Uttararcika-Chapter 2 >> Section 4

ओ३म् स योजते अरुषा विश्वभोजसा स दुद्रवत्स्वाहुतः।
सुब्रह्मा यज्ञ सुशमी वसूनां देव राधो जनानाम्॥७५०
English:- That Agni, leading power of nature and humanity, uses bright natural elements of universal value such as sun rays, fire and water, like horses harnessed to the chariot, and, when invoked and raised, would move at the fastest speed. He is the master of natural knowledge and natural materials, adorable, noble and potent worker, and the accomplisher of means, materials and projects of humanity for common success and progress. (Rigved 7-16-2)
ओ३म् प्रत्यु अदर्श्यायत्यू३च्छन्ती दुहिता दिव।
अपो मही वृणुते चक्षुषा तमो ज्योतिष्कृणोति सूनरी॥७५१
English:- The great and glorious dawn, child of the light of divinity, is seen rising, dispelling mists and darkness, and illuminates with light the world of our actions, brilliant guide as she is for the day. (Rigved 7-81-1)
ओ३म् उदुस्रिया सृजते सूर्य सचा उद्यन्नक्षत्रमर्चिवत्।
तवेदुषो व्युषि सूर्यस्य च सं भक्तेन गमेमहि॥७५२
English:- And then the sun, friend and associate together, takes over and, blazing with splendour, sends forth radiations of light and illuminates the planet earth. O dawn, in your original revelation of light divine and in the solar radiations, we pray, let us abide and act with faith and delightful experience of the illumination. (Rigved 7-81-2)
ओ३म् इमा उ वां दिविष्टय उस्रा हवन्ते अश्विना।
अयं वामह्वेऽवसे शचीवसू विशंविश हि गच्छथः॥७५३
English:- Brilliant Ashvins, these yajakas dedicated to life divine invoke and call upon you for light, and I too, O versatile commanders of the wealth of knowledge, power and vision, invite you and pray for protection and advancement since you visit and bless every individual and every community. (Rigved 7-74-1)
ओ३म् युवं चित्रं ददथुर्भोजनं नरा चोदेथा सूनृतावते।
अर्वाग्रथ समनसा नि यच्छतं पिबत सोम्यं मधु॥७५४
English:- O leading lights of humanity, you provide wonderful food for the body, mind and soul, provide inspiration and incentive for the man of truth and rectitude. With an equal mind with us all, bring up your chariot, add to the joy of the community and share the honey sweets of peace and pleasure. (Rigved 7-74-2)