Uttararcika-Chapter 14 >> Section 3

ओ३म् देवो वो द्रविणोदा पूर्णां विवष्ट्वासिचम्।
उद्वा सिञ्चध्वमुप वा पृणध्वमादिद्वो देव ओहते॥१५१३
English:- Agni, self-refulgent lord giver of wealth, honour and excellence, loves to have your fire of yajnic action sprinkled with overflowing ladle of ghrta and the highest refined action. Serve him closely, feed the fire to the full, let the flames rise, and the generous lord refulgent would lead you to the heights of prosperity and excellence. (Rigved 7-16-11)
ओ३म् त होतारमध्वरस्य प्रचेतसं वह्निं देवा अकृण्वत।
दधाति रत्नं विधते सुवीर्यमग्निर्जनाय दाशुषे॥१५१४
English:- Let the brilliant, noble and generous leaders of humanity choose, sanctify and anoint that intelligent all-aware person as Agni, leader, ruler and high-priest of the yajnic social order of love, peace and non- violence, who would create and bear the jewel wealth and values of life and high power and prestige of the noblest order for generous self-sacrificing people dedicated to the yajna of the social system.(Rigved7-16-12)
ओ३म् अदर्शि गातुवित्तमो यस्मिन्व्रतान्यादधु।
उपोषु जातमार्यस्य वर्धनमग्निं नक्षन्तु नो गिर॥१५१५
English:- There is seen the light of Agni, best knower of the ways of life, where people direct and concentrate their vows of piety and discipline. Let our songs of adoration rise and reach Agni, self-revealed, who opens the paths of progress and urges us on to reach the goal of rectitude for noble people. (Rigved8-103-1)
ओ३म् यस्माद्रेजन्त कृष्टयश्चर्कृत्यानि कृण्वत।
सहस्रसां मेधसाताविव त्मनाग्निं धीभिर्नमस्यत॥१५१६
English:- From that gift of light the children of earth shine and continue doing their daily duties. O people, do service in homage to Agni, giver of light and a thousand other gifts as in yajnic generosity. Do so with your heart and soul, adore him sincerely by thought and action. (Rigved 8-103-3)
ओ३म् प्र दैवोदासो अग्निर्देव इन्द्रो न मज्मना।
अनु मातरं पृथिवीं वि वावृते तस्थौ नाकस्य शर्मणि॥१५१७
English:- Agni, the sun, lover of holy admirers, sitting as if on top of heaven in glory, turns his rays of light in circuit to the mother earth for her children.(Rigved8-103-2)
ओ३म् अग्न आयूषि पवस आसुवोर्जमिषं च नः।
आरे बाधस्व दुच्छुनाम्॥१५१८
English:- Agni, heat and energy of life divine, give us good health and long age with purity, create and bring us food, energy and excellence, and throw off and keep away all evils and negativities from us. (Rigved 9-66-19)
ओ३म् अग्निरृषि पवमान पाञ्चजन्यः पुरोहितः।
तमीमहे महागयम्॥१५१९
English:- Agni is the light of life and fire of passion, pure and purifying energy ever radiative, universal inspirer of all people on earth and energiser of all five faculties, adorable leader of entire humanity and guiding spirit of the corporate life of all human communities together. We adore, serve and pray for the favour of such generous father of the household of humanity. (Rigved 9-66-20)
ओ३म् अग्ने पवस्व स्वपा अस्मे वर्च सुवीर्यम्।
दधद्रयिं मयि पोषम्॥१५२०
English:- Agni, pray radiate and purify us. Lord of holy action, bless us with holy lustre, noble courage and virility. Bear and bring us wealth, honour and excellence with promotive health and nourishment. (Rigved 9-66-21)
ओ३म् अग्ने पावक रोचिषा मन्द्रया देव जिह्वया।
आ देवान्वक्षि यक्षि च॥१५२१
English:- Agni, light of Divinity, fire of life, generous and brilliant giver of knowledge and enlightenment, with a sweet and lustrous tongue, bright and blissful, you bear and bring the divinities of nature and nobilities of humanity to the vedi and serve them from here with light and energy. (Rigved 5-26-1)
ओ३म् तं त्वा घृतस्नवीमहे चित्रभानो स्वर्दृशम्।
देवा आ वीतये वह॥१५२२
English:- Agni, pure and purifier, light of fire feeding on ghrta, showerer of life's beauty and grace, shining with manifold lustre, indeed the very light and bliss of heaven, we pray: With a sweet and lustrous tongue of flame full of bliss, bring for us the nobilities and divinities of nature and humanity for a feast of pleasure and enlightenment and serve them with love and reverence. (Rigved 5-26-2)
ओ३म् वीतिहोत्रं त्वा कवे द्युमन्त समिधीमहि।
अग्ने बृहन्तमध्वरे॥१५२३
English:- Agni, creative visionary of the light of heaven, in our yajnic project of love and non-violence, we invoke and enkindle you, universally great, self-refulgent and giver of the gifts of peace and enlightenment. (Rigved 5-26-3)