Uttararcika-Chapter 14 >> Section 4

ओ३म् अवा नो अग्न ऊतिभिर्गायत्रस्य प्रभर्मणि।
विश्वासु धीषु वन्द्य॥१५२४
English:- Lord adorable all over the world in the affairs of enlightenment, protect and advance us with your care and powers of defence and development in the transactions of knowledge and happiness of the people with your heart and soul. (Rigved 1-79-7)
ओ३म् आ नो अग्ने रयिं भर सत्रासाहं वरेण्यम्।
विश्वासु पृत्सु दुष्टरम्॥१५२५
English:- Agni, lord of wealth and power, bless us with cherished wealth and power, formidable and invincible in all the battles of life, overcoming all and ever. (Rigved 1-79-8)
ओ३म् आ नो अग्ने सुचेतुना रयिं विश्वायुपोषसम्।
मार्डीकं धेहि जीवसे॥१५२६
English:- Agni, lord of life, light and wealth, bring us and bless us with wealth along with knowledge, science and technology that may provide nourishment and health for all, soothing and joyful for happy living.(Rigved1-79-9)
ओ३म् अग्नि हिन्वन्तु नो धिय सप्तिमाशुमिवाजिषु।
तेन जेष्म धनंधनम्॥१५२७
English:- Let our thought, will and actions research and develop fire energy like a fleet or horse spurred to battle for victory so that thereby we may achieve the real wealth of wealths. (Rigved 10-156-1)
ओ३म् यया गा आकरामहै सेनयाग्ने तवोत्या।
तां नो हिन्व मघत्तये॥१५२८
English:- O leading light of life, energy of fire, with your powers and means of protection by which we acquire our lands and develop our fields and cattle wealth, pray enhance and accelerate that same power for us for acqui- sition of wealth, power and honour. (Rigved10-156-2)
ओ३म् आग्ने स्थूर रयिं भर पृथुं गोमन्तमश्विनम्।
अङ्धि खं वर्तया पविम्॥१५२९
English:- O light and fire of life, bring us solid, vast and lasting wealth rich in lands, cows and culture, horses, transport and achievement, fill the firmament with profuse rain and vapour, and turn poverty and indigence into plenty and generosity. (Rigved 10-156-3)
ओ३म् अग्ने नक्षत्रमजरमा सूर्य रोहयो दिवि।
English:- Agni, light of life, ruler of existence, let the unaging sun, star of good fortune, rise high in heaven so that it may bring light and energy for humanity and enhance their well being. (Rigved 10-156-4)
ओ३म् अग्ने केतुर्विशामसि प्रेष्ठ श्रेष्ठ उपस्थसत्।
बोधा स्तोत्रे वयो दधत्॥१५३१
English:- Agni, light and fire of life, you are the essential brilliant definition and identity of humanity, blazing ensign of human culture, dearest, best, closest, freest, bearing food, energy and enlightenment for the cele- brant. Pray listen, enlighten, and bless.(Rigved10-156-5)
ओ३म् अग्निर्मूर्धा दिव ककुत्पति पृथिव्या अयम्।
अपा रेतासि जिन्वति॥१५३२
English:- This Agni is the highest lord and master of all on top of heaven and earth and gives energy and sustenance to the seeds of life in the waters of the universe. (Rigved 8-44-16)
ओ३म् ईशिषे वार्यस्य हि दात्रस्याग्ने स्वपतिः।
स्तोता स्यां तव शर्मणि॥१५३३
English:- Agni, you are the lord and protector of the peace and bliss of heaven. You rule over the wealth, honour and excellence of the world. I pray that I may adore and celebrate your divine glory and abide in heavenly peace and joy under your divine protection. (Rigved 8-44-18)
ओ३म् उदग्ने शुचयस्तव शुक्रा भ्राजन्त ईरते।
तव ज्योतीष्यर्चय॥१५३४
English:- Agni, light and life of the world, your fires and flames, lights and lightnings, pure, white and undefiled, shine and radiate all over spaces. (Rigved 8-44-17)