Uttararcika-Chapter 19 >> Section 2

ओ३म् प्रति ष्या सूनरी जनी व्युच्छन्ती परि स्वसु।
दिवो अदर्शि दुहिता॥१७२५
English:- That joyous dawn, pioneer of the sun, harbinger the night, rises to view every morning as the daughter of heaven, arousing the world to fresh life. (Rigved4-52-1)
ओ३म् अश्वेव चित्रारुषी माता गवामृतावरी।
सखा भूदश्विनोरुषा॥१७२६
English:- Like a graceful mare, crimson red, wondrous bright, mother pioneer of sunrays, shower of nature's light and bliss, the dawn is a friend of the Ashvins, the sun and moon. (Rigved 4-52-2)
ओ३म् उत सखास्यश्विनोरुत माता गवामसि।
उतोषो वस्व ईशिषे॥१७२७
English:- O Dawn, while you are a friend of the sun and moon and mother of sunrays, you also command the wealths of the world. (Rigved 4-52-3)
ओ३म् एषो उषा अपूर्व्य व्युच्छति प्रिया दिव।
स्तुषे वामश्विना बृहत्॥१७२८
English:- This glorious dawn, darling of the sun, shines forth from heaven and proclaims the day. Ashvins, harbingers of this glory, I admire you immensely - infinitely. (Rigved1-46-1)
ओ३म् या दस्रा सिन्धुमातरा मनोतरा रयीणाम्।
धिया देवा वसुविदा॥१७२९
English:- Ashvins, harbingers of the dawn, wonder-workers are they. Born of the oceans of space, they create the seas of morning mist. Faster than the mind, they bring wealths of the world. With intelligence and inspiration, they reveal the treasures of the Vasus, they are brilliant, generous, divine. (Rigved 1-46-2)
ओ३म् वच्यन्ते वां ककुहासो जूर्णायामधि विष्टपि।
यद्वा रथो विभिष्पतात्॥१७३०
English:- Ashvins, harbingers of light, knowledge and wealth across the Vasus, scientists and technologists, veterans of vision and wisdom celebrate your achievement when your chariot flies like a bird into the ancient sky over the heavens. (Rigved 1-46-3)
ओ३म् उषस्तच्चित्रमा भरास्मभ्यं वाजिनीवति।
येन तोकं च तनयं च धामहे॥१७३१
English:- O Dawn, harbinger of food, energy and rejuvenation of thought, will and action, bear and bring that health and wealth of wondrous and various kinds for us by which we may be able to beget, maintain and advance our children and grand-children and others, friends and assistants in life. (Rigved 1-92-13)
ओ३म् उषो अद्येह गोमत्यश्वावति विभावरि।
रेवदस्मे व्युच्छ सूनृतावति॥१७३२
English:- O Dawn, lady of light, generous with cows and fertility, horses and fast movement, light and knowledge, truth and piety of life with favours of divinity, bear and bless us here and now in this life with wealth of prosperity and a happy home. (Rigved 1-92-14)
ओ३म् युङ्क्ष्वा हि वाजिनीवत्यश्वा अद्यारुणा उषः।
अथा नो विश्वा सौभगान्या वह॥१७३३
English:- O Dawn, lady of radiance and the energy and vibrancy of life, yoke the red rays of sunbeams to your celestial chariot and then bear and bring us all the wealths and good fortunes of the world. (Rigved 1-92-15)
ओ३म् अश्विना वर्तिरस्मदा गोमद्दस्रा हिरण्यवत्।
अर्वाग्रथ समनसा नि यच्छतम्॥१७३४
English:- Generous scientists of fire and waters, Ashvins, expert technologists working together with equal cooperative mind, bring hither before us a chariot sensitive in reception and communication of signals, golden in quality and extremely fast in motion anywhere on earth, over water and in the sky. (Rigved 1-92-16)
ओ३म् एह देवा मयोभुवा दस्रा हिरण्यवर्त्तनी।
उषर्बुधो वहन्तु सोमपीतये॥१७३५
English:- Let the Ashvins, people of divine nature, scientists and technologists, generous experts of fire and water, water and air, creators of comfort and joy, working on the golden sunbeams of the morning dawn, create and bring us energy and vitality for the health, vitality and joy of humanity. (Rigved 1-92-18)
ओ३म् यावित्था श्लोकमा दिवो ज्योतिर्जनाय चक्रथु।
आ न ऊर्जं वहतमश्विना युवम्॥१७३६
English:- Ashvins, scientist and technologist of fire and water, both of you thus from the sun create the mantra, light and energy and bring it for us and the people for common use. (Rigved 1-92-17)