Uttararcika-Chapter 9 >> Section 2

ओ३म् सोम पुनानो अर्षति सहस्रधारो अत्यविः।
वायोरिन्द्रस्य निष्कृतम्॥११८७
English:- Soma, beauty, joy, power and divinity of life, pure, and purifying, vibrates every where and flows free in a thousand streams, inspiring, energising and protecting, it is released and sanctified by Vayu, cosmic energy and empowered by Indra, divine omnipotence, distilled by vibrant sages, received by creative humanity and spread abroad by ruling powers. (Rigved 9-13-1)
ओ३म् पवमानमवस्यवो विप्रमभि प्र गायत।
सुष्वाणं देववीतये॥११८८
English:- O seekers of energy, power and protection, sing and adore the soma of existence, lord creator and energiser, pure and purifying, omniscient giver of knowledge and wisdom, for the sake of divine excellence and felicity in life. (Rigved 9-13-2)
ओ३म् पवन्ते वाजसातये सोमा सहस्रपाजसः।
गृणाना देववीतये॥११८९
English:- The Soma streams of life's felicity flow in a thousand ways of energy, power and divine inspiration, doing honour to the lord of glory and bliss, refining and purifying us for favour of the divinities and for winning victories of honour and excellence in life. (Rigved 9-13-3)
ओ३म् उत नो वाजसातये पवस्व बृहतीरिष।
द्युमदिन्दो सुवीर्यम्॥११९०
English:- O refulgent Soma, lord of peace, power, beauty and glory, flow, purify and empower us for victory in the battles of life and give us abundant food and energy and high order of noble creative courage and rectitude.
ओ३म् अत्या हियाना न हेतृभिरसृग्रं वाजसातये।
वि वारमव्यमाशव॥११९१
English:- The showers of soma, blessings of the lord of peace and protection, like fastest forces electrified to omnipresence by urgent masters, reach to places and people that need light and protection against ignorance and darkness. (Rigved 9-13-6)
ओ३म् ते न सहस्रिण रयिं पवन्तामा सुवीर्यम्।
सुवाना देवास इन्दवः॥११९२
English:- May those streams of soma, divine showers of beauty and glory, inspiring us, energising us with strength and virility, flow and purify us, and give us a thousand-fold wealth, honour and glory, and high creative potential for further advancement.(Rigved9-13-5)
ओ३म् वाश्रा अर्षन्तीन्दवोऽभि वत्सं न मातर।
दधन्विरे गभस्त्योः॥११९३
English:- Loving showers of divine light, peace and protection flow to the supplicants as mothers' milk to the child and are held by the dedicated in love and faith. (Rigved 9-13-7)
ओ३म् जुष्ट इन्द्राय मत्सर पवमान कनिक्रदत्।
विश्वा अप द्विषो जहि॥११९४
English:- Let the pure and purifying showers of soma in divine flow, dedicated to omnipotence and to humanity in love roar as a cloud of rain showers, and, O roaring showers, throw out all jealousies and enmities of the world far away from us. (Rigved 9-13-8)
ओ३म् अपघ्नन्तो अराव्ण पवमानाः स्वर्दृश।
योनावृतस्य सीदत॥११९५
English:- O shower of divine light, love and power, warding off and eliminating all unrighteous and uncreating elements of life, pure, purifying and flowing for humanity's good, revealing the light of divinity and illuminating humanity, come and settle in the seat of truth and rectitude in the yajnic hall of humanity. (Rigved 9-13-9)