Uttararcika-Chapter 4 >> Section 6

ओ३म् प्र महिष्ठाय गायत ऋताव्ने बृहते शुक्रशोचिषे।
उपस्तुतासो अग्नये॥८७८
English:- O celebrants of divinity, sing songs of adoration in honour of adorable Agni, most generous, leader of the paths of truth, great and glorious, lord of pure light of divinity and fire of action. (Rigved 8-103-8)
ओ३म् आ वसते मघवा वीरवद्यश समिद्धो द्युम्न्याहुतः।
कुविन्नो अस्य सुमतिर्भवीयस्यच्छा वाजेभिरागमत्॥८७९
English:- Lord of universal wealth and power, light of life, invoked and lighted, gives us honour and fame worthy of the brave. May his love and good will come and bless us with all possible honours, power and prosperity with progressive success. (Rigved 8-103-9)
ओ३म् तं ते मदं गृणीमसि वृषणं पृक्षु सासहिम्।
उ लोककृत्नुमद्रिवो हरिश्रियम्॥८८०
English:- Indra, lord of adamantine will and generous disposition like clouds of rain, we celebrate and glorify that power and heavenly joy of yours which is virile and generous, heroic in battles and steadfast against challenges, creative in the worlds of existence and gracious in advancement and gifts of bliss. (Rigved8-15-4)
ओ३म् येन ज्योतीष्यायवे मनवे च विवेदिथ।
मन्दानो अस्य बर्हिषो वि राजसि॥८८१
English:- We celebrate and adore that power and divine joy of yours by which you reveal the light of life to the mortals from generation to generation and, exalted by which, you shine and rule over the yajnic dynamics of this universe. (Rigved 8-15-5)
ओ३म् तदद्या चित्त उक्थिनोऽनु ष्टुवन्ति पूर्वथा।
वृषपत्नीरपो जया दिवेदिवे॥८८२
English:- That divine power and joyous generosity of yours, today, saints and scholars of the holy Word and song sing and celebrate as ever before. O lord, conquer and control the waters of space collected in the mighty clouds and let them flow day by day. (Rigved 8-15-6)
ओ३म् श्रुधी हवं तिरश्च्या इन्द्र यस्त्वा सपर्यति।
सुवीर्यस्य गोमतो रायस्पूर्धि महा असि॥८८३
English:- Indra, listen to the invocation of the devotee's voice of deep silence who offers service and homage to you, and bless the devotee with wealth of brave progeny, lands, cows, knowledge and total fulfilment. You are great, unbounded is your munificence. (Rigved 8-95-4)
ओ३म् यस्त इन्द्र नवीयसीं गिरं मन्द्रामजीजनत्।
चिकित्विन्मनसं धियं प्रत्नामृतस्य पिप्युषीम्॥८८४
English:- Indra, whoever creates and offers you the latest song of joyous adoration, you bless with a mind and intelligence for eternal illumination, universal understanding and wisdom, and dedication to exuberant awareness of eternal truth and law. (Rigved 8-95-5)
ओ३म् तमु ष्टवाम यं गिर इन्द्रमुक्थानि वावृधु।
पुरूण्यस्य पौस्या सिषासन्तो वनामहे॥८८५
English:- We adore and worship Indra whom hymns and songs of adoration exalt, and we pray to him for the gift of many forms of strength, honour and excellence. (Rigved 8-95-6)