीदतु कलशं देव इन्दु॥५३५
English:- Sing and celebrate, let us honour the divinities and exhort Soma for great victory and achievement of wealth, honour and excellence. Sweet and lovable, Soma rises to the protective position of choice and, loving the divinities, it abides in the right position at the centre. (Rigved 9-97-4)
ओ३म् प्र हिन्वानो जनिता रोदस्यो रथो न वाज सनिषन्नयासीत्।
इन्द्रं गच्छन्नायुधा सशिशानो विश्वा वसु हस्तयोरादधानः॥५३६
English:- Inspiring the celebrants to action and achievement, creator of heaven and earth, winning strength and victory like a chariot warrior, moving to the karma-yogi, sharpening and calibrating weapons of warlike action, bearing all wealth and power of the world in hands, may the spirit of peace and power come and bless us. (Rigved 9-90-1)
ओ३म् तक्षद्यदी मनसो वेनतो वाग्ज्येष्ठस्य धर्मं द्युक्षोरनीके।
आदीमायन्वरमा वावशाना जुष्टं पतिं कलशे गाव इन्दुम्॥५३७
English:- If the language of the mind in words of love of the vibrant sage of worshipful devotion, established in the beauty and splendour of the supreme spirit and law of the universe, were to visualise the picture-presence of Soma, ultimate sustenance of life, then all perceptions, thoughts and imaginations, loving and faithful, would move and concentrate into that presence of the choicest, most loved and beatific master vibrating in the heart core of the soul. (Rigved 9-97-22)
ओ३म् साकमुक्षो मर्जयन्त स्वसारो दश धीरस्य धीतयो धनुत्रीः।
हरि पर्यद्रवज्जा सूर्यस्य द्रोणं ननक्षे अत्यो न वाजी॥५३८
English:- Ten generous, agile, spontaneous and simultaneous sister faculties of the self-controlled, self- established yogi together concentrate, communicate and glorify Hari, Soma spirit of divine joy that eliminates want and suffering, and the Spirit, pervading the vibrations of divinity, the light born of the sun, radiates like a constant wave, reaches and settles in the heart core of the blessed soul, the seat of divinity. (The faculties are faculties of perception, thought and will which normally wander over the world of outside reality but which are controlled, concentrated and inverted in meditation and focussed on the presence of divinity within, and then the presence reveals itself in all its refulgent glory.) (Rigved 9-93-1)
ओ३म् अधि यदस्मिन्वाजिनीव शुभ स्पर्धन्ते धिय सूरे न विश।
अपो वृणान पवते कवीयन्व्रजं न पशुवर्धनाय मन्म॥५३९
English:- As people exert themselves for the achievement of light and brilliance and when their mind, thoughts and higher intelligence concentrate on this Soma, divine spirit of peace and inspiring brilliance, for illumination, then the Soma spirit, choosing, loving and enlightening the intelligence, thought and creativity of the devotee, radiates into the mind and spirit of the devotee for the augmentation and elevation of the thought, imagination and sensibility of the celebrant. (Rigved 9-94-1)
ओ३म् इन्दुर्वाजी पवते गोन्योघा इन्द्रे सोम सह इन्वन्मदाय।
हन्ति रक्षो बाधते पर्यरातिं वरिवस्कृण्वन्वृजनस्य राजा॥५४०
English:- Indu, brilliant Soma, energetic and victorious, pure and purifying, vibrant and dynamic, creating strength, patience and endurance for the soul's joy, is ever on the move. It destroys evil, prevents all negativities and opposition and casts them far off, and, giving wealth, honour and excellence of the best order of our choice, rules as the brilliant creator, controller and dispenser of strength, courage, power and life saving vitality in existence. (Rigved 9-97-10)
ओ३म् अया पवा पवस्वैना वसूनि माश्चत्व इन्द्रो सरसि प्र धन्व।
ब्रघ्नश्चिद्यस्य वातो न जूतिं पुरुमेधाश्चित्तकवे नरं धात्॥५४१
English:- Generous, refulgent Soma spirit of beauty, peace and glory, sanctify us by these streams of grace. In the ocean depths of this honourable universe, energise and move all forms of wealth and peaceful settlements and consecrate us in the lake divine. Spirit of the expansive universe, dynamic like the stormy winds, high-priest of cosmic yajna for all, bless us with a settled state of humanity in the vibrant system of a volatile world. (Rigved 9-97-52)
ओ३म् महत्तत्सोमो महिषश्चकारापां यद्गर्भोऽवृणीत देवान्।
अदधादिन्द्रे पवमान ओजोऽजनयत्सूर्ये ज्योतिरिन्दु॥५४२
English:- Soma, potent absolute, generated the Mahat mode of Prakrti, Mother Nature, which is the womb of all elements, energies and forms of existence and which comprehends all perceptive, intelligential and psychic powers as well. And then the creative-generative lord of evolutionary action, Soma, vested lustre and energy in Indra, the soul, and, lord of light as it is, Soma vested light in the sun. (Rigved 9-97-41)
ओ३म् असर्जि वक्वा रथ्ये यथाजौ धिया मनोता प्रथमा मनीष।
दश स्वसारो अधि सानो अव्ये मृजन्ति वह्नि सदनेष्वच्छ॥५४३
English:- As in a chariot race, so in the progressive business of organised society, an eloquent speaker, prominent thinker and manager of imaginative and decisive first order is appointed to take on the business of governance and administration. Ten cooperative persons capable of independent thinking, working in perfect unison like sister powers or ten pranas or ten senses of perception and volition, in the house, assist the leader on top of the protective social order of yajnic sanctity. (Rigved 9-91-1)
ओ३म् अपामिवेदूर्मयस्तर्त्तुराणा प्र मनीषा ईरते सोममच्छ।
नमस्यन्तीरुप च यन्ति सं चाच विशन्त्युशतीरुशन्तम्॥५४४
English:- Like waves of the sea pressing onward with force and speed, the songs of adoration rise and radiate with love to Soma. Expressive of ardent love, faith and reverence, they reach and join the divine presence which too is equally ardent and anxious to receive them. (Rigved 9-95-3)