Uttararcika-Chapter 9 >> Section 1

ओ३म् शिशुं जज्ञान हर्यतं मृजन्ति शुम्भन्ति विप्रं मरुतो गणेन।
कविर्गीर्भि काव्येना कवि सन्त्सोम पवित्रमत्येति रेभन्॥११७५
English:- Dedicated celebrants perceive the presence beatific, manifested and expansive in the experience of nature around, cleanse it like a new born baby, discover and distil it in the spirit and adore it in song. As winds in storm raise a spark to blazing fire, bands of admirers celebrate it in its native glory. Omnipresent all-watching sagely divine, exalted to its omniscience and omnipotence in human consciousness by the music of the poetic voice, Soma, divine presence, radiates into the pure human heart loud and bold and transcends the soul to infinite space. (Rigved 9-96-17)
ओ३म् ऋषिमना य ऋषिकृत्स्वर्षा सहस्रनीथः पदवी कवीनाम्।
तृतीयं धाम महिष सिषासन्त्सोमो विराजमनु राजति ष्टुप्॥११७६
English:- Soma is the presence that is the universal seer and poetic creator, maker of poets, exalted by sages, shower streams of bliss, adored a thousand ways for infinite power and glory, ultimate love and desire of poets, awful refulgence radiating to the third blazing space beyond the earthly and paradisal regions of life, the presence that rules and illuminates the heart and soul beyond the state of existential involvement, the one loving, blessing, beatific ultimate object of adoration and worship. (Rigved 9-96-18)
ओ३म् चमूषच्छ्येन शकुनो विभृत्वा गोविन्दुर्द्रप्स आयुधानि बिभ्रत्।
अपामूर्मि सचमानः समुद्रं तुरीयं धाम महिषो विवक्ति॥११७७
English:- Pervading every form of life and nature, adorable supreme Soma presence of divinity, abiding with stars and planets in motion, bearing infinite powers, vibrating with the waves of nature's dynamics, vesting the cosmic structure, transcends to the fourth state of absolute bliss. Only the mighty sage speaks of the presence beyond speech. (Rigved 9-96-19)
ओ३म् एते सोमा अभि प्रियमिन्द्रस्य काममक्षरन्।
वर्धन्तो अस्य वीर्यम्॥११७८
English:- These soma streams of life flow free and fulfil the cherished desires of humanity and exalt the creative splendour of the soul. (Rigved 9-8-1)
ओ३म् पुनानासश्चमूषदो गच्छन्तो वायुमश्विना।
ते नो धत्त सुवीर्यम्॥११८१
English:- The same soma streams of life distilled from nature, contained in deep reservoirs, vibrating in human veins and nerves, marshalling in social forces energise and motivate the vibrant scholar and the pursuers of jnana-yoga and karma-yoga in knowledge and action. May they bring us the lustre and vitality of creative splendour and graces of culture, sanctifying as they are.(Rigved9-8-2)
ओ३म् इन्द्रस्य सोम राधसे पुनानो हार्दि चोदय।
देवानां योनिमासदम्॥११८०
English:- O Soma, peace and power of the divine spirit, puri-fying and sanctifying the life of humanity, inspire and energise the heart and passion of Indra, the human soul settled at the seed centre of the truth of existence, for winning the ultimate success and victory of life. (Rigved 9-8-3)
ओ३म् मृजन्ति त्वा देश क्षिपो हिन्वन्ति सप्त धीतय।
अनु विप्रा अमादिषुः॥११८१
English:- O Soma, human soul at peace, ten energized and energizing modes of nature, subtle and gross elements, give you the beautiful body form, and seven inspiring faculties of sense and mind inspire and move you to think and act. Thus equipped, let the wise sages provide you pleasure and enlightenment with secular and sacred literature. (Rigved 9-8-4)
ओ३म् देवेभ्यस्त्वा मदाय क सृजानमति मेष्य।
सं गोभिर्वासयामसि॥११८२
English:- O Soma, man of peace and joy, while you are creating psychic and spiritual joy for the service and pleasure of nature and noble humanity, we, generous mother powers and sagely scholars, nourish and enlighten you with milk and noble voices of wisdom and vision of divinity. (Rigved 9-8-5)
ओ३म् पुनान कलशेष्वा वस्त्राण्यरुषो हरि।
परि गव्यान्यव्यत॥११८३
English:- Soma, lord of peace and purity, destroyer of suffering, manifests in refulgent forms of existence and pervades all round in stars and planets of the universe. (Rigved 9-8-6)
ओ३म् मघोन आ पवस्व नो जहि विश्वा अप द्विष।
इन्दो सखायमा विश॥११८४
English:- Lord of peace and bliss, come and purify the devotees, men of wealth, power and honour, and ward off all our negativities, oppositions, jealousies and enmities from us and bless us all to live together as friends. (Rigved 9-8-7)
ओ३म् नृचक्षसं त्वा वयमिन्द्रपीत स्वर्विदम्।
भक्षीमहि प्रजामिषम्॥११८५
English:- All-watching guardian of humanity, omniscient lord of bliss, adored and self-realised by the soul of humanity, we pray for the gift of food and energy, light and knowledge, and all round happiness for all people of the world, your children. (Rigved 9-8-9)
ओ३म् वृष्टिं दिव परि स्रव द्युम्नं पृथिव्या अधि।
सहो नः सोम पृत्सु धा॥११८६
English:- O Soma, shower the lights of heaven and wealth, power and glory over the earth. Give us courage, patience and fortitude, hold on to us in battles of life and give us the final victory. (Rigved 9-8-8)