Uttararcika-Chapter 10 >> Section 11

ओ३म् त्व सोमासि धारयुर्मन्द्र ओजिष्ठो अध्वरे।
पवस्व महयद्रयिः॥१३२३
English:- O Soma, you are the spirit and constant stream of love, life and beauty of the life and flux of existence, sustaining integrative power, joyous and most vigorous in the cosmic yajna of love free from violence, hate and destruction. Flow on, O sustaining stream, pure, purifying and sanctifying life, giving showers of wealth, honour and excellence of life in bliss. (Rigved 9-67-1)
ओ३म् त्व सुतो मदिन्तमो दधन्वान्मत्सरिन्तमः।
इन्दुः सत्राजिदस्तृतः॥१३२४
English:- You, self-existent spirit, distilled and realised in meditative yajna, are the giver of joy to humanity, most ecstatic sustaining power of affirmation, brilliant and blissful, all-time winner of success and victory in yajnic sessions (Rigved 9-67-2)
ओ३म् त्व सुष्वाणो अद्रिभिरभ्यर्ष कनिक्रदत्।
द्युमन्त शुष्ममा भर॥१३२५
English:- You, stirred by the brave celebrants in yajna and meditation, arise and sanctify loud and bold, pray bring us showers of bliss, highest and most vigorous strength and power for living a life of purity and happy fulfilment. (Rigved 9-67-3)
ओ३म् पवस्व देववीतय इन्दो धाराभिरोजसा।
आ कलशं मधुमान्त्सोम नः सदः॥१३२६
English:- O Soma of divine light and peace, harbinger of honeyed joy, flow in streams with power and lustre for our attainment of the path of divinity and abide in our heart core of the soul. (Rigved 9-106-7)
ओ३म् तव द्रप्सा उदप्रुत इन्द्रं मदाय वावृधुः।
त्वां देवासो अमृताय कं पपुः॥१३२७
English:- The streams of your peace, beauty and bliss swell like streams of water in flood, and the divines drink of the ecstasy for the attainment of immortality. (Rigved 9-106-8)
ओ३म् आ न सुतास इन्दवः पुनाना धावता रयिम्।
वृष्टिद्यावो रीत्यापः स्वर्विद॥१३२८
English:- O streams of the beauty and bliss of peace and joy filtered from experience, heavenly showers, liquid floods, paradisal bliss pure and purifying, bring us the wealth, honour and excellence of the highest order. (Rigved 9-106-9)
ओ३म् परि त्य हर्यत हरिं बभ्रुं पुनन्ति वारेण।
यो देवान्विश्वा इत्परि मदेन सह गच्छति॥१३२९
English:- Ten psychic powers with the best of their potential adore and exalt that dear divinity, omniscience itself, who, omnipresent, pervades and rejoices with all divinities of the world with divine ecstasy. (Rigved9-98-7)
ओ३म् द्विर्यं पञ्च स्वयशस सखायो अद्रिसहतम्।
प्रियमिन्द्रस्य काम्यं प्रस्नापयन्त ऊर्मय॥१३३०
English:- Soma, dearest love of the soul, innately glorious, the glory intensified by spiritual light, vibrant spirit rolling in the consciousness whom ten psychic powers of mind and sense perceive, conceive and exalt, that spirit we cherish and adore. (Rigved 9-98-6)
ओ३म् इन्द्राय सोम पातवे वृत्रघ्ने परि षिच्यसे।
नरे च दक्षिणावते वीराय सदनासदे॥१३३१
English:- O Soma spirit of light and ecstasy of grace, you are adored and served for the soul's experience of divinity, for the man of charity and the brilliant sage on the vedi of yajnic service so that the demon of evil, darkness and ignorance may be expelled from the soul of humanity and destroyed. (Rigved 9-98-10)
ओ३म् पवस्व सोम महे दक्षायाश्वो न निक्तो वाजी धनाय॥१३३२
English:- O Soma, as victor of life and divine glory, flow, radiate and inspire us like energy itself controlled and consecrated for great creative and productive holy work, expert technique and the production and achievement of wealth. (Rigved 9-109-10)
ओ३म् प्र ते सोतारो रसं मदाय पुनन्ति सोमं महे द्युम्नाय॥१३३३
English:- O Soma, spirit of divine energy and peace, your yajnic celebrants create and consecrate that very blissful liquid flow of your ecstatic energy for joy and for the great honour and glory of life. (Rigved 9-109-11)
ओ३म् शिशुं जज्ञान हरिं मृजन्ति पवित्रे सोमं देवेभ्य इन्दुम्॥१३३४
English:- They adore and exalt that Soma spirit of divine beauty, peace and glory in their pure heart core, the spirit that is creative and lovable, manifestive, saviour and inspirer, for the achievement of noble virtues worthy of the noble and generous people. (Rigved 9-109-12)
ओ३म् उषो षु जातमप्तुरं गोभिर्भङ्गं परिष्कृतम्।
इन्दुं देवा अयासिषुः॥१३३५
English:- Soma, spirit of beauty, grace and glory, divinely created, nobly born, zealous, destroyer of negativity, beatified and celebrated in songs of divine voice, the noblest powers of nature and humanity adore, share and enjoy. (Rigved 9-61-13)
ओ३म् तमिद्वर्धन्तु नो गिरो वत्स सशिश्वरीरिव।
य इन्द्रस्य हृदसनि॥१३३६
English:- As mother cows love, cheer and caress the calf, so let our songs of adoration celebrate and exalt Soma, love and grace of the heart of Indra, life's glory on top of existence. (Rigved 9-61-14)
ओ३म् अर्षा नः सोम शं गवे धुक्षस्व पिप्युषीमिषम्।
वर्धा समुद्रमुक्थ्यम्॥१३३७
English:- O Soma, peaceable ruling powers of the world, rise, move forward and create conditions of peace and progress for the earth, work for nature, animal wealth and environment, advance human culture, create nourishing food and productive energy for comfort and common good and, thus, exalt the grace and glory of human life, rolling like the infinite ocean.(Rigved9-61-15)