Uttararcika-Chapter 4 >> Section 2

ओ३म् अग्निनाग्नि समिध्यते कविर्गृहपतिर्युवा।
English:- Agni is lighted, generated and raised by agni, universal energy. It is the creator of new things, protector and promoter of the home, and ever young-powerful catalytic agent carrying holy materials to the sky and to the heavens across space, and a voracious consumer (and creator) with its mouth ever open to devour (and convert) holy offerings (to divine gifts of joy and prosperity). (Rigved 1-12-6)
ओ३म् यस्त्वामग्ने हविष्पतिर्दूतं देव सपर्यति।
तस्य स्म प्राविता भव॥८४५
English:- Lord omniscient and resplendent, protector and harbinger of the holy gifts and blessings of life, whosoever be the yajnapati of service with holy offering unto you, save, protect and promote. (Rigved 1-12-8)
ओ३म् यो अग्निं देववीतये हविष्मा आविवासति।
तस्मै पावक मृडय॥८४६
English:- Whosoever offers yajna with holy materials in honour and service to Agni for the gifts of the divine, to him, brilliant power, be kind and gracious with blessings. (Rigved 1-12-9)
ओ३म् मित्र हुवे पूतदक्षं वरुणं च रिशादसम्।
धियं घृताची साधन्ता॥८४७
English:- I invoke, with dedication, Mitra the sun, pure, generous and sanctifying, and Varuna, pranic energy of nature, nourishing and immunizing, both divine agents of cosmic intelligence and natural powers of human evolution (in science and art). (Rigved 1-2-7)
ओ३म् ऋतेन मित्रावरुणावृतावृधावृतस्पृशा।
क्रतुं बृहन्तमाशाथे॥८४८
English:- By virtue of the divine law, Mitra and Varuna, sun and pranic energy, both extend the operation of the natural law of cosmic evolution and inspire the human intelligence to reach unto divine realisation. They both pervade and energize the mighty yajna of the expanding universe. (Rigved 1-2-8)
ओ३म् कवी नो मित्रावरुणा तुविजाता उरुक्षया।
दक्षं दधाते अपसम्॥८४९
English:- Creative, illuminative and inspiring, Mitra and Varuna, sun and pranic energy, like the breath of life, are universally pervasive and mighty potent, and both wield the divine power of versatile action. (Rigved 1-2-9)
ओ३म् इन्द्रेण स हि दृक्षसे संजग्मानो अबिभ्युषा।
मन्दू समानवर्च्चसा॥८५०
English:- Marut, wind energy, is seen while moving alongwith the indomitable sun, both beautiful and joyous, divinities coexistent, equal in splendour by virtue of omnipresent Indra, Lord Supreme. (Rigved1-6-7)
ओ३म् आदह स्वधामनु पुनर्गर्भत्वमेरिरे।
दधाना नाम यज्ञियम्॥८५१
English:- Bearing the sacred vapours of yajna as is their wont and nature, the winds rise to the sky, hold the clouds in their womb, and after the rain carry on the cycle with the sun-rays and yajna-fire. (Rigved 1-6-4)
ओ३म् वीडु चिदारुजत्नुभिर्गुहा चिदिन्द्र वह्निभिः।
अविन्द उस्रिया अनु॥८५२
English:- The mighty sun with its piercing rays breaks down things in the sky, and the wind with its currents after the sunbeams reconstructs and replaces new forms of things in the sky. (Rigved 1-6-5)
ओ३म् ता हुवे ययोरिदं पप्ने विश्वं पुरा कृतम्।
इन्द्राग्नी न मर्धतः॥८५३
English:- I invoke, admire and celebrate Indra, cosmic energy, and Agni, cosmic heat and light, both manifestations of divine vision, will and action, by whose power and operation this whole universe has evolved as of eternity. The two do not hurt, injure or destroy us. (Rigved 6-60-4)
ओ३म् उग्रा विघनिना मृध इन्द्राग्नी हवामहे।
ता नो मृडात ईदृशे॥८५४
English:- We invoke, invite and develop Indra and Agni, divine and blazing powers of nature's energy and light, both destroyers of adversaries and life's negativities. May they protect us and bless us with peace and prosperity in this world of our action and existence. (Rigved 6-60-5)
ओ३म् हथो वृत्राण्यार्या हथो दासानि सत्पती।
हथो विश्वा अप द्विष॥८५५
English:- Indra and Agni, divine powers of omnipotent will and vision, of holy nature, character and action, defenders of Truth and Law, destroy evil, darkness and want, destroy pain, suffering and slavery, destroy and eliminate all hate and enmity. (Rigved 6-60-6)