Uttararcika-Chapter 3 >> Section 1

ओ३म् पवस्व वाचो अग्रिय सोम चित्राभिरूतिभि।
अभि विश्वानि काव्या॥७७५
English:- O Soma, you are the leading light. With various and wonderful modes of protection and preservation, purify and sanctify the speech of humanity and let it flow free and fine. Be the same preserver, sanctifier and promoter of all the art and literature of the world. (Rigved 9-62-25)
ओ३म् त्व समुद्रिया अपोऽग्रियो वाच ईरयन्।
पवस्व विश्वचर्षणे॥७७६
English:- O mover, shaker and inspirer of the world, you are the first and foremost leading light, flow forth purifying, sanctifying and energising the oceanic vapours and waters of space, and inspiring and preserving the eternal Word and the speech, manners and cultures of the world of humanity. (Rigved 9-62-26)
ओ३म् तुभ्येमा भुवना कवे महिम्ने सोम तस्थिरे।
तुभ्यं धावन्ति धेनव॥७७७
English:- O Soma, lord of omniscient vision and creation, these world regions of the universe abide in constant steadiness in homage to you, and the seas on earth and in space roll in honour to you. (Rigved 9-62-27)
ओ३म् पवस्वेन्दो वृषा सुत कृधी नो यशसो जने।
विश्वा अप द्विषो जहि॥७७८
English:- Soma, lord of purity and generosity, light and splendour, served and realised through yajnic life, protect and purify us, help us join the community of honour and excellence, ward off and eliminate all malignity, jealousy and enmity from our life. (Rigved 9-61-28)
ओ३म् यस्य ते सख्ये वय सासह्याम पृतन्यत।
तवेन्दो द्युम्न उत्तमे॥७७९
English:- O lord of truth, beauty and generosity, within the fold of your friendship and in the state of your highest honour and excellence, let us face and win over all the adversaries. (Rigved 9-61-29)
ओ३म् या ते भीमान्यायुधा तिग्मानि सन्ति धूर्वणे।
रक्षा समस्य नो निद॥७८०
English:- Whatever are your sharpest and most awful weapons for the destruction of destroyers, with those weapons, pray, protect us against all maligners and enemies. (Rigved 9-61-30)
ओ३म् वृषा सोम द्युमा असि वृषा देव वृषव्रतः।
वृषा धर्माणि दध्रिषे॥७८१
English:- O Soma, divine spirit of peace and prosperity, you are virile, omnipotent and generous, refulgent and abundant giver of light, self-committed to showers of generosity for humanity and all life in existence. O generous and mighty lord, you alone ordain, maintain and sustain the laws of Dharma in nature and humanity. (Rigved 9-64-1)
ओ३म् वृष्णस्ते वृष्ण्य शवो वृषा वनं वृषा सुत।
स त्वं वृषन्वृषेदसि॥७८२
English:- Generous as you are, your strength rains in showers, generous is your plenitude, generous is the bliss of your joy and ecstasy. Eternal truth, shower of generosity, truly you are the ultimate generous giver of the joy of life. (Rigved 9-64-2)
ओ३म् अश्वो न चक्रदो वृषा सं गा इन्दो समर्वतः।
वि नो राये दुरो वृधि॥७८३
English:- Like the roar of thunder you are loud and bold in manifestation in existence. O dynamic presence of infinite light and generous flow of energy, you pervade and energise our perceptions and our will for action and advancement. Pray open and widen the doors of wealth, honour and excellence for us all. (Rigved 9-64-3)
ओ३म् वृषा ह्यसि भानुना द्युमन्तं त्वा हवामहे।
पवमान स्वर्दृशम्॥७८४
English:- O lord of purity, purifier and sanctifier of heart and soul, you are supremely generous and refulgent by your own light and glory. We, celebrants by our holiest thoughts and words, invoke and adore you for the light and wisdom of your divine glory and generosity. (Rigved 9-65-4)
ओ३म् यदद्भि परिश्चियसे मर्मृज्यमान आयुभि।
द्रोणे सधस्थमश्नुषे॥७८५
English:- O soul of peace and purity, when you are honoured and anointed by yajakas with the waters of divine sanctity, refined with the light of knowledge and tempered by yajnic fire, then by virtue of your own progress you attain to your real, innate and rightful position in society. (Rigved 9-65-6)
ओ३म् आ पवस्व सुवीर्यं मन्दमानः स्वायुध।
इहो ष्विन्दवा गहि॥७८६
English:- O divine spirit of peace, purity and abundance, joyous wielder of noble arms, come to us and let pure, creative courage and virility flow in abundance for us. (Rigved 9-65-5)
ओ३म् पवमानस्य ते वयं पवित्रमभ्युन्दत।
सखित्वमा वृणीमहे॥७८७
English:- O Soma, pure and purifying lord and ruler of life, the streams of your peace, plenty and piety overflow. We pray for abiding love and friendship with you. (Rigved 9-61-4)
ओ३म् ये ते पवित्रमूर्मयोऽभिक्षरन्ति धारया।
तेभिर्नः सोम मृडय॥७८८
English:- The streams of your piety, purity, peace and plenty rain in showers for the pure heart and soul in humanity. O Soma, with those showers, pray bless us with happiness, prosperity and all round well being. (Rigved 9-61-5)
ओ३म् स न पुनान आ भर रयिं वीरवतीमिषम् ईशानः सोम विश्वत॥७८९
English:- O Soma, lord ruler and benefactor of the entire world, pure and purifier of all, bring us food and energy for body, mind and soul, versatile wealth and power abounding in brave and heroic progeny for future generations. (Rigved 9-61-6)