Uttararcika-Chapter 7 >> Section 5

ओ३म् रेवतीर्नः सधमाद इन्द्रे सन्तु तुविवाजाः।
क्षुमन्तो याभिर्मदेम॥१०८४
English:- May our people, wives and children be rich in wealth, knowledge and grace of culture, so that we, abundant and prosperous, may rejoice with them and live with them in happy homes in a state of honour and glory. (Rigved 1-30-13)
ओ३म् आ घ त्वावां त्मना युक्त स्तोतृभ्यो धृष्णवीयान।
ऋणोरक्षं न चक्रयो॥१०८५
English:- Lord of inviolable might, yourself your own definition, omniscient, instantly comprehending all that moves, you manifest your presence to the vision of your celebrants just as the one axle of two chariot wheels (moving, caring yet unmoved). (Rigved 1-30-14)
ओ३म् आ यद्दुव शतक्रतवा कामं जरितॄणाम्।
ऋणोरक्षं न शचीभिः॥१०८६
English:- Lord of a hundred blissful acts of the yajna of creation, who by the prayers and pious actions of the celebrants come into their vision and experience like the axis of a wheel, you fulfill their love and desire wholly and entirely. (Rigved 1-30-15)
ओ३म् सुरूपकृत्नुमूतये सुदुघामिव गोदुहे।
जुहूमसि द्यविद्यवि॥१०८७
English:- Just as the generous mother cow is milked for the person in need of nourishment, so every day for the sake of light and knowledge we invoke and worship Indra, lord omnipotent of light and life, maker of beautiful forms of existence and giver of protection and progress. (Rigved 1-4-1)
ओ३म् उप न सवना गहि सोमस्य सोमपाः पिब।
गोदा इद्रेवतो मद॥१०८८
English:- Indra, lord of light, protector of yajnic joy, promoter of sense and mind, come to our yajna, accept our homage of soma and give us the light and ecstasy of the soul. (Rigved 1-4-2)
ओ३म् अथा ते अन्तमानां विद्याम सुमतीनाम्।
मा नो अति ख्य आ गहि॥१०८९
English:- Indra, lord of light and knowledge, come, so that we know you at the closest of those who are established in you and hold you in their heart and vision. Come, lord of life, come close, forsake us not. (Rigved 1-4-3)
ओ३म् उभे यदिन्द्र रोदसी आपप्राथोषा इव।
महान्तं त्वा महीना सम्राजं चर्षणीनाम्।
देवी जनित्र्यजीजनद्भद्रा जनित्र्यजीजनत्॥१०९०
English:- Indra, lord of light and glory, ruler of the world, when you fill the earth and the environment with splendour like the dawn, the divine Mother Nature raises you and manifests you as the great ruler of the great people of the world. The gracious mother elevates you in refulgence and majesty as the mighty Indra. (Indra at the cosmic level is the Lord Almighty; at the human level, the world ruler; and at the individual level, Indra is the soul, ruler of the body, senses, mind and intelligence.) (Rigved 10-134-1)
ओ३म् दीर्घ ह्यङ्कुशं यथा शक्तिं बिभर्षि मन्तुमः।
पूर्वेण मघवन्पदा वयामजो यथा यमः।
देवी जनित्र्यजीजनद्भद्रा जनित्र्यजीजनत्॥१०९१
English:- Lord of intelligence, imagination and foresight, as an elephant driver wields the hook to control the strength and direction of the elephant, so you wield your power of far-reaching potential to control the world order, its forces and direction, and as the eternal ruler and controller holds the reins of time, so do you, O lord of might and magnanimity, hold the reins of the social order steps ahead of possibility long before actuality. The divine mother enlightens you, the gracious mother exalts you. (Rigved 10-134-6)
ओ३म् अव स्म दुर्हृणायतो मर्त्तस्य तनुहि स्थिरम्।
अधस्पदं तमीं कृधि यो अस्मा अभिदासति।
देवी जनित्र्यजीजनद्भद्रा जनित्र्यजीजनत्॥१०९२
English:- Strike down the adamantine stubbornness of the mortal enemy who wickedly injures the law and order of the system. Crush him down to naught who suppresses us and enslaves us. The divine mother create you, the gracious mother elevates you in glory as the great ruler. (Rigved 10-134-2)