Uttararcika-Chapter 10 >> Section 5

ओ३म् एष कविरभिष्टुतः पवित्रे अधि तोशते।
पुनानो घ्नन्नप द्विष॥१२८६
English:- This Soma, creative, inspiring and poetic spirit of universal joy, pure and sanctifying, manifests in the pure and pious consciousness of the devotees, elimina- ting disturbing negativities when it is contemplated with a concentrated mind. (Rigved 9-27-1)
ओ३म् एष इन्द्राय वायवे स्वर्जित्परि षिच्यते।
पवित्रे दक्षसाधनः॥१२८७
English:- This all potent and versatile divine spirit of universal joy manifests in the pure consciousness of the karma-yogi and wins the light of heaven for the vibrant meditative soul. (Rigved 9-27-2)
ओ३म् एष नृभिर्वि नीयते दिवो मूर्धा वृषा सुत।
सोमो वनेषु विश्ववित्॥१२८८
English:- This Soma, joyous spirit of divinity, is the summit of heaven, infinitely generous, self-existent and omniscient, and with meditation, the ecstasy of it is collected in abundance in the consciousness by the dedicated sages. (Rigved 9-27-3)
ओ३म् एष गव्युरचिक्रदत्पवमानो हिरण्ययु।
इन्दु सत्राजिदस्तृतः॥१२८९
English:- It loves the earth and earthly joys and loves to give, speaking loud and bold its own eternal Word, it is pure and purifier, it loves the golden beauty and prosperity of life and loves to bless, it is soothing and self-refulgent beautiful, conqueror of all battles of cosmic dynamics, and eternally invincible.(Rigved9-27-4)
ओ३म् एष शुष्म्यसिष्यददन्तरिक्षे वृषा हरि।
पुनान इन्दुरिन्द्रमा॥१२९०
English:- This Soma Spirit of eternal joy is omnipotent, all pervasive in space, infinitely generous, eliminator of suffering, and, purifying and sanctifying the human soul, it is the ultimate bliss of existence. (Rigved 9-27-6)
ओ३म् एष शुष्म्यदाभ्य सोम पुनानो अर्षति।
English:- This mighty undauntable Soma, pure and purifying, pervades and rolls in the universe everywhere, protector and promoter of the good and destroyer of sin and scandal. (Rigved 9-28-6)