Uttararcika-Chapter 20 >> Section 1

ओ३म् प्रास्य धारा अक्षरन्वृष्ण सुतस्यौजसा।
देवा अनु प्रभूषतः॥१७६५
English:- In character with its self-refulgence, and glorifying its divine powers in nature and humanity, the streams of this mighty virile Soma, pure and immaculate, flow forth with the light and lustre of its omnipotence. (Rigved 9-29-1)
ओ३म् सप्तिं मृजन्ति वेधसो गृणन्त कारवो गिरा।
English:- Sages embellish and exalt the might of the omniscient and omnipotent Soma, poets and artists, with the language of their art, celebrate the divine light thus emerging and rising more and more admirable. (Rigved 9-29-2)
ओ३म् सुषहा सोम तानि ते पुनानाय प्रभूवसो।
वर्धा समुद्रमुक्थ्यम्॥१७६७
English:- O Soma, lord of universal wealth, power and honour, those divine showers of generosity, those songs of adoration and lights of glory, are holy and winsome for your celebrant. Let the admirable ocean rise and expand. (Rigved 9-29-3)
ओ३म् एष ब्रह्मा य ऋत्विय इन्द्रो नाम श्रुतो गृणे॥१७६८
English:- This lord Infinite and Absolute, adored every season, beneficent all seasons, Indra, most potent, I hear by name, I adore, I worship.
ओ३म् त्वामिच्छवसस्पते यन्ति गिरो न संयत॥१७६९
English:- O lord omnipotent, Indra, to you rise and reach all voices of adoration, just like the voice of the self- controlled wise.
ओ३म् वि स्रुतयो यथा पथा इन्द्र त्वद्यन्तु रातयः॥१७७०
English:- Like streams of water flowing by their natural course, O lord munificent, Indra, let your gifts of wealth, honour and excellence flow free for humanity.
ओ३म् आ त्वा रथं यथोतये सुम्नाय वर्त्तयामसि।
तुविकूर्मिमृतीषहमिन्द्रं शविष्ठ सत्पतिम्॥१७७१
English:- Indra, bravest of the brave, protector of the good and true, just as we turn the chariot, so do we draw your attention and pray you turn to us and come for our protection, welfare and enlightenment, lord of infinite action and conqueror of enemies. (Rigved 8-68-1)
ओ३म् तुविशुष्म तुविक्रतो शचीवो विश्वया मते।
आ पप्राथ महित्वना॥१७७२
English:- Lord omnipotent of infinite action, infinitely helpful, omniscient, with your cosmic power and grandeur you pervade the whole universe. (Rigved 8-68-2)
ओ३म् यस्य ते महिना मह परि ज्मायन्तमीयतु।
हस्ता वज्र हिरण्ययम्॥१७७३
English:- Indra who are infinitely great by virtue of your omnipotence, your hands wield the thunderbolt of justice and golden grace which reaches everywhere over the universe. (Rigved 8-68-3)
ओ३म् आ यः पुरं नार्मिणीमदीदेदत्य कविर्नभन्यो३ नार्व।
सूरो न रुरुक्वाञ्छतात्मा॥१७७४
English:- Agni, who has illuminated the celestial city of this imperishable soul, who is fast as the winds of space and faster than sunbeams, is the visionary creator of the worlds of eternity, blazing as the very soul of a thousand suns. (Rigved 1-149-3)
ओ३म् अभि द्विजन्मा त्री रोचनानि विश्वा रजासि शुशुचानो अस्थात्।
होता यजिष्ठो अपा सधस्थे॥१७७५
English:- Twice born and born of two, akasha and vayu, manifesting in universal nature and in every distinct form of nature, illuminating three lights, fire of the earth, lightning of the skies and lights of heaven, vitalising all the worlds of the universe, Agni abides all round everywhere. Worthiest universal yajaka, holding the worlds unto itself, it abides coexistent with the universal liquid energy of the cosmos. (Rigved1-149-4)
ओ३म् अय स होता यो द्विजन्मा विश्वा दधे वार्याणि श्रवस्या।
मर्तो यो अस्मै सुतुको ददाश॥१७७६
English:- Such is this Agni, creative lord of cosmic yajna, wielder of the worlds, born of two and twice born, who holds the choicest foods, energies and honours of the universe. And the man who, self-sacrificing, twice born of natural mother and mother Sarasvati, blest with the richest gifts of food, energy and honour, with a noble family gives in homage and surrender to this Agni, he is the real man. (Rigved 1-149-5)
ओ३म् अग्ने तमद्याश्वं न स्तोमै क्रतुं न भद्र हृदिस्पृषम्।
ऋध्यामा त ओहै॥१७७७
English:- Agni, mighty power of light and motion, with songs of praise and prayer and with holy acts of service offered in homage to you today, we augment, celebrate and glorify you, fast as nature's waves of energy, bright as intelligence and blissful as yajna, and dear as love closest to the heart. (Rigved 4-10-1)
ओ३म् अधा ह्यग्ने क्रतोर्भद्रस्य दक्षस्य साधो।
रथीरृतस्य बृहतो बभूथ॥१७७८
English:- And now Agni, O light and ruler of the world, be the rider and commander of the chariot of the plan and programme of our creative and developmental yajna of the human nation, a yajna which is blissfully fruitful, expertly organised and sophisticated, truthfully in consonance with the laws of nature and the environment and positively good, great and far reaching in consequence for life. (Rigved 4-10-2)
ओ३म् एभिर्नो अर्कैर्भवा नो अर्वाङ्क्स्वा३र्ण ज्योति।
अग्ने विश्वेभिः सुमना अनीकैः॥१७७९
English:- Agni, light and life of the world, majestic as the sun's refulgent glory, good and loving at heart, in response to these our songs of praise and prayer and acts of piety, come straight and bless us with all your forces of protection and promotion and give us, lead us to, the success of our heart's desire. (Rigved 4-10-3)