Uttararcika-Chapter 5 >> Section 3

ओ३म् जनस्य गोपा अजनिष्ट जागृविरग्नि सुदक्ष सुविताय नव्यसे।
घृतप्रतीको बृहता दिविस्पृषा द्युमद्वि भाति भरतेभ्य शुचि॥९०७
English:- Agni, fire energy, friend and protector of man, ever awake, versatile power, it arises for the latest good of humanity. Feeding and rising on the fuel of ghrta, shining pure and magnificent with heat and light touching the skies, it shines and gives light for those who feed and keep the fire burning. (Rigved 5-11-1)
ओ३म् त्वामग्ने अङ्गिरसो गुहा हितमन्वविन्दञ्छिश्रियाणं वनेवने।
स जायसे मथ्यमान सहो महत्वामाहु सहसस्पुत्रमङ्गिरः॥९०८
English:- Angira, life breath of the universe, light and fire of the world, Agni, pervading every forest, every ray of light and every living being, holy yajakas dedicated to you as to the breath of life awaken and realise you through meditation in the cave of the heart when you are hidden as a mysterious flame, and you, stirred through contemplation, concentrated and enkindled, rise as a great power of light and victory. Rightly they call you manifestation of the omnipotent. (Rigved 5-11-6)
ओ३म् यज्ञस्य केतुं प्रथमं पुरोहितमग्निं नरस्त्रिषधस्थे समिन्धते।
इन्द्रेण देवै सरथस बर्हिषि सीदन्नि होता यजथाय सुक्रतु॥९०९
English:- Agni is the leader, mark of the science of yajna, first highpriest in the process, which the leading lights among people kindle and establish in three stages of life in three departments of the acquisition of knowledge, observance of Dharma and performance of karma, in three regions of earth, sky and the solar sphere. And Agni takes the prime seat on the grass on the vedi with Indra, power, devas, divine givers of nature, as it comes with its chariot which carries it with fragrance to all regions. It is the sanctifier for yajnic initiation, conduct and congregation, and it is the very light, beauty and grace of the holy project. (Rigved 5-11-2)
ओ३म् अयं वां मित्रावरुणा सुत सोम ऋतावृधा।
ममेदिह श्रुत हवम्॥९१०
English:- O Mitra and Varuna, dear as breath of life and soothing as morning mist, eminent in dedication to truth and law, the soma of life is distilled and prepared for you. Listen to this call and invitation of mine and come here and now. (Rigved 2-41-4)
ओ३म् राजानावनभिद्रुहा ध्रुवे सदस्युत्तमे।
सहस्रस्थूण आशाते॥९११
English:- Indra and Vayu, power and progress, Mitra and Varuna, love and justice in freedom of choice, all embracing and hating none, abide in the house of inviolable peace and stability firmly resting on a thousand pillars. (Rigved 2-41-5)
ओ३म् ता सम्राजा घृतासुती आदित्या दानुनस्पती।
सचेते अनवह्वरम्॥९१२
English:- The brilliant Adityas, inviolable ruling lords of light and peace, the sun and moon of the world, who distil the very essence of life like ghrta and aqua pura, protect and promote the generous charitable people who follow the simple, straight and natural paths of life free from crookedness. (Rigved 2-41-6)
ओ३म् इन्द्रो दधीचो अस्थभिर्वृत्राण्यप्रतिष्कुतः।
जघान नवतीर्नव॥९१३
English:- Indra, lord of light and space, unchallenged and unchallengeable, wields the thunderbolt and, with weapons of winds, light and thunder, breaks the clouds of ninety-nine orders of water and electricity for the sake of humanity and the earth. (Rigved 1-84-13)
ओ३म् इच्छन्नश्वस्य यच्छिर पर्वतेष्वपश्रितम्।
English:- Just as the sun reaches and breaks the densest concentrations of vapours in the clouds fast moving in the regions of the sky, so should the ruler know the best part of his fastest forces stationed on the mountains and of the enemy forces lurking around and in the forests if he desires victory. (Rigved 1-84-14)
ओ३म् अत्राह गोरमन्वत नाम त्वष्टुरपीच्यम्।
इत्था चन्द्रमसो गृहे॥९१५
English:- Just as here on the surface of the earth and in its environment, we know, there is the beautiful light of the sun penetrating and reaching everywhere, similarly, let all know, it is there on the surface of the moon. (Just as the sun holds and illuminates the earth and the moon, so should the ruler with his light of justice and power hold and brighten every home in the land.) (Rigved1-84-15)
ओ३म् इयं वामस्य मन्मन इन्द्राग्नी पूर्व्यस्तुतिः।
English:- Indra and Agni, lords of action and enlightenment, this principal and ancient song of adoration for you from the celebrant flows spontaneously like rain from the cloud. (Rigved 7-94-1)
ओ३म् शृणुतं जरितुर्हवमिन्द्राग्नी वनतं गिर।
ईशाना पिप्यतं धिय॥९१७
English:- Indragni, lords of action and enlightenment, listen to the celebrant's song of adoration, accept and appreciate the words, O sovereign lords, and refine and energise his thought and imagination to flow into expression and action. (Rigved 7-94-2)
ओ३म् मा पापत्वाय नो नरेन्द्राग्नी माभिशस्तये।
मा नो रीरधतं निदे॥९१८
English:- Indragni, leaders of humanity, pioneers of progress and enlightenment, deliver us not to the sinner, not to the tyrant, not to the reviler. Let us be free. (Rigved 7-94-3)