Uttararcika-Chapter 10 >> Section 1

ओ३म् अक्रान्त्समुद्र प्रथमे विधर्मन् जनयन्प्रजा भुवनस्य गोपाः।
वृषा पवित्रे अधि सानो अव्ये बृहत्सोमो वावृधे स्वानो अद्रि॥१२५३
English:- Soma, prime cause of the world and laws of existence, unfathomable as ocean, taking on by itself countless causes of existence in the vast vault of space and time, roaring and generating the evolving stars, planets and forms of life, is the ruling power of the universe. Potent and generous, infinite, creative and generative, refulgent Soma pervades the immaculate, sacred and protective universe and on top of it expands it and transcends. (Rigved 9-97-40)
ओ३म् मत्सि वायुमिष्टये राधसे नो मत्सि मित्रावरुणा पूयमानः।
मत्सि शर्धो मारुतं मत्सि देवान्मत्सि द्यावापृथिवी देव सोम॥१२५४
English:- O self-refulgent Soma, you energise the Vayu for its windy fulfilment and accomplishment of the purpose of creative evolution and, purifying and sanctifying as you are, you energise and fulfil the centripetal and centrifugal modes of energy. You energise the sense of courage, boldness and even defiance of stormy energy, you energise the senses, mind and intelligence, and you energise and fulfil the heaven, earth and the skies of space. (Rigved 9-97-42)
ओ३म् महत्तत्सोमो महिषश्चकारापां यद्गर्भोऽवृणीत देवान्।
अदधादिन्द्रे पवमान ओजोऽजनयत्सूर्ये ज्योतिरिन्दु॥१२५५
English:- Soma, potent absolute, generated the Mahat mode of Prakrti, Mother Nature, which is the womb of all elements, energies and forms of existence and which comprehends all perceptive, intelligential and psychic powers as well. And then the creative-generative lord of evolutionary action, Soma, vested lustre and energy in Indra, the soul, and, lord of light as it is, Soma vested light in the sun. (Rigved 9-97-41)
ओ३म् एष देवो अमर्त्यः पर्णवीरिव दीयते।
अभि द्रोणान्यासदम्॥१२५६
English:- This Soma, spirit of divinity, eternal and immortal, expands to regions of the universe like soaring energy and pervades there as an immanent presence.(Rigved9-3-1)
ओ३म् एष विप्रैरभिष्टुतोऽपो देवो वि गाहते।
दधद्रत्नानि दाशुषे॥१२५७
English:- This spirit, divine, generous and refulgent, adored and exalted by sages and scholars, and holding jewel gifts of life for people of generous charity, watches and controls the actions of humanity and the laws of nature in operation. (Rigved 9-3-6)
ओ३म् एष विश्वानि वार्या शूरो यन्निव सत्वभिः।
पवमानः सिषासति॥१२५८
English:- This divine spirit, pure, purifying and powerful, advancing by its own essential power as a hero, brings and distributes cherished gifts of life among the celebrants. (Rigved 9-3-4)
ओ३म् एष देवो रथर्यति पवमानो दिशस्यति।
आविष्कृणोति वग्वनुम्॥१२५९
English:- This spirit of divinity going forward like a chariot, pure, purifying, gives the gifts of life and reveals new and latest words of advance knowledge as it moves on. (Rigved 9-3-5)
ओ३म् एष देवो विपन्युभि पवमान ऋतायुभि।
हरिर्वाजाय मृज्यते॥१२६०
English:- This refulgent spirit, light of life, saviour and harbinger of joy, glorified by celebrants and poets of rectitude is praised and adored for the achievement of victory and advancement. (Rigved 9-3-3)
ओ३म् एष देवो विपा कृतोऽति ह्वरासि धावति।
पवमानो अदाभ्यः॥१२६१
English:- This refulgent spirit is celebrated by sages and, being undaunted, overtakes all crookedness, purifying and sanctifying everything and every mind. (Rigved 9-3-2)
ओ३म् एष दिवं वि धावति तिरो रजासि धारया।
पवमान कनिक्रदत्॥१२६२
English:- This spirit with the waves of its power rushes and radiates unto the heavens across the skies and atomic oceans of space, pure, purifying and roaring like thunder. (Rigved 9-3-7)
ओ३म् एष दिवं व्यासरत्तिरो रजास्यस्तृतः।
पवमानः स्वध्वर॥१२६३
English:- This spirit radiates to the heavens across the atomic oceans of skies and spaces, unhurt and unopposed, pure, purifying, performing the cosmic yajna of love, non-violence and creation of new life in evolution.
ओ३म् एष प्रत्नेन जन्मना देवो देवेभ्य सुत।
हरि पवित्रे अर्षति॥१२६४
English:- This divine spirit since its timeless manifestation, revealed and manifested for the divines, arises in the pure hearts of humanity, eliminating pain and suffering. (Rigved 9-3-9)
ओ३म् एष उ स्य पुरुव्रतो जज्ञानो जनयन्निष।
धारया पवते सुत॥१२६५
English:- This spirit of divinity, power of infinite law and action, creating and providing food, energy and sustenance for life, flows on in continuum, self- sustained, self-revealed, discovered, self-realised. (Rigved 9-3-10)