Uttararcika-Chapter 6 >> Section 3

ओ३म् तव श्रियो वर्ष्यस्येव विद्युतोग्नेश्चिकित्र उषसामिवेतयः।
यदोषधीरभिसृष्टो वनानि च परि स्वयं चिनुषे अन्नमासनि॥९८२
English:- Your wonderful lustre and beauties shine like lightning flashes of the clouds of rain, like lights of the rising dawns, specially, when, radiating warm and free, you reach and shine upon the herbs and trees and fields of grain and receive them into the shining warmth of your maturing and ripening radiations. (Rigved 10-91-5)
ओ३म् वातोपजूत इषितो वशा अनु तृषु यदन्ना वेविषद्वितिष्ठसे।
आ ते यतन्ते रथ्यो३यथा पृथक्शर्धास्यग्ने अजरस्य धक्षतः॥९८३
English:- When urged and impelled by wind, Agni, you rush fast to objects of your choice love and consumption, then your youthful unaging flames, burning and blazing, rush on like the horses of a monarch's chariot. (Rigved 10-91-7)
ओ३म् मेधाकारं विदथस्य प्रसाधनमग्नि होतारं परिभूतरं मतिम्।
त्वामर्भस्य हविष समानमित्तवां महो वृणते नान्यं त्वत्॥९८४
English:- Devotees choose to worship Agni alone, none other than Agni, giver of intelligence, accomplisher of yajna and education for knowledge, high priest of yajnic existence, supreme over all, omniscient wise, and equally loving for all, whether the havi offered is small or great, whether the purpose is high or low. O lord of light, they choose none other than you. (Rigved 10-91-8)
ओ३म् पुरूरुणा चिद्ध्यस्त्यवो नूनं वां वरुण।
मित्र वसि वा सुमतिम्॥९८५
English:- O Mitra, O Varuna, great and abundant is your protection and wisdom which, O friend, in all sincerity you love to share and extend to us. (Rigved 5-70-1)
ओ३म् ता वा सम्यगद्रुह्वाणेषमश्याम धाम च।
वयं वां मित्रा स्याम॥९८६
English:- O Mitra and Varuna, Loving friends of justice and rectitude, free from hate and jealousy and destroyers of violence and injustice, may we receive, we pray, that energy and sustenance, that protection, guidance and wisdom of yours, so that we may internalise it and pursue it in our life and conduct. (Rigved 5-70-2)
ओ३म् पातं नो मित्रा पायुभिरुत त्रायेथा सुत्रात्रा।
साह्याम दस्यूं तनूभि॥९८७
English:- O Mitra and Varuna destroyers of hate and violence, lovers and dispensers of justice and rectitude, with all your care and guidance, protect and promote us. Save us, O saviours against evil in our person and social institutions so that we may get over all forces of negativity, crime and destruction. (Rigved 5-70-3)
ओ३म् उत्तिष्ठन्नोजसा सह पीत्वा शिप्रे अवेपयः।
सोममिन्द्र चमू सुतम्॥९८८
English:- Indra, lord of the universe, rising with your might and majesty, protect and energise both heaven and earth and promote the soma of life's vitality created in both heaven and earth by nature and humanity by yajna. (Rigved 8-76-10)
ओ३म् अनु त्वा रोदसी उभे स्पर्धमानमददेताम्।
इन्द्र यद्दस्युहाभवः॥९८९
English:- Indra, when you stimulate and energise the soma vitality of life created by nature and humanity, and when you rise as destroyer of the negativities of the counter- force, then both heaven and earth vibrate and celebrate your majesty in awe with admiration. (Rigved 8-76-11)
ओ३म् वाचमष्टापदीमहं नवस्रक्तिमृतावृधम्।
इन्द्रात्परितन्वं ममे॥९९०
English:- I study, measure, develop and pray for the advancement of language revealed in eight works, i.e., four Vedas and four Upavedas, spoken across four classes of humanity and through four stages of the individual's development from birth to death, developing over nine blooming branches like flower garlands across nine regions of the earth, ultimately touching the truth of divine reality, the Word Imperishable descended from and ascending to Indra, lord of omniscience across the countless branches of dialects and structures. (Rigved 8-76-12)
ओ३म् इन्द्राग्नी युवामिमे३ऽभि स्तोमा अनूषत।
पिबत शम्भुवा सुतम्॥९९१
English:- Indra and Agni, powers of will and vision of action in nature and humanity, these songs of adoration celebrate you. O givers of peace, prosperity and well being, drink of the nectar of this joy and bliss distilled. (Rigved 6-60-7)
ओ३म् या वा सन्ति पुरुस्पृहो नियुतो दाशुषे नरा।
इन्द्राग्नी ताभिरा गतम्॥९९२
English:- Indra and Agni, leading powers of humanity, come to the generous giver and celebrant yajaka with all those gifts and powers of yours which are loved and cherished by all. (Rigved 6-60-8)
ओ३म् ताभिरा गच्छतं नरोपेद सवन सुतम्।
इन्द्राग्नी सोमपीतये॥९९३
English:- Indra and Agni, leading lights, with those cherished gifts and powers come and join this yajnic session to drink of the soma of joy distilled.(Rigved6-60-9)