Uttararcika-Chapter 13 >> Section 1

ओ३म् पवस्व वृष्टिमा सु नोऽपामूर्मिं दिवस्परि।
अयक्ष्मा बृहतीरिष॥१४३५
English:- Soma, lord of peace and plenty, give us holy showers of waters, wave on wave of the rain, and give us abundant food, energy and knowledge free from pollution and negativities. (Rigved 9-49-1)
ओ३म् तया पवस्व धारया यया गाव इहागमन्।
जन्यास उप नो गृहम्॥१४३६
English:- Shower and purify us with that stream of power and purity of peace and plenty by which our senses, mind and intelligence, socially and positively motivated, may be balanced in our personality and we may feel at home with ourselves. (Rigved 9-49-2)
ओ३म् घृतं पवस्व धारया यज्ञेषु देववीतमः।
अस्मभ्यं वृष्टिमा पव॥१४३७
English:- Let ghrta shower in streams, pure and powerful in our yajnas, O lord and guardian of the noble and divine worshippers. Bring us fulfilment and purify all our intentions, purposes and motivations of life. (Rigved 9- 49-3)
ओ३म् स न ऊर्जे व्य३व्ययं पवित्रं धाव धारया।
देवास शृणवन्हि कम्॥१४३८
English:- For energy, give us showers in streams of imperishable purity of heart, and let the noble devotees hear the blissful music of the rain. (Rigved 9-49-4)
ओ३म् पवमानो असिष्यदद्रक्षास्यपजङ्घनत्।
English:- May Soma, pure and purifying, all pervasive, destroy all evils and negativities, and continue to illumine the brilliant regions of the universe, macrocosmic as well as microcosmic, as ever before. (Rigved 9-49-5)
ओ३म् प्रत्यस्मै पिपीषते विश्वानि विदुषे भर।
अरङ्गमाय जग्मयेऽपश्चादध्वने नर॥१४४०
English:- O yajakas, O Indra, ruler and patron of knowledge and culture, provide all facilities of the world for this bold and courageous leading scholar thirsting for knowledge and constantly going forward to reach the expansive bounds of his subject, never tarrying, never looking back. (Rigved 6-42-1)
ओ३म् एमेनं प्रत्येतन सोमेभिः सोमपातमम्।
अमत्रेभिरृजीषिणमिन्द्र सुतेभिरिन्दुभिः॥१४४१
English:- In consequence and return, O scholars and citizens of the land, be grateful to this Indra, brilliant ruler, lover of the peace and pleasure of the soma of knowledge and enlightenment and promoter of scholars and men of truth and naturalness. Do all possible homage to him with ample measures of work and knowledge distilled like soma in the essence from your brilliant work and noble conduct. (Rigved 6-42-2)
ओ३म् यदी सुतेभिरिन्दुभि सोमेभिः प्रतिभूषथ।
वेदा विश्वस्य मेधिरो धृषत्तन्तमिदेषते॥१४४२
English:- If you honour the lord ruler with the homage of pure and brilliant soma of knowledge and yajnic action in response to his magnanimity, the wise and adorable lord of the world would acknowledge and appreciate each act of homage. (Rigved 6-42-3)
ओ३म् अस्माअस्मा इदन्धसोऽध्वर्यो प्र भरा सुतम्।
कुवित्समस्य जेन्यस्य शर्धतोऽभिशस्तेरवस्वरत्॥१४४३
English:- O high priest of the yajnic order, bear and bring an equable share of bright and inspiring food and maintenance for every one. And may the great and wise one, the lord, preserve, protect, promote and defend the rightful constancy of the admirable force and power of the order against violence and calumny. (Rigved 6-42-4)