Uttararcika-Chapter 4 >> Section 4

ओ३म् यद्याव इन्द्र ते शतशतं भूमीरुत स्युः।
न त्वा वज्रिन्त्सहस्र सूर्या अनु न जातमष्ट रोदसी॥८६२
English:- Indra, lord of thunder, if there were a hundred heavens, and if there were a hundred earths, they would not be able to rival you. Not a thousand suns, nor heavens, earths and skies together would match you at the rise in manifestation. (Rigved 8-70-5)
ओ३म् आ पप्राथ महिना वृष्ण्या वृषन्विश्वा शविष्ठ शवसा।
अस्मा अव मघवन्गोमति व्रजे वज्रिञ्चित्राभिरूतिभि॥८६३
English:- O lord of the thunderbolt, master and controller of world's wealth, honour and power, most potent and lord of showers of generosity, with your generous and creative power and grandeur you pervade the universe. Pray protect, guide and promote us by your various and wondrous modes of protection and progress in our search for development of lands and cows, knowledge, language and culture. (Rigved 8-70-6)
ओ३म् वयं घ त्वा सुतावन्त आपो न वृक्तबर्हिषः।
पवित्रस्य प्रस्रवणेषु वृत्रहन्परि स्तोतार आसते॥८६४
English:- Indra, destroyer of evil, darkness and suffering, we, your celebrants, having distilled the soma, spread and occupied the holy grass, we, sit and wait on the vedi for your presence in the flux of life as holy performers, while the flow of pure immortality continues all round in the dynamics of existence. (Rigved 8-33-1)
ओ३म् स्वरन्ति त्वा सुते नरो वसो निरेक उक्थिन।
कदा सुतं तृषाण ओक आ गमदिन्द्र स्वब्दीव वसगः॥८६५
English:- Indra, Vasu, giver of peace and security in self- settlement, while the soma of faith and love has been distilled in the heart and the devotees sing and celebrate your honour in hymns of praise, when would you, keen to join us at the celebration, come to the yajnic hall thirsting to meet the people you love and admire. (Rigved 8-33-2)
ओ३म् कण्वेभिर्धृष्णवा धृषद्वाजं दर्षि सहस्रिणम्।
पिशङ्गरूपं मघवन्विचर्षणे मक्षू गोमन्तमीमहे॥८६६
English:- Indra, lord of universal vision, resolute will and irresistible action, ruler and commander of the world's wealth, power and force, we pray, conceive, plan and bring about for the intelligent people of action and ambition a social order of golden beauty and progressive achievement, full of a hundred-fold prosperity of lands and cows, education and culture, and invincible will, strength and advancement free from indecision and delay in action. (Rigved 8-33-3)
ओ३म् तरणिरित्सिषासति वाजं पुरन्ध्या युजा।
आ व इन्द्रं पुरुहूतं नमे गिरा नेमिं तष्टेव सुद्रुवम्॥८६७
English:- Only the saviour, a person of dynamic will and action joined in the soul with a controlled and dedicated mind, would share wealth and knowledge with the people and distribute it over the deserving. With words of prayer I bow to Indra, the ruler invoked by you all and draw his attention to you just like the carpenter bending flexible wood round as felly of the wheel. (The lord is flexible too, his heart melts with sympathy for the people.) (Rigved 7-32-20)
ओ३म् न दुष्टुतिर्द्रविणोदेषु शस्यते न स्रेधन्त रयिर्नशत्।
सुशक्तिरिन्मघवं तुभ्यं मावते देष्णं यत्पार्ये दिवि॥८६८
English:- By protest and violence the mortal does not win the wealth of life. Nor does wealth oblige the inactive and malevolent. O lord of honour and excellence, right competence dedicated to Divinity is your gift for a person like me which is good on the day of the cross over. (Rigved 7-32-21)