Uttararcika-Chapter 2 >> Section 6

ओ३म् प्र सोमासो विपश्चितोऽपो नयन्त ऊर्मय।
वनानि महिषा इव॥७६४
English:- Just as waves of water rise to the moon and great men strive for things of beauty and goodness, so do inspired learned sages, lovers of dynamic peace and goodness, move forward to realise the supreme power and Spirit of the Vedic hymns. (Rigved 9-33-1)
ओ३म् अभि द्रोणानि बभ्रव शुक्रा ऋतस्य धारया।
वाजं गोमन्तमक्षरन्॥७६५
English:- Just as pure, powerful, brown nectar streams of soma shower milky energies to fill the casks of exhilarating drink for the aspirants, so do seasoned self- realised scholars and teachers of Vedic knowledge and experience, pure at heart and clairvoyant in vision and intelligence, let flow powerful exhilarating streams of knowledge and enlightenment in channels of truth, law and immortality for competent and conscientious seekers of life's fulfilment. (Rigved 9-33-2)
ओ३म् सुता इन्द्राय वायवे वरुणाय मरुद्भ्य।
सोमा अर्षन्तु विष्णवे॥७६६
English:- Knowledge, wisdom and expertise, valuable and blissful as soma, collected and refined by sages and scholars of vision and experience, flows on for Indra, the ruling soul, Vayu, the vibrant people, Varuna, powers of judgement and dispensation, Maruts, stormy warriors, and Vishnu, universal sustaining powers of life and humanity. (Rigved 9-33-3)
ओ३म् प्र सोम देववीतये सिन्धुर्न पिप्ये अर्णसा।
अशो पयसा मदिरो न जागृविरच्छा कोशं मधुश्चुतम्॥७६७
English:- O Soma, be full with the liquid spirit of joy like the sea which is full with the flood of streams and rivers, and, like the very spirit of ecstasy overflowing with delicious exuberance of light divine, ever awake, flow into the devotee's heart blest with the honeyed joy of divinity. (Rigved 9-107-12)
ओ३म् आ हर्यतो अर्जुनो अत्के अव्यत प्रिय सूनुर्न मर्ज्य।
तमी हिन्वन्त्यपसो यथा रथं नदीष्वा गभस्त्योः॥७६८
English:- Dear, loved and fascinating, Soma emerges in transparent unsullied form, winsome worth refinement like a child's and inspiring as a sanative. Devotees stimulate it with holy karma, a thing beautiful and inspiring, and let it join and flow in the streams of thought and action between their intellect and emotion and their prana and apana energies. (Rigved 9-107-13)
ओ३म् प्र सोमासो मदच्युतः श्रवसे नो मघोनाम्।
सुता विदथे अक्रमुः॥७६९
English:- May the streams of soma, nectar sweet and exhilarating, distilled and sanctified in yajna, flow for the safety, security and fame of our leading lights of honour, power and excellence. (Rigved 9-32-1)
ओ३म् आदी हसो यथा गणं विश्वस्यावीवशन्मतिम्।
अत्यो न गोभिरज्यते॥७७०
English:- And just as a hansa bird joins its flock and just as a horse is controlled by reins to reach the destination, so does the soul, having controlled and concentrated all senses, mind and intelligence, rise and join the presence of Divinity, its ultimate haven and home. (Rigved 9-32-3)
ओ३म् आदीं त्रितस्य योषणो हरि हिन्वन्त्यद्रिभिः।
इन्दुमिन्द्राय पीतये॥७७१
English:- And the vibrant thoughts and words of the sage beyond three fold bondage of body, mind and soul, with all perceptions of sense and conceptions of mind concentrated, rise, reach and exalt the lord of peace and joy, destroyer of suffering, for the enlightenment and ecstasy of the human soul. (Rigved 9-32-2)
ओ३म् अया पवस्व देवयु रेभन्पवित्रं पर्येषि विश्वत।
मधोर्धारा असृक्षत॥७७२
English:- Thus vibrate, purify and flow, friend of sages and divines, releasing these honey streams of joy, and go on eloquent to bless the pure heart all round all ways in the world. (Rigved 9-106-14)
ओ३म् पवते हर्यतो हरिरति ह्वरासि रह्या।
अभ्यर्ष स्तोतृभ्यो वीरवद्यशः॥७७३
English:- The beauteous and beatific divine saviour spirit of Soma vibrates, purifies and flows with tremendous force, casting off all crookedness and contradictions, and overflowing with valour, honour and excellence for the celebrants and their heroic progeny for generations. (Rigved 9-106-13)
ओ३म् प्र सुन्वानास्यान्धसो मर्तो न वष्ट तद्वचः।
अप श्वानमराधसँ हता मखं न भृगवः॥७७४
English:- That silent voice of the generative illuminative Soma of divine food, energy and enlightenment for the devotee, the ordinary mortal does not perceive. O yajakas, ward off the clamours and noises which disturb the meditative yajna as men of wisdom ward them off to save their yajna. (Rigved 9-101-13)