Uttararcika-Chapter 20 >> Section 3

ओ३म् उप नो हरिभिः सुतं याहि मदानां पते।
उप नो हरिभिः सुतम्॥१७९०
English:- O lord and protector of the joys of life, come to us to taste the soma of life prepared by us with our mind, imagination and senses in your honour, come to us for the soma distilled by our heart and mind for you. (Rigved 8-93-31)
ओ३म् द्विता यो वृत्रहन्तमो विद इन्द्र शतक्रतुः।
उप नो हरिभिः सुतम्॥१७९१
English:- Indra, hero of a hundred noble actions, greatest destroyer of darkness who know both the way of knowledge and the way of karma for the good life, come to taste our soma of homage prepared by us with our heart and soul for you. (Rigved 8-93-32)
ओ३म् त्व हि वृत्रहन्नेषां पाता सोमानामसि।
उप नो हरिभिः सुतम्॥१७९२
English:- Indra, O soul, dispeller of darkness and ignorance, you are the experiencer of the joyous soma pleasures of life. Rise and enjoy the knowledge and wisdom collected and offered by the senses, mind and intelligence. (Rigved 8-93-33)
ओ३म् प्र वो महे महेवृधे भरध्वं प्रचेतसे प्र सुमतिं कृणुध्वम्।
विश पूर्वी प्र चर चर्षणिप्रा॥१७९३
English:- Bear and bring homage, assistance and cooperation and offer positive thoughts and advice to Indra, your leader and ruler. Great is he, promoter of great people and the common wealth, and a leader wide- awake with deep and distant foresight. O leader and ruler of the land, be good to the settled ancient people and take care of the farming communities and other professionals so that all feel happy and fulfilled without frustration. (Rigved 7-31-10)
ओ३म् उरुव्यचसे महिने सुवृक्तिमिन्द्राय ब्रह्म जनयन्त विप्रा।
तस्य व्रतानि न मिनन्ति धीरा॥१७९४
English:- To the great Indra, the ruler widely perceptive and all aware, vibrant people of the land, the learned and the wise with a sense of dynamism, all offer homage, rooting out dead wood, planting new saplings, generating new forms of sustenance and energy, and creating new forms of appreciating and realising the eternal spirit. And they, people of constancy and settled mind, never violate the laws and discipline of the lord's Eternal Law. (Rigved 7-31-11)
ओ३म् इन्द्रं वाणीरनुत्तमन्युमेव सत्रा राजानं दधिरे सहध्यै।
हर्यश्वाय बर्हया समापीन्॥१७९५
English:- All voices of the people, all sessions of yajnic programmes of action, uphold and support only the brilliant ruler, Indra of constant vision and passion, in order to maintain the social order of governance without obstruction. O friends and citizens of the land, exhort your people in support of Indra, leader of the dynamic nation of humanity. (Rigved 7-31-12)
ओ३म् यदिन्द्र यावतस्त्वमेतावदहमीशीय।
स्तोतारमिद्दधिषे रदावसो न पापत्वाय रसिषम्॥१७९६
English:- Indra, lord ruler of the world, giver of wealth and excellence, as much as you grant, so much I wish I should control and rule. I would hold it only to support the devotees of divinity and would not spend it away for those who indulge in sin and evil. (Rigved 7-32-18)
ओ३म् शिक्षेयमिन्महयते दिवेदिवे राय आ कुहचिद्विदे।
न हि त्वदन्यन्मघवन्न आप्यं वस्यो अस्ति पिता च न॥१७९७
English:- Every day I would wish to give wealth and support for the person who seeks to rise for enlighten- ment wherever he be. O lord of wealth, power and honour, there is none other than you worthy of love and attainment as our own, as father indeed. (Rigved 7-32-19)
ओ३म् श्रुधी हवं विपिपानस्याद्रेर्बोधा विप्रस्यार्चतो मनीषाम्।
कृष्वा दुवास्यन्तमा सचेमा॥१७९८
English:- Listen to the cloud shower of exhortation from the vibrant sage, joyous participant in the congregation, know the thought and will of the wise scholar in adoration of your honour, and honour these prayers, most sincere and intimate, in action. (Rigved 7-22-4)
ओ३म् न ते गिरो अपि मृष्ये तुरस्य न सुष्टुतिमसुर्यस्य विद्वान्।
सदा ते नाम स्वयशो विवक्मि॥१७९९
English:- Never shall I forget your words, instant and mighty of action as you are, nor shall I, knowing your power and potential, ever neglect your appreciation and adoration. I value and appreciate the significance of your name and your innate honour and excellence. (Rigved 7-22-5)
ओ३म् भूरि हि ते सवना मानुषेषु भूरि मनीषी हवते त्वामित्।
मारे अस्मन्मघवञ्ज्योक्क॥१८००
English:- O lord of honour and excellence, many are your acts of generosity and magnificence in the world of humanity. Many are the acts of adoration the dedicated wise offer to you. O lord, never let these be alienated from us. (Rigved 7-22-6)