Uttararcika-Chapter 20 >> Section 5

ओ३म् अग्नि होतारं मन्ये दास्वन्तं वसो सूनु सहसो जातवेदसं विप्रं न जातवेदसम्।
य ऊर्ध्वरो स्वध्वरो देवो देवाच्या कृपा।
घृतस्य विभ्राष्टिमनु शुक्रशोचिष आजुह्वानस्य सर्पिष॥१८१३
English:- I worship, serve and meditate on Agni, lord of light and knowledge, spirit of life and heat and inspiration of noble action, yajaka, generous giver, treasure of wealth and universal shelter, inspirer and creator of courage and courageous action like the sun, omniscient lord of all that is born in existence, master of knowledge as the supreme scholar of the Veda, organiser of yajna with love and non-violence with divine knowledge and awareness, refulgent with heavenly light and power, loving and consuming with flames of fire and light the blaze of the purest and most powerful ghrta offered into the fire of yajna, physical, mental and spiritual all.' (Rigved1-127-1)
ओ३म् यजिष्ठं त्वा यजमाना हुवेम ज्येष्ठमङ्गिरसां विप्र मन्मभिर्विप्रेभिः शुक्र मन्मभिः।
परिज्मानमिव द्या होतारं चर्षणीनाम्।
शोचिष्केशं वृषणं यमिमा विश प्रावन्तु जूतये विश॥१८१४
English:- Agni, lord most worshipful, we the performers of this yajnic assembly, with all our heart and mind, together with all the saints and scholars with their earnest desire, invoke and invite you, wisest and senior-most of the scholar visionaries of Divinity, pure and immaculate, brilliant as the sun with your reach into the light of heaven, high-priest of humanity, lord of light knowledge, generous as rain showers, whom all these people accept, respect and approach with their desire and prayer for protection and self-fulfilment. (Rigved 1-127-2)
ओ३म् स हि पुरू चिदोजसा विरुक्मता दीद्यानो भवति द्रुहन्तरः परशुर्न द्रुहन्तर।
वीडु चिद्यस्य समृतौ श्रुवद्वनेव यत्स्थिरम्।
निष्षहमाणो यमते नायते धन्वासहा नायते॥१८१५
English:- He surely rises to shine very brilliantly with his own splendid valour and honour who, like the axe which cuts down the trees, mows down the enemies, in whose presence even the strong and firm like the dense forest burst asunder into pieces, and who, commanding brave warriors, dominates and directs the enemies and, like a mighty wielder of the bow and arrow, never wavers but advances in battle against the enemy forces. (Rigved 1- 127-3)
ओ३म् अग्ने तव श्रवो वयो महि भ्राजन्ते अर्चयो विभावसो।
बृहद्भानो शवसा वाजमुक्थ्य३ दधासि दाशुषे कवे॥१८१६
English:- Agni, leading light of life, great is your vigour, power and felicity, shining, inspiring and incessantly flowing. O refulgent lord, your flames rise high and blaze fiercely. Light and fire of Infinity, omniscient poet and creator, by your power, potential and abundance, you bear and bring admirable food, energy and fulfilment with the sense of victory for the generous giver and selfless yajaka. (Rigved 10-140-1)
ओ३म् पावकवर्चाः शुक्रवर्चा अनूनवर्चा उदियर्षि भानुना।
पुत्रो मातरा विचरन्नुपावसि पृणक्षि रोदसी उभे॥१८१७
English:- Lord of flames of purity, master of immaculate light and power absolutely free from want and weakness, you rise with self-refulgence and, just as the son closely abides by the parents, serves and protects them, so do you pervade, sustain and protect the heaven and earth. (Rigved 10-140-2)
ओ३म् ऊर्जो नपाज्जातवेदः सुशस्तिभिर्मन्दस्व धीतिभिर्हित।
त्वे इष सं दधुर्भूरिवर्पसश्चित्रोतयो वामजाताः॥१८१८
English:- O divine light and fire of life, child as well as protector and sustainer of energy pervasive in the entire world of existence, rise and rejoice as well as exhilarate us, with hymns and noble thoughts and actions as you are invoked and kindled in the vedi and in the heart and soul. Faithful celebrants bring you food in homage, and in you they vest their desires and aspirations of various forms and wondrous efficacy arisen from love of the heart and soul. (Rigved 10-140-3)
ओ३म् इरज्यन्नग्ने प्रथयस्व जन्तुभिरस्मे रायो अमर्त्य।
स दर्शतस्य वपुषो वि राजसि पृणक्षि दर्शतं क्रतुम्॥१८१९
English:- Immortal Agni, waxing and exalting with all living beings, develop and expand the wealth and excellence of life for us. Of noble and gracious form as you are and shine and rule as you do, join us with yajnic action and bless us with abundant fruit of success and victory. (Rigved 10-140-4)
ओ३म् इष्कर्त्तारमध्वरस्य प्रचेतसं क्षयन्त राधसो मह।
रातिं वामस्य सुभगां महीमिषं दधासि सानसि रयिम्॥१८२०
English:- Agni, lord, spirit, and power of the light and fire of life, we celebrate and adore you, inspirer, impeller and promoter of holy yajna of love and non-violence, omniscient treasure giver and controller of the great world's wealth, who bear and bring us abundant gifts of beauty and splendour and the good fortune of life, high energy and food, plenty and prosperity, indeed all wealth, honour and excellence of life. (Rigved 10-140-5)
ओ३म् ऋतावानं महिषं विश्वदर्शतमग्नि सुम्नाय दधिरे पुरो जना।
श्रुत्कर्ण सप्रथस्तमं त्वा गिरा दैव्यं मानुषा युगा॥१८२१
English:- Men, first of all since earliest times, worship, adore and inculcate you, Agni, omniscient lord of life, yajna and the law of life, great and glorious, most gracious presence of the world, for the sake of peace, pleasure and prosperity for the good life. O lord of life and grace, mortals singly and in couples and family with holy words celebrate and exalt you, divine, kind listener, infinite presence. (Rigved 10-140-6)