Uttararcika-Chapter 17 >> Section 3

ओ३म् यज्ञ इन्द्रमवर्धयद्यद्भूमिं व्यवर्तयत्।
चक्राण ओपशं दिवि॥१६३९
English:- Yajna, joint creative endeavour which protects and replenishes the earth and environment, pleases and elevates Indra, the ruler, and creates a place of bliss in the light of heaven for the doer. (Rigved 8-14-5)
ओ३म् व्या३न्तरिक्षमतिरन्मदे सोमस्य रोचना।
इन्द्रो यदभिनद्वलम्॥१६४०
English:- When Indra, lord omnipotent and blissful, eliminates all obstructions and negativities from our paths of progress, then we see the entire space in existence shines with light and overflows with the joy of soma bliss. (Rigved 8-14-7)
ओ३म् उद्गा आजदङ्गिरोभ्य आविष्कृण्वन्गुहा सती।
अर्वाञ्चं नुनुदे वलम्॥१६४१
English:- When the lord shakes up our psychic energies to the depths and throws out our darkness and negativities, then he sharpens our senses along with pranic energies and opens out our spiritual potential hidden in the cave of the heart. (Rigved 8-14-8)
ओ३म् त्यमु वः सत्रासाहं विश्वासु गीर्ष्वायतम्।
आ च्यावयस्यूतये॥१६४२
English:- O people of the land, that generous and brilliant victor (Sudaksha) in all sessions of the enlightened citizens and celebrated in their universal voices, you elevate to the office of ruler for your defence, protection and progress. (Rigved 8-92-7)
ओ३म् युध्म सन्तमनर्वाण सोमपामनपच्युतम्।
English:- The ruler, warrior that hits the target, being irresistible, protector and valuer of life's joy, inviolable and unsurpassable leader in irrevocable action: such is Indra, elevated ruler. (Rigved 8-92-8)
ओ३म् शिक्षा ण इन्द्र राय आ पुरु विद्वा ऋचीषम।
अवा न पार्ये धने॥१६४४
English:- Indra, leader in knowledge and wisdom, pursuer of the path of rectitude, guide and lead us to ample wealth and protect us through our struggle for victory of honour and excellence. (Rigved 8-92-9)
ओ३म् तव त्यदिन्द्रियं बृहत्तव दक्षमुत क्रतुम्।
वज्र शिशाति धिषणा वरेण्यम्॥१६४५
English:- That grandeur and majesty of yours, that power and potential, that continuous act of divine generosity, that adamantine will and force of natural justice and dispensation of the thunderbolt which overwhelms our will and choice commands our sense of discrimination, and we glorify it, we sharpen it, we accept it with adoration. (Rigved 8-15-7)
ओ३म् तव द्यौरिन्द्र पौस्यं पृथिवी वर्धति श्रव।
त्वामाप पर्वतासश्च हिन्विरे॥१६४६
English:- The light of heaven glorifies your blazing power, the earth augments your honour and fame, and the rolling floods of water and mighty mountains of majesty do awesome homage to you. (Rigved 8-15-8)
ओ३म् त्वां विष्णुर्बृहन्क्षयो मित्रो गृणाति वरुणः।
त्वा शर्धो मदत्यनु मारुतम्॥१६४७
English:- Vishnu, cosmic dynamics of nature's expansive sustenance, Mitra, loving and life giving sun, Varuna, soothing and energising oceans of the universe, and the power and force of the showers of cosmic energy all exalt you and receive their life and exaltation from you. (Rigved 8-15-9)