Uttararcika-Chapter 11 >> Section 2

ओ३म् आ जागृविर्विप्र ऋतां मतीना सोम पुनानो असदच्चमूषु।
सपन्ति यं मिथुनासो निकामा अध्वर्यवो रथिरास सुहस्ता॥१३५७
English:- Ever wakeful, all intelligent, ever true, pure, purifying and celebrated, Soma abides in the heart core of the visionary sages, and him, loving yajakas dedicated to yajna of love and non-violence, noble of action commanding their body chariot of personality, together serve, adore and worship with high love and devotion of their mind and soul. (Rigved 9-97-37)
ओ३म् स पुनान उप सूरे दधान ओबे अप्रा रोदसी वी ष आवः।
प्रिया चिद्यस्य प्रियसास ऊती सतो धनं कारिणे न प्र यसत्॥१३५८
English:- That Soma, pure and purifying, creator and sustainer, pervades and fills the heaven and earth as it abides in the sun and destroys darkness and ignorance. Dearer than dear are its powers for our protection for sure. May Soma give us wealth, honour and excellence as one would give wealth to the artist. (Rigved 9-97-38)
ओ३म् स वर्धिता वर्धनः पूयमान सोमो मीढ्वा अभि नो ज्योतिषावीत्।
यत्र न पूर्वे पितर पदज्ञा स्वर्विदो अभि गा अद्रिमिष्णन्॥१३५९
English:- Soma, exalted and exalting, pure and purifying, virile and generous, may, we pray, protect and promote us with the light of knowledge by which our forefathers, knowing the meaning and purpose of life step by step with a passionate desire for knowledge, rising to the sun, attained to the ultimate freedom and bliss of heaven. (Rigved 9-97-39)
ओ३म् मा चिदन्यद्वि शसत सखायो मा रिषण्यत।
इन्द्रमित्स्तोता वृषण सचा सुते मुहुरुक्था च शसत॥१३६०
English:- O friends, do not worship any other but One, be firm, never remiss, worship only Indra, sole lord absolute, omnipotent and infinitely generous, and when you have realised the bliss of the lord's presence, sing songs of divine adoration spontaneously, profusely, again and again. (Rigved 8-1-1)
ओ३म् अवक्रक्षिणं वृषभं यथा जुवं गां न चर्षणीसहम्।
विद्वेषण संवननमुभयङ्करं महिष्ठमुभयाविनम्॥१३६१
English:- Worship Indra only, instant of action, who most spontaneously rushes to the devotee for protection and upon the evil for punishment, correction or destruction. He is profusely and potently generous, patient and forbearing giver of peace and nourishment to people like the meek cow and motherly earth, saviour from hate and jealousy, most adorable, giver of both material well being (abhyudaya) and spiritual freedom (nihshreyas), most munificent and majestic, and lord ruler and protector of both nature and the soul. (Rigved 8-1-2)
ओ३म् उदु त्ये मधुमत्तमा गिर स्तोमास ईरते।
सत्राजितो धनसा अक्षितोतयो वाजयन्तो रथा इव॥१३६२
English:- The sweetest of honeyed songs of praise and vibrations of homage rise to you flying like victorious, unviolated and invincible chariots laden with gold heading for higher destinations. (Rigved 8-3-15)
ओ३म् कण्वा इव भृगव सूर्या इव विश्वमिद्धीतमाशत।
इन्द्र स्तोमेभिर्महयन्त आयव प्रियमेधासो अस्वरन्॥१३६३
English:- Brilliant scholars and sages as well as brave heroes of the human nation and loving and intelligent citizens of the land, praising and exalting Indra in one vaulting voice, rise and reach the presence of the lord in a world their own like rays of the sun filling the world of space they know. (Rigved 8-3-16)
ओ३म् पर्यू षु प्र धन्व वाजसातये परि वृत्राणि सक्षणि।
द्विषस्तरध्या ऋणया न ईरसे॥१३६४
English:- O Soma, vibrant Spirit of life, victor over evils and darkness, move on with us, inspiring and energising us for the achievement of food, energy and enlightenment, for elimination of malignity, negativities and contra-dictions, with the obligation that we pay the debts and never overdraw on our karmic account. (Rigved 9-110-1)
ओ३म् अजीजनो हि पवमान सूर्यं विधारे शक्मना पय।
गोजीरया रहमाण पुरन्ध्या॥१३६५
English:- Soma, pure, purifying and dynamic by your essential omnipotence, mighty moving with cosmic intelligence and ignition of oceanic particles of Prakrti, you create the sun, generate bio-energy in all containing space and set in motion the stars and planets of the universe. (Rigved 9-110-3)
ओ३म् अनु हि त्वा सुत सोम मदामसि महे समर्यराज्ये।
वाजाँ अभि पवमान प्र गाहसे॥१३६६
English:- While you are with us at heart, O Soma, spirit of constant peaceful life, we rejoice with you in the great common-wealth order of governance where, dynamic, pure and purifying, you ever advance to victories in honour, excellence and glory. (Rigved 9-110-2)
ओ३म् परि प्र धन्वेन्द्राय सोम स्वादुर्मित्राय पूष्णे भगाय॥१३६७
English:- O Soma, come and inspire as the most delicious psychic and spiritual experience for the soul and the nation, for friends, for the sustaining guardians and for the spirit of honour and glory of humanity. (Rigved 9-109-1)
ओ३म् एवामृताय महे क्षयाय स शुक्रो अर्ष दिव्य पीयूष॥१३६८
English:- Thus for immortality, for great dominion and for highest ascension, may that pure, potent and celestial Soma presence flow and radiate as the sweetest taste of life. (Rigved 9-109-3)
ओ३म् इन्द्रस्ते सोम सुतस्य पेयात्क्रत्वे दक्षाय विश्वे च देवा॥१३६९
English:- Soma, spirit of glory and grandeur, loved, realised and reverenced, let Indra, the ruling soul, experience the ecstasy for noble action and efficiency. Let all divinities of the world enjoy the divine presence. (Rigved 9-109-2)