Uttararcika-Chapter 4 >> Section 1

ओ३म् एत असृग्रमिन्दवस्तिर पवित्रमाशव।
विश्वान्यभि सौभगा॥८३०
English:- These vibrant forces of humanity dedicated to peace and joy for all, above pettiness and negativities, move on with noble work for humanity toward the achievement of all wealth, honour and excellence. (Rigved 9-62-1)
ओ३म् विघ्नन्तो दुरिता पुरु सुगा तोकाय वाजिन।
त्मना कृण्वन्तो अर्वतः॥८३१
English:- Overcoming and eliminating the many evils and undesirables of life, creating peace and comfort, wealth and honour for vibrant humanity and their progress through future generations, they go on as warriors and pioneers of the human nation. (Rigved 9-62-2)
ओ३म् कृण्वन्तो वरिवो गवेऽभ्यर्षन्ति सुष्टुतिम्।
इडामस्मभ्य संयतम्॥८३२
English:- Creating, collecting and preserving noble wealth and strength and sustenance for us and for our lands and cows and the honour and culture of our tradition, they go on winning appreciation and admiration. (Rigved 9-62-3)
ओ३म् राजा मेधाभिरीयते पवमानो मनावधि।
अन्तरिक्षेण यातवे॥८३३
English:- Refulgent Soma, divine spirit of power and peace, pure, purifying and vibrant, is attained through intelligential communion in meditation for reaching the higher stages of existence into the middle sphere between the earth and the highest regions of bliss. (Rigved 9-65-16)
ओ३म् आ न सोम सहो जुवो रूपं न वर्चसे भर।
सुष्वाणो देववीतये॥८३४
English:- Soma, lord of vital creativity and lustrous vigour, and fluent power and progressive energy, bring us the courage of constancy, forbearance, vibrant vigour and enthusiasm, and an impressive personality for the sake of illuminative lustre of life so that we may follow the path of divinity while living here and after.(Rigved9-65-18)
ओ३म् आ न इन्दो शातग्विनं गवां पोष स्वश्व्यम्।
वहा भगत्तिमूतये॥८३५
English:- Indu, lord of joy, beauty and prosperity, bring us a hundredfold wealth and pleasure of divine service and dedication, rising prosperity of cows and horses, enlightenment and advancement, progress and achievement, all for peace and security. (Rigved 9-65-17)
ओ३म् तं त्वा नृम्णानि बिभ्रत सधस्थेषु महो दिव।
चारु सुकृत्ययेमहे॥८३६
English:- O Soma, Spirit of peace, purity and power, with holy acts of homage in the halls of yajna, we invoke, adore and worship you, lord of beauty and bliss, and exalt you in action, harbinger of the jewels of wealth, honour and excellence from the lofty regions of the light of heaven. (Rigved 9-48-1)
ओ३म् संवृक्तधृष्णुमुक्थ्यं महामहिव्रतं मदम्।
शतं पुरो रुरुक्षणिम्॥८३७
English:- We worship you, eliminator of arrogance and pride, adorable, observer of lofty vows of discipline, inspiring, and breaker of a hundred strongholds of darkness. (Rigved 9-48-2)
ओ३म् अतस्त्वा रयिरभ्ययद्राजान सुक्रतो दिव।
सुपर्णो अव्यथी भरत्॥८३८
English:- For this reason of your glory and inspiring nature, O lord of holy action and self-refulgent ruler, controller and dispenser of wealth, honour and excellence, the veteran sage and scholar can invoke you from the heights of heaven without fear and difficulty. (Rigved 9-48-3)
ओ३म् अधा हिन्वान इन्द्रियं ज्यायो महित्वमानशे।
English:- And so, the inspirer of the power of senses, mind and intelligence, giver of fulfilment to the devotees, all watching Soma, divine Spirit of peace, power and enlightenment, pervades and abides in and over existence as the supreme power of divine glory. (Rigved 9-48-5)
ओ३म् विश्वस्मा इत्स्वर्दृशे साधारण रजस्तुरम्।
गोपामृतस्य विर्भरत्॥८४०
English:- The sage and scholar of lofty vision and imagination, in order that all visionaries of the world may perceive your heavenly majesty, communicates his experience of your presence who are present everywhere, who give motion to the energy of nature in the cosmic dynamics and who rule and protect the laws of eternal truth which govern the course of existence. (Rigved9-48-4)
ओ३म् इषे पवस्व धारया मृज्यमानो मनीषिभि।
इन्दो रुचाभि गा इहि॥८४१
English:- Shower in streams of purity and power and bless us with food, energy and fulfilment, adored and exalted as you are by sages, scholars and thoughtful devotees. O lord of bliss and beauty, come and, with the light and joy of your presence, sanctify our senses and mind, vision and intelligence. (Rigved 9-64-13)
ओ३म् पुनानो वरिवस्कृध्यूर्जं जनाय गिर्वणः।
हरे सृजान आशिरम्॥८४२
English:- Pure and purifying, adorable, adored and exalted, saviour from sin and evil, want and suffering, create the best of wealth, energy and ecstasy for humanity, giving all round joy and well being for body, mind and soul. (Rigved 9-64-14)
ओ३म् पुनानो देववीतय इन्द्रस्य याहि निष्कृतम्।
द्युतानो वाजिभिर्हित॥८४३
English:- Purified, bright and clear Soma, songs of adoration for service of divinity, go upto the presence of Indra, lord omnipotent. Shining powerful, sent up, inspired by enthusiastic celebrants, rise up to divinity.(Rigved 9-64-15)