Uttararcika-Chapter 12 >> Section 1

ओ३म् उपप्रयन्तो अध्वरं मन्त्रं वोचेमाग्नये।
आरे अस्मे च शृण्वते॥१३७९
English:- Moving close to the vedi of the yajna of love and non-violence, let us chant holy words of thought and devotion in praise of Agni, lord of light and yajna who listens to us from far as well as near. (Rigved 1-74-1)
ओ३म् य स्नीहितीषु पूर्व्य संजग्मानासु कृष्टिषु।
अरक्षद्दाशुषे गयम्॥१३८०
English:- Agni is the eternal lord of yajna who, in gatherings of people meeting for the purpose of fellowship and yajna of love, protects and promotes the wealth of the generous yajamana. (Rigved 1-74-2)
ओ३म् स नो वेदो अमात्यमग्नी रक्षतु शन्तमः।
English:- May Agni, highest giver of peace and comfort, protect our wealth and knowledge and our family and friends of the home and also guard us against all sin and sinners. (Rigved 7-15-3)
ओ३म् उत ब्रुवन्तु जन्तव उदग्निर्वृत्रहाजनि।
धनञ्जयो रणेरणे॥१३८२
English:- And let the people praise and celebrate Agni who dispels the clouds of darkness, creates and protects the wealth of the charitable yajamana, and gives us victory in the battles for wealth one after another. (Rigved 1-74-3)