Uttararcika-Chapter 6 >> Section 5

ओ३म् इन्द्रो मदाय वावृधे शवसे वृत्रहा नृभिः।
तमिन्महत्स्वाजिषूतिमर्भे हवामहे स वाजेषु प्र नोऽविषत्॥१००२
English:- Indra, the hero who destroys Vtra, the cloud of want and suffering, and releases the showers of plenty and prosperity, goes forward with the people for the achievement of strength and joy of the land of freedom and self-government. And him we invoke and exhort in the battles of life, great and small, so that he may defend and advance us in all our struggles for progress and lead us to victory. (Rigved 1-81-1)
ओ३म् असि हि वीर सेन्योऽसि भूरि पराददि।
असि दभ्रस्य चिद्वृधो यजमानाय शिक्षसि सुन्वते भूरि ते वसु॥१००३
English:- Indra, you are the valiant hero. You are the warrior taking on many enemies and oppositions at a time. Even the small, you raise to greatness. You lead the creative and generous yajamana to knowledge and power. Hero of the battles of existence, may your wealth, power and honour grow higher and higher. (Rigved 1-81-2)
ओ३म् यदुदीरत आजयो धृष्णवे धीयते धनाम्।
युङ्क्ष्वा मदच्युता हरी कं हनः कं वसौ दधोऽस्मां इन्द्र वसौ दधः॥१००४
English:- When battles confront the nation, means and money are raised and prizes won for the brave. Commander of the forces, yoke the forces exuberant and raging for war. Destroy the enemy. Settle the victorious in wealth and peace. Indra, pray settle us in peace and comfort. (Rigved 1-81-3)
ओ३म् स्वादोरित्था विषूवतो मध्वः पिबन्ति गौर्यः।
या इन्द्रेण सयावरीर्वृष्णा मदन्ति शोभसे वस्वीरनु स्वराज्यम्॥१००५
English:- The golden and brilliant people and forces of the land drink of the delicious, exciting and universal honey sweets of national pride and prestige and joyously celebrate their achievements in the company of generous and valorous Indra for the advancement of the honour and glory of the republic in obedience to the demands and discipline of the freedom and self-government of the nation. (Rigved 1-84-10)
ओ३म् ता अस्य पृशनायुव सोम श्रीणन्ति पृश्नयः।
प्रिया इन्द्रस्य धेनवो वज्र हिन्वन्ति सायकं वस्वीरनु स्वराज्यम्॥१००६
English:- Those forces of Indra, the ruler, close together in contact and unison, of varied forms and colours, brilliant as sunrays and generous and productive as cows, who are dearest favourites of the ruler, create the soma of joy and national dignity and hurl the missile of the thunderbolt upon the invader as loyal citizens of the land in accordance with the demands and discipline of freedom and self-government. (Rigved 1-84-11)
ओ३म् ता अस्य नमसा सह सपर्यन्ति प्रचेतसः।
व्रतान्यस्य सश्चिरे पुरूणि पूर्वचित्तये वस्वीरनु स्वराज्यम्॥१००७
English:- Those forces, noble and intelligent, serve and augment the courage and power of this Indra with food, energy and armaments and, as citizens of the land, as a matter of duty to the freedom and discipline of the republic, predictably join many dedicated projects and programmes of his in anticipation of success. (Rigved 1-84-12)