Uttararcika-Chapter 9 >> Section 6

ओ३म् अग्निं वो देवमग्निभि सजोषा यजिष्ठं दूतमध्वरे कृणुध्वम्।
यो मर्त्येषु निध्रुविरृतावा तपुर्मूर्धा घृतान्न पावक॥१२१९
English:- O learned scholars and scientists, in your yajnic programmes of corporate endeavour for human purposes, light and produce that adorable agni, energy, from various forms of heat and sunlight, which is brilliantly useful and universally helpful and which acts as a messenger between region and region and earth and space. It is permanently present in all forms of mortal creation, abides by the laws of nature, is vested with heat and power at the highest, consumes finest food and it is fiery and purifying. (Rigved 7-3-1)
ओ३म् प्रोथदश्वो न यवसेऽविष्यन्यदा मह संवरणाद्व्यस्थात्।
आदस्य वातो अनु वाति शोचिरध स्म ते व्रजनं कृष्णमस्ति॥१२२०
English:- Roaring and consuming its food like a horse exulting in grass, it rises from its source and moves like velocity itself, splitting, protecting, accomplishing. Currents of wind and energy follow the rise of its power. O fiery energy, attraction and repulsion, that's your path of motion. (Rigved 7-3-2)
ओ३म् उद्यस्य ते नवजातस्य वृष्णोऽग्ने चरन्त्यजरा इधाना।
अच्छा द्यामरुषो धूम एषि सं दूतो अग्न ईयसे हि देवान्॥१२२१
English:- Agni, abundant energy divine, as your flames arise, new and undecaying, the radiant waves traverse the heights of heaven in space, and thus you move like a messenger to the divinities of nature at the one end and to the brilliant scholars at the other. (Rigved 7-3-3)
ओ३म् तमिन्द्रं वाजयामसि महे वृत्राय हन्तवे।
स वृषा वृषभो भुवत्॥१२२२
English:- That Indra, dynamic and enlightened mind and intelligence, we cultivate and strengthen for the elimination of the great waste, deep ignorance and suffering prevailing in the world. May that light and mind be exuberant and generous for us with showers of enlightenment. (Rigved 8-93-7)
ओ३म् इन्द्र स दामने कृत ओजिष्ठ स बले हित।
द्युम्नी श्लोकी स सोम्य॥१२२३
English:- Indra, mind and intelligence, was created for enlightenment and for giving enlightenment. Most lustrous and powerful, it is engaged in the creation of joy and strength. It is rich in the wealth of knowledge, praise-worthy, and cool, gentle and at peace in the state of enlightenment. (Rigved 8-93-8)
ओ३म् गिरा वज्रो न सम्भृत सबलो अनपच्युतः।
ववक्ष उग्रो अस्तृतः॥१२२४
English:- Held in and by the voice of divinity like the roar of thunder and the flood of sun-rays, it is powerful, unfallen, irrepressible and lofty with thought, so let it express itself freely. (Rigved 8-93-9)