Uttararcika-Chapter 8 >> Section 3

ओ३म् मूर्धानं दिवो अरतिं पृथिव्या वैश्वानरमृत आ जातमग्निम्।
कवि सम्राजमतिथिं जनानामासन्न पात्रं जनयन्त देवा॥११४०
English:- The divinities of nature and humanity light the sacred fire: supreme light of heaven, vital fire of life of the earth, Vaishvanara, leader and energiser of the world, born of cosmic law and the fire of cosmic yajna. It is the visionary, even the revolutionary, poet, ruler of the world, sacred as a chance visitor, voice of the people, sustainer of life and its order. (Rigved 6-7-1)
ओ३म् त्वां विश्वे अमृतं जायमान शिशुं न देवा अभि सं नवन्ते।
तव क्रतुभिरमृतत्वमायन्वैश्वानर यत्पित्रोरदीदेः॥११४१
English:- O Vaishvanara Agni, light and vitality of the world, all brilliant scholars and divines of humanity love you as a baby and celebrate you all round like the rising sun at dawn, or like a young scholar emerging from the home of his parents and teachers like the sun from heaven over the earth. By virtue of your holy acts, the mortals achieve the immortality of holiness and excellence. (Rigved 6-7-4)
ओ३म् नाभिं यज्ञाना सदन रयीणां महामाहावमभि सं नवन्त।
वैश्वानर रथ्यमध्वराणां यज्ञस्य केतुं जनयन्त देवा॥११४२
English:- Divines and brilliant people light and sing in praise of Vaishvanara, sacred fire of the world, centre- hold of yajna and creative programmes of development, treasure source of wealths, divine challenge and cherished deity of their service, motive power of non- violent projects, the real symbol and the very life of yajna. (Rigved 6-7-2)
ओ३म् प्र वो मित्राय गायत वरुणाय विपा गिरा।
महिक्षत्रावृतं बृहत्॥११४३
English:- Sing in holy words in honour and praise of Mitra and Varuna, ruling lord of light and dispenser of justice, who hold and sustain the great world order and maintain the universal values of eternal Truth and Law for you. (Rigved 5-68-1)
ओ३म् सम्राजा या घृतयोनी मित्रश्चोभा वरुणश्च।
देवा देवेषु प्रशस्ता॥११४४
English:- Mitra and Varuna, both brilliant rulers of nature and humanity, sources of the showers of fertility, prosperity and felicity, are eminent and adorable, honoured among the brilliancies of nature and humanity. (Rigved 5-68-2)
ओ३म् ता न शक्तं पार्थिवस्य महो रायो दिव्यस्य।
महि वां क्षत्रं देवेषु॥११४५
English:- Great is your power and potential for us over the wealth and excellence of heavenly and earthly values, culture and conduct and behaviour. Great is your rule and order over the divinities of nature and humanity. (Rigved 5-68-3)
ओ३म् इन्द्रा याहि चित्रभानो सुता इमे त्वायव।
अण्वीभिस्तना पूतास॥११४६
English:- Indra, Lord Supreme of wondrous light and power, come and bless us. All these sacred objects in existence, created, energised and extended over spaces from the subtlest causes by you are sustained in your divine power. (Rigved 1-3-4)
ओ३म् इन्द्रा याहि धियेषितो विप्रजूतः सुतावतः।
उप ब्रह्माणि वाघत॥११४७
English:- Indra, Lord Supreme of light and life, meditated by the pure at heart, realised by the enlightened, distilled from the Veda and the world of existence by the visionaries, come and inspire the chant of the dedicated yajakas. (Rigved 1-3-5)
ओ३म् इन्द्रा याहि तूतुजान उप ब्रह्माणि हरिवः।
सुते दधिष्व नश्चन॥११४८
English:- Indra, lord and breath of life, energy and speech, come fast at the speed of light, vitalise our songs of praise in yajna and bless us with food for the body, mind and soul. (Rigved 1-3-6)
ओ३म् तमीडिष्व यो अर्चिषा वना विश्वा परिष्वजत्।
कृष्णा कृणोति जिह्वया॥११४९
English:- O celebrant, love and adore that power of divinity which with its refulgence pervades all rays of the sun, moves all floods of water, and envelops all forests and makes them green with its radiations. (Rigved 6-60-10)
ओ३म् य इद्ध आविवासति सुम्नमिन्द्रस्य मर्त्य।
द्युम्नाय सुतरा अप॥११५०
English:- Whoever the mortal that honours and adores the favour and grace of Indra when the fire is burning for the sake of excellence, the waters of his life and the flow of his actions would be blest with fulfilment. (Rigved 6- 60-11)
ओ३म् ता नो वाजवतीरिष आशून्पिपृतमर्वतः।
एन्द्रमग्निं च वोढवे॥११५१
English:- May the two, Indra and Agni, electricity and fire, give us food and sustenance full of energy and excellence and provide us with modes of travel and transport. Let us too develop the fire and electricity, energy for transport and communication. (Rigved 6-60-12)