Uttararcika-Chapter 17 >> Section 2

ओ३म् वायो शुक्रो अयामि ते मध्वो अग्रं दिविष्टिषु।
आ याहि सोमपीतये स्पार्हो देव नियुत्वता॥१६२८
English:- Vayu, lord omnipotent, self-refulgent and generous centre object of universal love, I come to the top of the honey sweets of yajnic creations of light and joy for the life divine, cleansed and pure as I am now. Come for a drink of soma by the chariot and the team of horses. (Rigved 4-47-1)
ओ३म् इन्द्रश्च वायवेषा सोमानां पीतिमर्हथः।
युवा हि यन्तीन्दवो निम्नमापो न सध्र्यक्॥१६२९
English:- Indra and Vayu, you two love and deserve the drink of these somas distilled in yajnas. Just as waters all together flow to the sea, so do all flows of soma and all movements of dedicated devotees end up when they join you. (Rigved 4-47-2)
ओ३म् वायविन्द्रश्च शुष्मिणा सरथ शवसस्पती।
नियुत्वन्ता न ऊतय आ यात सोमपीतये॥१६३०
English:- Vayu and Indra, most powerful, commander and ruler of the power and force of existence, controllers of the dynamics of energy, come hither together by the same chariot as two in one for the protection and promotion of our yajna of production, honour and excellence. (Rigved 4-47-3)
ओ३म् अध क्षपा परिष्कृतो वाजा अभि प्र गाहते।
यदी विवस्वतो धियो हरि हिन्वन्ति यातवे॥१६३१
English:- When the thoughts and actions of bright celebrants invoke, invite and inspire Soma to move, initiate and bless, then the divine spirit, exalted by the songs, moves toward battles and inspires, energises and exalts their mind and courage for victory. (Rigved 9-99-2)
ओ३म् तमस्य मर्जयामसि मदो य इन्द्रपातमः।
यं गाव आसभिर्दधु पुरा नूनं च सूरय॥१६३२
English:- That power and ecstasy of this Soma, worthiest of the soul's delight, we adore and exalt, which the sense and mind with their perceptions and reflection receive and which, for sure, veteran sages too have experienced for times immemorial. (Rigved 9-99-3)
ओ३म् तं गाथया पुराण्या पुनानमभ्यनूषत।
उतो कृपन्त धीतयो देवानां नाम बिभ्रतीः॥१६३३
English:- That spirit of Soma, pure and purifying, the celebrants adore and exalt by songs of old in Vedic voice and, the same, thoughts and actions of veteran sages with the divine name content of the lord supplicate and glorify. (Rigved 9-99-4)
ओ३म् अश्वं न त्वा वारवन्तं वन्दध्या अग्निं नमोभिः।
English:- Agni, brilliant and illuminating power and presence of yajnas from the homely agnihotra to the highest programmes of humanity, like a tempestuous horse of flying hair, we praise you and celebrate you with homage and offerings of food and oblations. (Rigved 1-27-1)
ओ३म् स घा नः सूनु शवसा पृथुप्रगामा सुशेव।
मीढ्वा अस्माकं बभूयात्॥१६३५
English:- May our children and successors, travelling far and wide with power and knowledge, be good and kind to us and give us showers of wealth and prosperity. (Rigved 1-27-2)
ओ३म् स नो दूराच्चासाच्च नि मर्त्यादघायो।
पाहि सदमिद्विश्वायु॥१६३६
English:- May he, lord of light and knowledge, giver of all joys of life, protect our life, home and industry from far and near against any and every sinful person.(Rigved 1-27-3)
ओ३म् त्वमिन्द्र प्रतूर्तिष्वभि विश्वा असि स्पृध।
अशस्तिहा जनिता वृत्रतूरसि त्वं तूर्य तरुष्यत॥१६३७
English:- Indra, O inspired soul, in the external conflicts of life and in the internal conflicts of mind, you are the superior over all assailants. You are the destroyer of evil and calumny, creator of goodness and eliminator of impediments. Pray drive off all evil thoughts and oppositions of life and mind. (Rigved 8-99-5)
ओ३म् अनु ते शुष्मं तुरयन्तमीयतुः क्षोणी शिशुं न मातरा।
विश्वास्ते स्पृध श्नथयन्त मन्यवे वृत्रं यदिन्द्र तूर्वसि॥१६३८
English:- Just as mothers follow the desires and interests of children, so do the heaven and earth, all living beings from earth to heaven, think and act in conformity with you, evil destroying power. All oppositions slacken and fall exhausted when you strike and destroy the demons of evil and negativity in the interest of man.(Rigved8-99-6)