Uttararcika-Chapter 16 >> Section 1

ओ३म् अभि त्वा पूर्वपीतय इन्द्र स्तोमेभिरायव।
समीचीनास ऋभव समस्वरन्रुद्रा गृणन्त पूर्व्यम्॥१५७३
English:- Indra, men in general, learned experts of vision and wisdom, illustrious powers of law and order, and fighting warriors of defence and protection all together, raising a united voice of praise, prayer and appreciation, with songs of holiness and acts of piety, invoke and invite you, ancient, nearest and most excellent lord of power and lustre, to inaugurate their yajnic celebration of the soma session of peaceful and exciting programme of development. (Rigved 8-3-7)
ओ३म् अस्येदिन्द्रो वावृधे वृष्ण्यशवो मदे सुतस्य विष्णवि।
अद्या तमस्य महिमानमायवोऽनु ष्टुवन्ति पूर्वथा॥१५७४
English:- In the ecstasy of this soma success of achievement through the yajnic programme, Indra augments the strength and enthusiasm of this host and master of the programme, while now as ever before, the people appropriately adore and exalt the greatness of this lord. (Rigved 8-3-8)
ओ३म् प्र वामर्चन्त्युक्थिनो नीथाविदो जरितार।
इन्द्राग्नी इष आ वृणे॥१५७५
English:- Indra and Agni, the singers of hymns, pioneers of highways and celebrants honour and worship you. I choose to celebrate you for the sake of sustenance, support and energy. (Rigved 3-12-5)
ओ३म् इन्द्राग्नी नवतिं पुरो दासपत्नीरधूनुतम्।
साकमेकेन कर्मणा॥१५७६
English:- Indra and Agni, shake up, inspire and arouse with a single clarion call the ninety fortresses yonder of the allied and supporting forces of the benevolent ruler of the republics. (Rigved 3-12-6)
ओ३म् इन्द्राग्नी अपसस्पर्युप प्र यन्ति धीतय।
ऋतस्य पथ्या३ अनु॥१५७७
English:- Indra and Agni, lord of power and lord of light and law, the pioneer forces of action and reflection go forward, all round, and close to the target, following the paths of truth and law of rectitude. (Swami Dayanand interprets Indra and Agni as wind and electric energy of space, and the movements of this energy in waves directed to the targets of purpose). (Rigved 3-12-7)
ओ३म् इन्द्राग्नी तविषाणी वा सधस्थानि प्रयासि च।
युवोरप्तूर्य हितम्॥१५७८
English:- Indra and Agni, your forces, strategic concentrations of the forces deployed and collective resources, are well disposed, and integrated, and your zeal for making a move is instantaneous, everything being just at hand. (Rigved 3-12-8)
ओ३म् शग्ध्यू३षु शचीपत इन्द्र विश्वाभिरूतिभि।
भगं न हि त्वा यशसं वसुविदमनु शूर चरामसि॥१५७९
English:- Indra, lord of omnipotent action and infinitely various victories, with all powers, protections and inspirations, strengthen and energise us for excellent works without delay. As the very honour, splendour and treasure-home of the universe, O potent and heroic lord, we live in pursuit of your glory to justify our existence and win our destiny. (Rigved 8-61-5)
ओ३म् पौरो अश्वस्य पुरुकृद्गवामस्युत्सो देव हिरण्यय।
न किर्हि दानं परि मर्धिषत्वे यद्यद्यामि तदा भर॥१५८०
English:- You are the sole One omnipresent citizen of the universe, creator of all lands, cows, lights and knowledges of the world, maker of the motions, ambitions, advancements and achievements of nature and humanity, fountain head of universal joy, and golden refulgent generous lord supreme. No one can ever impair or obstruct your gifts to humanity. O lord, I pray, bring us whatever we ask for. (Rigved 8-61-6)
ओ३म् त्व ह्येहि चेरवे विदा भगं वसुत्तये।
उद्वावृषस्व मधवन्गविष्टय उदिन्द्राश्वमिष्टये॥१५८१
English:- Come to give gifts of wealth and honour to the devotee so that the people may be happy and prosperous. O lord of honour and majesty, Indra, bring us showers of the wealth of cows, lands, knowledge and culture for the seekers of light, and horses, advancement and achievement for the seekers of progress. (Rigved 8-61-7)
ओ३म् त्वं पुरू सहस्राणि शतानि च यूथा दानाय महसे।
आ पुरन्दरं चकृम विप्रवचस इन्द्रं गायन्तोऽवसे॥१५८२
English:- Indra, you command and grant many hundreds and thousands of heaps of wealth for gift to the devotees, and as many troops of soldiers for defence and protection. We, poets of holy words of adoration, do service to Indra, breaker of the strongholds of darkness and sing in praise of him and exhort him for the sake of protection and patronage. (Rigved 8-61-8)
ओ३म् यो विश्वा दयते वसु होता मन्द्रो जनानाम्।
मधोर्न पात्रा प्रथमान्यस्मै प्र स्तोमा यन्त्वग्नये॥१५८३
English:- Like bowls of honey let our prime songs of adoration reach this Agni who, blissful high priest of existence, gives all the wealths and joys of the world to humanity. (Rigved 8-103-6)
ओ३म् अश्व न गीर्भी रथ्य सुदानवो मर्मृज्यन्ते देवयव।
उभे तोके तनये दस्म विश्पते पर्षि राधो मघोनाम्॥१५८४
English:- Agni, lord of glory, ruler and sustainer of the people, generous devotees dedicated to charity and love of divinity, with voices of adoration and prayer, exalt you like the motive power of the chariot of life, and pray: Bring us the holy power and prosperity worthy of the magnificent for our children and grand children. (Rigved 8-103-7)