Uttararcika-Chapter 10 >> Section 4

ओ३म् एष वाजी हितो नृभिर्विश्वविन्मनसस्पति।
अव्यो वारं वि धावति॥१२८०
English:- This supreme all potent soma light and joy of the universe is realised by earnest sages within. It is all aware over the universe, master controller of the universal mind energy, all saviour and protector, and without delay it rises and manifests in the inner self of its favourite blessed devotee. (Rigved 9-28-1)
ओ३म् एष पवित्रे अक्षरत्सोमो देवेभ्य सुत।
विश्वा धामान्याविशन्॥१२८१
English:- This Soma, divine presence and bliss, emerges and vibrates in holy minds, distilled by them through meditation for the noble souls while it rolls in majesty in and over all regions of the universe. (Rigved 9-28-2)
ओ३म् एष देव शुभायतेऽधि योनावमर्त्यः।
वृत्रहा देववीतमः॥१२८२
English:- This self-refulgent, immortal divine presence, highest lover of noble and generous souls, pervades and shines all over in the universe through its mode of Prakrti, dispelling darkness and eliminating evil. (Rigved 9-28-3)
ओ३म् एष वृषा कनिक्रदद्दशभिर्जामिभिर्यत।
अभि द्रोणानि धावति॥१२८३
English:- This omnificent shower of generous divinity vibrating by the dynamics of Prakrti and her tenfold mode of subtle and gross elements proclaims its presence loud and bold in beauteous forms of muta- tions and manifestations of nature in the universe. (Rigved 9-28-4)
ओ३म् एष सूर्यमरोचयत्पवमानो अधि द्यवि।
पवित्रे मत्सरो मद॥१२८४
English:- This soma illuminates the sun in heaven, pure, purifying and dynamic, joy in the beauty of purity, the very spirit of joy itself. (Rigved 9-28-5)
ओ३म् एष सूर्येण हासते संवसानो विवस्वता।
पतिर्वाचो अदाभ्यः॥१२८५
English:- It rises and abides with the sun on top of the regions of light and, internalised in the pure mind and clairvoyant consciousness, it is the divine ecstasy of the celebrant. (Rigved 9-27-5)