Uttararcika-Chapter 7 >> Section 4

ओ३म् इन्द्रायेन्दो मरुत्वते पवस्व मधुमत्तमः।
अर्कस्य योनिमासदम्॥१०७६
English:- O Soma, enlightened joy of spiritual purity and bliss, flow into the consciousness of the vibrant soul of the devotee as an offering to Indra, lord of universal power and joy who abides at the heart of universal truth and law of existence. (Rigved 9-64-22)
ओ३म् तं त्वा विप्रा वचोविद परिष्कृण्वन्ति धर्णसिम्।
सं त्वा मृजन्त्यायव॥१०७७
English:- O Soma, lord of purity, joy and power of the world, wise sages of the Vedic voice adore, exalt and glorify you as the fount and foundation of the universe, and the people of knowledge concentrate on you as the sole refulgent object of meditation. (Rigved 9-64-23)
ओ३म् रसं ते मित्रो अर्यमा पिबन्तु वरुणः कवे।
पवमानस्य मरुत॥१०७८
English:- O creative poet of existence and omniscience, pure, purifying and ever flowing divinity, Mitra, enlightened all-loving people, Aryama, men of judgement and discrimination, Varuna, people of rectitude worthy of universal choice, Maruts, vibrant warriors of peace and heroes of karmic progress, all drink and enjoy the nectar sweets of your presence in company. (Rigved 9-64-24)
ओ३म् मृज्यमानः सुहस्त्य समुद्रे वाचमिन्वसि।
रयिं पिशङ्गं बहुलं पुरुस्पृहं पवमानाभ्यर्षसि॥१०७९
English:- O Spirit omnipotent with the world in your generous hands, celebrated and exalted, you stimulate and inspire the song of adoration in the depths of the heart and, pure, purifying, radiating and exalting, set in motion immense wealth of golden graces of universal love and desire for us. (Rigved 9-107-21)
ओ३म् पुनानो वारे पवमनो अव्यये वृषो अचिक्रदद्वने।
देवाना सोम पवमान निष्कृतं गोभिरञ्जानो अर्षसि॥१०८०
English:- O Soma, universal spirit of generosity, cleansing, purifying and radiating in the protected heart of the cherished celebrant, you manifest loud and bold in the deep and beautiful world of existence and, sung and celebrated with songs of adoration, you move and manifest in the holy heart of divinities, pure, purifying, vibrating. (Rigved 9-107-22)
ओ३म् एतमु त्यं दश क्षिपो मृजन्ति सिन्धुमातरम्।
English:- Such as you are, O ruling soul, ten senses, ten pranas, ten subtle and gross modes of Prakrti and ten directions of space, all glorify you, mother source of all fluent streams of world energies shining with the zodiacs of the sun and all other brilliancies of nature and humanity. (Rigved 9-61-7)
ओ३म् समिन्द्रेणोत वायुना सुत एति पवित्र आ।
स सूर्यस्य रश्मिभि॥१०८२
English:- O Soma, spirit of peace, plenty and energy of the universe, you flow with the wind and cosmic dynamics and, with the rays of the sun, you shine as the very light of life which, realised and internalised, abides vibrant in the pure heart and soul. (Rigved 9-61-8)
ओ३म् स नो भगाय वायवे पूष्णे पवस्व मधुमान्।
चारुर्मित्रे वरुणे च॥१०८३
English:- O Soma, beautiful, blissful, honey spirit of the sweets of existence, flow free and purifying for the glory of life, for vibrant forces, for the power of health and growth, and for the friendly and discriminative people among humanity. (Rigved 9-61-9)