Uttararcika-Chapter 7 >> Section 7

ओ३म् अग्ने त्वं नो अन्तम उत त्राता शिवो भुवो वरूथ्य॥११०७
English:- Agni, lord of light, fire of life, you are our closest friend and saviour. Be good and gracious, the very spirit and security of the home for the inmates. (Rigved 5-24-1)
ओ३म् वसुरग्निर्वसुश्रवा अच्छा नक्षि द्युमत्तमो रयिं दा॥११०८
English:- Agni, you are the home and shelter of the world. Pure and purifier, you create and give the food for life and energy, wealth and honour. Give us the food, energy and light of life. Come and pervade this home as the very spirit and security. (Rigved 5-24-2)
ओ३म् तं त्वा शोचिष्ठ दीदिवः सुम्नाय नूनमीमहे सखिभ्यः॥११०९
English:- Lord most pure and purifying, light of illumination, with all our friends, for sure, we pray to you for peace and life's well being. (Rigved 5-24-4)
ओ३म् इमा नु कं भुवना सीषधेमेन्द्रश्च विश्वे च देवा॥१११०
English:- Let us proceed, study and win our goals, successfully and peacefully, across these regions of the world, study and harness electric energy, and let all divine forces of nature and nobilities of humanity be favourable to us. (Rigved 10-157-1)
ओ३म् यज्ञं च नस्तन्वं च प्रजां चादित्यैरिन्द्र सह सीषधातु॥११११
English:- Indra, the sun, the wind, electric energy of the firmament with all year's phases of the sun, supports, strengthens and promotes our yajna, our body's health and our people and future generations. (Rigved 10-157-2)
ओ३म् आदित्यैरिन्द्र सगणो मरुद्भिरस्मभ्यं भेषजा करत्॥१११२
English:- May Indra, ruling power of the world with all its natural and human forces, winds and stormy troops across the sun's rays and over the year, be the protector and promoter of our health of body and social organisations. (Rigved 10-157-3)
ओ३म् प्र व इन्द्राय वृत्रहन्तमाय विप्राय गाथं गायत यं जुजोषते॥१११३
English:- To Indra, omniscient lord almighty, highest destroyer of evil, sin and darkness, sing and offer your songs of adoration which he loves, enjoys and happily accepts.
ओ३म् अर्चन्त्यर्कं मरुतः स्वर्का आ स्तोभति श्रुतो युवा स इन्द्रः॥१११४
English:- Maruts, heroic devotees, chant devotional hymns and present the homage of worship and service to Indra who, youthful and renowned, sustains the world and responds to their devotion with joyous favour and spiritual elevation.
ओ३म् उप प्रक्षे मधुमति क्षियन्तः पुष्येम रयिं धीमहे त इन्द्र॥१११५
English:- Indra, omnipotent lord, living close to you in the honey sweet abode of your realm, may we augment our wealth and excellence and mediate on you divine presence.