Uttararcika-Chapter 10 >> Section 9

ओ३म् पवमानस्य जिघ्नतो हरेश्चन्द्रा असृक्षत।
जीरा अजिरशोचिषः॥१३१०
English:- Beauteous manifestations and brilliant radiations of eternal light and power of lord creator, destroyer of want and suffering, dispeller of darkness and negation, ever active and constantly flowing, pure and purifying, come into existence and flow according to divine plan and the cosmic model. (Rigved 9-66-25)
ओ३म् पवमानो रथीतमः शुभ्रेभि शुभ्रशस्तमः।
हरिश्चन्द्रो मरुद्गणः॥१३११
English:- Pure and purifying, supreme master of the cosmic chariot and its controller, most refulgent with its light and powers, destroyer of want and suffering, commander and controller of all cosmic powers and forces in action, such is Soma. (Rigved 9-66-26)
ओ३म् पवमान् व्यश्नुहि रश्मिभिर्वाजसातमः।
दधत्स्तोत्रे सुवीर्यम्॥१३१२
English:- Pure and purifying Soma, omnipresent with radiations of self- refulgence, omnipotent giver of strength, power and advancement, inspirer of the celebrants and celebrations with divine bliss and energy, come and bless. (Rigved 9-66-27)
ओ३म् परीतो षिञ्चता सुत सोमो य उत्तम हवि।
दधन्वा यो नर्यो अप्स्वा३न्तरा सुषाव सोममद्रिभिः॥१३१३
English:- From here onward sprinkle Soma with love and service, Soma, the spirit of beauty, peace and joy of life, Soma, realised with best of thoughts, effort and determined discipline of meditation, Soma which bears the best materials for creative yajna of personal and social development, Soma which is the leading light of life, realised within in the heart and our Karmas performed in life. (Rigved 9-107-1)
ओ३म् नूनं पुनानोऽविभि परि स्रवादब्धः सुरभिन्तरः।
सुते चित्वाप्सु मदामो अन्धसा श्रीणन्तो गोभिरुत्तरम्॥१३१४
English:- For sure, pure and purifying, flow on with protective and promotive forces, gracious, undaunted, more and more charming and blissful. When you are realised in our actions, mixed as one with our energies, will and senses, then we rejoice and celebrate you in our perceptions with hymns of praise, and later in silent communion. (Rigved 9-107-2)
ओ३म् परि स्वानश्चक्षसे देवमादन क्रतुरिन्दुर्विचक्षण॥१३१५
English:- Celebrated in our thoughts and perceptions, joy of the sages, power of holy yajnic action, brilliant and blissful, all intelligent and omniscient, we adore you for the augmentation of our intelligence and enlightenment. (Rigved 9-107-3)
ओ३म् असावि सोमो अरुषो वृषा हरी राजेव दस्मो अभि गा अचिक्रदत्।
पुनानो वारमत्येष्यव्यय श्येनो न योनिं घृतवन्तमासदत्॥१३१६
English:- Distilled is Soma, consecrated in the heart, self- refulgent supreme creative spirit of the universe, virile and generous, dispeller of darkness and deprivation, regal and gracious like a ruler, self-moves, vibrating to the generation of stars and planets. Itself pure, purifying and sanctifying, it moves to manifest in the heart of imperishable Prakrti as it chooses and, like the sun that warms and fertilises, it enlivens the generative centre of life as its own womb of manifestive existence. Thus does Soma create and generate the universe. (Rigved9-82-1)
ओ३म् पर्जन्य पिता महिषस्य पर्णिनो नाभा पृथिव्या गिरिषु क्षयं दधे।
स्वसार आपो अभि गा उदासरन्त्सं ग्रावभिर्वसते वीते अध्वरे॥१३१७
English:- Father and sustainer of all great and small, birds and trees, serious realists and flying dreamers, centre hold of the earth and showers of rain, you abide in the mighty clouds and over the mountains. Your waves and vibrations flow and radiate, flow as sister streams and radiate to the stars and planets, and in holy yajna you vibrate with the music of soma stones and the chant of high priests. (Rigved 9-82-3)
ओ३म् कविर्वेधस्या पर्येषि माहिनमत्यो न मृष्टो अभि वाजमर्षसि।
अपसेधन्दुरिता सोम नो मृड घृता वसान परि यासि निर्णिजम्॥१३१८
English:- Soma, omniscient visionary and poetic creator, with the desire to enlighten, you radiate to great minds and move to dynamic yajnas of humanity like accelerated energy to its target of achievement. O lord of light and peace, be kind, dispelling all evil to nullity. Wearing the grace of beauty and purity of yajnic love and sweetness, you move and embrace humanity for fulfilment. (Rigved 9-82-2)