Uttararcika-Chapter 19 >> Section 5

ओ३म् एता उ त्या उषस केतुमक्रत पूर्वे अर्धे रजसो भानुमञ्जते।
निष्कृण्वाना आयुधानीव धृष्णव प्रति गावोऽरुषीर्यन्ति मातर॥१७५५
English:- The lights of the dawn over there in the eastern half of the sky over earth reveal the sun and proclaim the day. Like resolute warriors burnishing their swords, the flames of the dawn, shining scarlet red, move forward with the rising sun bringing a fresh breath of life for humanity, like mother cows. (Rigved 1-92-1)
ओ३म् उदपप्तन्नरुणा भानवो वृथा स्वायुजो अरुषीर्गा अयुक्षत।
अक्रन्नुषासो वयुनानि पूर्वथा रुशन्तं भानुमरुषीरशिश्रयुः॥१७५६
English:- Up rise the red flames of the dawn, naturally and spontaneously like willing red horses yoked to the chariot. The ruddy lights of the dawn awakening humanity to their daily chores as before proclaim the rise of the brilliant sun in obedience to his command. (Rigved 1-92-2)
ओ३म् अर्चन्ति नारीरपसो न विष्टिभि समानेन योजनेना परावत।
इषं वहन्तीः सुकृते सुदानवे विश्वेदह यजमानाय सुन्वते॥१७५७
English:- The lights of the dawn, like blessed women expert in their noble work, serve and illumine from afar with equal brilliance various regions of the world, bearing vital food and rejuvenating energy for the pious and generous yajamana dedicated to the creative service of life and nature everywhere every day. (Rigved 1-92-3)
ओ३म् अबोध्यग्निर्ज्म उदेति सूर्यो व्यू३षाश्चन्द्रा मह्यावो अर्चिषा।
आयुक्षातामश्विना यातवे रथं प्रासावीद्देव सविता जगत्पृथक्॥१७५८
English:- The fire of Agni awakes and stirs the world with life afresh. The sun is on the rise over the earth. The great and golden dawn wrapt in beauty waxes on the horizon with the splendour of her glory. The Ashvins, harbingers of new light and knowledge, harness their chariot for the daily round. And the generous lord of light and life, Savita, in his own gracious way, showers and sanctifies the moving world with sunlight and new inspiration for action. (Rigved 1-157-1)
ओ३म् यद्युञ्जाथे वृषणमश्विना रथं घृतेन नो मधुना क्षत्रमुक्षतम्।
अस्माकं ब्रह्म पृतनासु जिन्वतं वयं धना शूरसाता भजेमहि॥१७५९
English:- Ashvins, harbingers of new light and life, chariot leaders of the world, you harness and ride your chariot of might and victory and sprinkle and inspire the Kshatra order of our defence and governance with exciting spirit of life and honey sweets of power and prosperity. In our struggle for the joy of life, inspire and strengthen our Brahma system of research and education with new knowledge and self-confidence. We pray, may we achieve the prize of success and victory in our battles of the brave. (Rigved 1-157-2)
ओ३म् अर्वाङ्त्रिचक्रो मधुवाहनो रथो जीराश्वो अश्विनोर्यातु सुष्टुतः।
त्रिवन्धुरो मघवा विश्वसौभग शं न आ वक्षद्द्विपदे चतुष्पदे॥१७६०
English:- Here, may the three engined, three staged, honey carrier, superfast chariot of the Ashvins come, the chariot all-acclaimed, mighty, laden with wealth and splendours of the world, and may that chariot, we pray, bring us peace, prosperity and well-being for our humans and for our animal world. (Rigved 1-157-3)
ओ३म् प्र ते धारा असश्चतो दिवो न यन्ति वृष्टय।
अच्छा वाज सहस्रिणम्॥१७६१
English:- O Soma, the ceaseless streams of your inexhaustible ecstasy flow like rains of heavenly light, bringing thousandfold strength, energy and joy for the celebrants. (Rigved 9-57-1)
ओ३म् अभि प्रियाणि काव्या विश्वा चक्षाणो अर्षति।
हरिस्तुञ्जान आयुधा॥१७६२
English:- Soma, spirit of joy, destroyer of suffering, watching all human activity, flows forth for its dear favourites, striking its arms against adverse forces. (Rigved 9-57-2)
ओ३म् स मर्मृजान आयुभिरिभो राजेव सुव्रत।
श्येनो न वसु षीदति॥१७६३
English:- Soma, adored and glorified by people, as a self- controlled, powerful and brilliant ruler ever awake and unfailing power, pervades in the human common-wealth and the entire world of sustenance. (Rigved 9-57-3)
ओ३म् स नो विश्वा दिवो वसूतो पृथिव्या अधि।
पुनान इन्दवा भर॥१७६४
English:- Soma, lord of wealth, beauty and excellence, ever pure and sanctifying, may, we pray, bring us all the wealth, honour and fame of life on earth and the light and magnificence of heaven. (Rigved 9-57-4)