Uttararcika-Chapter 18 >> Section 4

ओ३म् पवमाना असृक्षत सोमा शुक्रास इन्दवः।
अभि विश्वानि काव्या॥१६९९
English:- Streams of bright energising soma flow, pure and purifying, among the songs of universal poetry of divinity. (Rigved 9-63-25)
ओ३म् पवमाना दिवस्पर्यन्तरिक्षादसृक्षत।
पृथिव्या अधि सानवि॥१७००
English:- Pure and purifying Somas, evolutionary powers of nature, divinity and humanity, creative, protective and defensive, are created from the regions of light above, the middle regions and the earth and, on top of the course of evolution and progress, they remain ever active for life in the service of divinity. (Rigved 9-63-27)
ओ३म् पवमानास आशव शुभ्रा असृग्रमिन्दवः।
घ्नन्तो विश्वा अप द्विष॥१७०१
English:- Pure and purifying, instant and effective, bright and blazing streams of soma like warriors of nature flow and advance in action, creating peace and plenty for life, dispelling and eliminating all jealous and destructive forces from society. (Rigved 9-63-26)
ओ३म् तोशा वृत्रहणा हुवे सजित्वानापराजिता।
इन्द्राग्नी वाजसातमा॥१७०२
English:- I invoke and invite Indra, commander of the forces, and Agni, leader of the enlightened, both promoters of knowledge, destroyers of evil, victorious, unconquered, winners of the highest order of prizes. (Rigved 3-12-4)
ओ३म् प्र वामर्चन्त्युक्थिनो नीथाविदो जरितारः।
इन्द्राग्नी इष आ वृणे॥१७०३
English:- Indra and Agni, the singers of hymns, pioneers of highways and celebrants honour and worship you. I choose to celebrate you for the sake of sustenance, support and energy. (Rigved 3-12-5)
ओ३म् इन्द्राग्नी नवतिं पुरो दासपत्नीरधूनुतम्।
साकमेकेन कर्मणा॥१७०४
English:- Indra and Agni, shake up, inspire and arouse with a single clarion call the ninety fortresses yonder of the allied and supporting forces of the benevolent ruler of the republics. (Rigved 3-12-6)
ओ३म् उप त्वा रण्वसंदृशं प्रयस्वन्तः सहस्कृत।
अग्ने ससृज्महे गिर॥१७०५
English:- Agni, blazing light of life, lord of bliss and beatific vision, source giver of the power of action and forbearance, blest with the food of life and light of the spirit, we sing songs of adoration and send up our words of gratitude to you. (Rigved 6-16-37)
ओ३म् उप च्छायामिव घृणेरगन्म शर्म ते वयम्।
अग्ने हिरण्यसन्दृशः॥१७०६
English:- Agni, lord of bliss and eternal protection, just as a person runs to the shade for relief from the blazing sun, so may we, shining as pure gold, rise and come to your presence, the blissful shade of divinity, our ultimate haven and home. (Rigved 6-16-38)
ओ३म् य उग्र इव शर्यहा तिग्मशृङ्गो न वसगः।
अग्ने पुरो रुरोजिथ॥१७०७
English:- Agni, lord protector of life, destroyer of killer arrows like a fierce warrior, burning off negativities like the fierce rays of the sun, you destroy the strongholds of the enemies of life. (Rigved 6-16-39)
ओ३म् ऋतावानं वैश्वानरमृतस्य ज्योतिषस्पतिम्।
अजस्रं घर्ममीमहे॥१७०८
English:- We adore, exalt and worship Agni, eternal, refulgent, light of yajna, leading life and energy of the world, protector and sustainer of truth and law. (Atharva 6, 36, 1)
ओ३म् य इदं प्रतिपप्रथे यज्ञस्य स्वरुत्तिरन्।
ऋतूनुत्सृजते वशी॥१७०९
English:- Agni, is co-existent and simultaneously expansive with this cosmic yajna of creation, traversing heaven and earth in space and, controlling the world of existence, initiates and furthers the cycle of seasons.
ओ३म् अग्नि प्रियेषु धामसु कामो भूतस्य भव्यस्य।
सभ्राडेको विराजति॥१७१०
English:- Agni, favourite love adored of all that was and is and shall be, rules and shines self-refulgent in all the lovely worlds of earth, heaven and the firmament.