Uttararcika-Chapter 5 >> Section 7

ओ३म् अग्निं वो वृधन्तमध्वराणां पुरूतमम्।
अच्छा नप्त्रे सहस्वते॥९४६
English:- Well with joint action and yajna, serve Agni, most ancient power of the first order that leads you to the advancement of strong familial unity and tolerant but powerful social cooperation for your coming generations for ages. (Rigved 8-102-7)
ओ३म् अयं यथा न आभुवत्त्वष्टा रूपेव तक्ष्या।
अस्य क्रत्वा यशस्वतः॥९४७
English:- Just as the artist creates all possible forms out of his plastic materials, giving them beauty, power and purposeful meaning, so does this Agni, universal artist, work on us, for us, and brings out our potentials and gives us forms of beauty, power and excellence as a family, community and common humanity for a purpose, a meaning and a direction. His actions are great, gracious and glorious. (Rigved 8-102-8)
ओ३म् अयं विश्वा अभि श्रियोऽग्निर्देवेषु पत्यते।
आ वाजैरुप नो गमत्॥९४८
English:- This Agni among all the divinities of nature and humanity creates, sustains and rules over all the beauties, graces and grandeurs of life. May the lord come to us and bless us with all kinds of knowledge, power, wealth and honour. (Rigved 8-102-9)
ओ३म् इममिन्द्र सुतं पिब ज्येष्ठममर्त्यं मदम्।
शुक्रस्य त्वाभ्यक्षरन्धारा ऋतस्य सादने॥९४९
English:- Indra, lord of light and universal rule, drink of the ecstasy of joy distilled, highest and immortal. The streams of pure and brilliant power and glory flow towards you in the house of Truth and Law. (Rigved 1-84-4)
ओ३म् न किष्ट्वद्रथीतरो हरी यदिन्द्र यच्छसे।
न किष्ट्वानु मज्मना न कि स्वश्व आनशे॥९५०
English:- Indra, while you yoke and drive the horses, powers of the chariot of your dominion, none could be a better master of the chariot. None could equal you in power, courage and force. None as master of horse and chariot could claim even to approach you in power, efficiency and glory. (Rigved 1-84-6)
ओ३म् इन्द्राय नूनमर्चतोक्थानि च ब्रवीतन।
सुता अमत्सुरिन्दवो ज्येष्ठं नमस्यता सह॥९५१
English:- All ye children of the earth, in truth and sincerity, do reverence and homage to Indra, ruling lord of light and life. Speak words of thanks and praise in appreciation of his dominion. Let the drops of distilled soma give him delight and ecstasy. Bow to him, lord supreme of courage and power. (Rigved 1-84-5)
ओ३म् इन्द्र जुषस्व प्र वहा याहि शूर हरिह।
पिबा सुतस्य मतिर्न मधोश्चकानश्चारुर्मदाय॥९५२
English:- Indra, omnipotent lord of cosmic dynamics, come, join our yajna congregation, drink of honey sweets of homage and soma distilled for divine ecstasy and, intent on fulfillment as you get from soma, march on (over the negativities, jealousies and enmities).
ओ३म् इन्द्र जठरं नव्यं न पृणस्व मधोर्दिवो न।
अस्य सुतस्य स्वा३र्नोप त्वा मदा सुवाचो अस्थुः॥९५३
English:- Indra, divine ruler of the world, drink of the adorable honey sweets of soma like heavenly nectar to your heart's content, and may the admirable ecstasy of this soma stay with you like the eternal bliss of heavenly freedom of Moksha.
ओ३म् इन्द्रस्तुराषाण्मित्रो न जघान वृत्रं यतिर्न।
बिभेद वलं भृगुर्न ससाहे शत्रून्मदे सोमस्य॥९५४
English:- Indra, instant fighter in response, dispels darkness as the sun, like a sage he breaks off negativities, and like a passionate scholar, he removes doubts and ignorance at a stroke, in his passion and enthusiasm of Soma, joyous positive values of life.