Uttararcika-Chapter 15 >> Section 3

ओ३म् अदाभ्यः पुरएता विशामग्निर्मानुषीणाम्।
तूर्णी रथ सदा नव॥१५५६
English:- Irrepressible and indestructible, going forward in front of the people, fiery leader of the nation, instant starter, torch bearer of humanity and warrior, ever new: such is Agni, pioneer and leader. (Rigved 3-11-5)
ओ३म् अभि प्रयासि वाहसा दाश्वा अश्नोति मर्त्य।
क्षयं पावकशोचिषः॥१५५७
English:- By virtue of the leading light of Agni, the generous man who gives in yajnic action gets his objects of desire, and from the rising flames of holy fire as by virtue of the scholar's brilliance of knowledge, he gets a haven of peace. (Rigved 3-11-7)
ओ३म् साह्वान्विश्वा अभियुज क्रतुर्देवानाममृक्तः।
English:- Patient yet most irresistible of all the front rank people, most enlightened of the noble and generous, inviolable, Agni is well read and most renowned leading light. (Rigved 3-11-6)
ओ३म् भद्रो नो अग्निराहुतो भद्रा राति सुभग भद्रो अध्वर।
भद्रा उत प्रशस्तयः॥१५५९
English:- Lord of beauty and glory, may the yajna fire with offers of oblations be auspicious for us. May our charity be auspicious. May our yajna and all other acts of kindness and love free from violence be auspicious. And may all the appreciation and praise of our acts and behaviour be auspicious and fruitful. (Rigved 8-19-19)
ओ३म् भद्रं मन कृणुष्व वृत्रतूर्ये येना समत्सु सासहि।
अव स्थिरा तनुहि भूरि शर्धतां वनेमा ते अभिष्टये॥१५६०
English:- Agni, leading light of life, turn the mind to gracious goodness, by which you challenge the adversary in battles and win over the forces of darkness. Reduce the many strongholds of the violent adversaries to nullity so that by your kindness and favours we may win what we desire in peace. (Rigved 8-19-20)
ओ३म् अग्ने वाजस्य गोमत ईशानः सहसो यहो।
अस्मे देहि जातवेदो महि श्रव॥१५६१
English:- Agni, lord of the knowledge of existence, creator and ruler of food, energy and wealths of life and lord of cows and sunbeams, child of omnipotence, bring us the brilliance of knowledge and great splendour of life's victories. (Rigved 1-79-4)
ओ३म् स इधानो वसुष्कविरग्निरीडेन्यो गिरा।
रेवदस्मभ्यं पुर्वणीक दीदिहि॥१५६२
English:- Agni, that brilliant lord of light and knowledge, treasure home of wealth and joy, divine visionary of creation, adorable with holy words, lord of wealth, blazing with flames and flaming with forces, may he ever shine and shine us with knowledge. (Rigved 1-79-5)
ओ३म् क्षपो राजन्नुत त्मनाग्ने वस्तोरुतोषस।
स तिग्मजम्भ रक्षसो दह प्रति॥१५६३
English:- Agni, blazing with light and power, creating and ruling over nights, days and the dawns, lord of the mighty order of justice and dispensation, burn up the evil and the wicked. (Rigved 1-79-6)