Uttararcika-Chapter 12 >> Section 2

ओ३म् अग्ने युङ्क्ष्वा हि ये तवाश्वासो देव साधव।
अरं वहन्त्याशव॥१३८३
English:- Agni, leading light of knowledge and power, generous creator and giver, yoke those motive powers of yours to the chariot which are best and fastest and which transport you to the destination of your love and passion gracefully without fail. (Rigved 6-16-43)
ओ३म् अच्छा नो याह्या वहाभि प्रयासि वीतये।
आ देवान्त्सोमपीतये॥१३८४
English:- Agni, leading light of knowledge, generous pioneer, come fast in all your glory, bring us the dearest powers for sustenance and advancement for the sake of peace and well-being, and bring the noble brilliancies along to celebrate success with the delight of soma. (Rigved 6-16-44)
ओ३म् उदग्ने भारत द्युमदजस्रेण दविद्युतत्।
शोचा वि भाह्यजर॥१३८५
English:- Agni, unaging sustainer of life, shining with the light of excellence and blazing with glory, rise up with flames of fire and shine on with inexhaustible splendour, and help the shining people too to rise in the light of knowledge and excellence of life. (Rigved 6-16-45)
ओ३म् प्र सुन्वानायान्धसो मर्त्तो न वष्ट तद्वच।
अप श्वानमराधस हता मखं न भृगवः॥१३८६
English:- That silent voice of the generative illuminative Soma of divine food, energy and enlightenment for the dedicated devotee, the ordinary mortal does not perceive. O yajakas, ward off the clamours and noises which disturb the meditative yajna as men of wisdom ward them off to save their yajna. (Rigved 9-101-13)
ओ३म् आ जामिरत्के अव्यत भुजे न पुत्र ओण्यो।
सरज्जारो न योषणां वरो न योनिमासदम्॥१३८७
English:- As a child feels secure with joy in the arms of its parents, as the lover goes to the beloved, as the groom sits on the wedding vedi, so does the Soma spirit pervade in the natural form of its choice love. (Rigved 9-101-14)
ओ३म् स वीरो दक्षसाधनो वि यस्तस्तम्भ रोदसी।
हरि पवित्रे अव्यत वेधा न योनिमासदम्॥१३८८
English:- That potent Soma, master controller of all powers, means and materials of success in existence, who sustains both heaven and earth, is the saviour power of protection and pervades the universe presiding as omniscient high priest over the vedi of cosmic yajna. (Rigved 9-101-15)
ओ३म् अभ्रातृव्यो अना त्वमनापिरिन्द्र जनुषा सनादसि।
English:- Indra, lord of absolute might by nature, since birth of the universe, indeed for eternity, you are without a rival, need no leader, no friend and no comrade, but in the dynamics of human life you do want that the human should be your companion in and for his struggle for self-evolution and social progress. (Rigved 8-21-13)
ओ३म् न की रेवन्त सख्याय विन्दसे पीयन्ति ते सुराश्व।
यदा कृणोषि नदनु समूहस्यादित्पितेव हूयसे॥१३९०
English:- You do not just care to choose the rich for companionship, if they are swollen with drink and pride and violate the rules of divine discipline. But when you attend to the poor and alter their fortune for the better, you are invoked like father with gratitude which the voice of thunder acknowledges and approves. (Rigved 8-21-14)
ओ३म् आ त्वा सहस्रमा शतं युक्ता रथे हिरण्यये।
ब्रह्मयुजो हरय इन्द्र केशिनो वहन्तु सोमपीतये॥१३९१
English:- May the hundreds and thousands of forces of nature and humanity harnessed to the golden chariot of the universe, radiant with light and dedicated to divinity, invoke and invite you hither into the heart so that we may experience the bliss of divine presence.(Rigved8-1-24)
ओ३म् आ त्वा रथे हिरण्यये हरी मयूरशेप्या।
शितिपृष्ठा वहतां मध्वो अन्धसो विवक्षणस्य पीतये॥१३९२
English:- May the vibrant forces of divine energy, joined to your golden chariot of the universe with rhythmic majesty like the peacock's feather tail and mighty power with circuitous motion of energy currents, radiate your presence here so that you may acknowledge and accept our love and homage and we experience the bliss of divine presence. (Rigved 8-1-25)
ओ३म् पिबा त्व३स्य गिर्वणः सुतस्य पूर्वपा इव।
परिष्कृतस्य रसिन इयमासुतिश्चारुर्मदाय पत्यते॥१३९३
English:- Like the eternal lord of love fond of the celebrant's homage, come and accept the devotee's love and faith distilled from life's experience. The flow of the ecstatic celebrant's clairvoyance pure and sweet is full of ananda and radiates from the heart for spiritual bliss. (Rigved 8-1-26)
ओ३म् आ सोता परि षिञ्चताश्वं न स्तोममप्तुर रजस्तुरम्।
English:- O celebrants, come, realise and all-ways serve Soma like sacred adorable energy impelling as particles of water and rays of light, the spirit pervasive in the universe and deep as the bottomless ocean.(Rigved9-108-7)
ओ३म् सहस्रधारं वृषभं पयोदुहं प्रियं देवाय जन्मने।
ऋतेन य ऋतजातो विवावृधे राजा देव ऋतं बृहत्॥१३९५
English:- For the rise of the self to the state of divine refulgence, let us serve and adore Soma, divine spirit of a thousand streams and showers, potent and generous, creator of the milk of life by universal law, dear as father and friend, who, manifestive in the laws of universal existence, pervades the expansive creativity of divine power and is the self-refulgent ruler, generous divinity and the infinite law, truth and ultimate reality itself. (Rigved 9-108-8)