Uttararcika-Chapter 9 >> Section 8

ओ३म् पवस्व देव आयुषगिन्द्रं गच्छतु ते मद।
वायुमा रोह धर्मणा॥१२३५
English:- O Soma, self-refulgent and self-joyous lord of peace and bliss, let your presence vibrate and purify us. Let your ecstatic bliss reach Indra, the ruler, for the glory of mankind. May you with your divine power and presence emerge and rise in the heart of vibrant devotees. (Rigved 9-63-22)
ओ३म् पवमान नि तोशसे रयि सोम श्रवाय्यम्।
इन्दो समुद्रमा विश॥१२३६
English:- Soma, pure and purifying omnificent lord, you grant ample and praise-worthy wealth, honour and excellence to the devotees. Pray, let your dear and blissful presence arise in the ocean-like time and space of human existence, inspire the depth of the heart and save the supplicant. (Rigved 9-63-23)
ओ३म् अपघ्नन्पवसे मृध क्रतुवित्सोम मत्सरः।
नुदस्वादेवयुं जनम्॥१२३७
English:- O Soma, lord of absolute peace, purity, power and holiness of action, omnipotent and blissful, you vibrate in existence destroying sin and evil. Pray impel the impious people to truth, piety and creative generosity, or punish and eliminate them like hurdles in the creative paths of piety and rectitude. (Rigved 9-63-24)
ओ३म् अभी नो वाजसातम रयिमर्ष शतस्पृहम्।
इन्दो सहस्रभर्णसं तुविद्युम्नं विभासहम्॥१२३८
English:- Indu, divine spirit of peace, power, beauty and grace, move and bless us to achieve wealth, honour and excellence of high order, universally loved and valued, a thousandfold sustaining, mighty powerful, all challenging and finally victorious. (Rigved 9-98-1)
ओ३म् वयं ते अस्य राधसो वसोर्वसो पुरुस्पृह।
नि नेदिष्ठतमा इष स्याम सुम्ने ते अध्रिगो॥१२३९
English:- O spirit of instant mantra movement, lord of world's wealth and shelter home of life, destroyer of evil, darkness and ignorance, let us be closest to you and the all desired world's wealth, let us be closest to your treasure of food, energy, and knowledge and to your divine peace and comfort. (Rigved 9-98-5)
ओ३म् परि स्य स्वानो अक्षरदिन्दुरव्ये मदच्युतः।
धारा य ऊर्ध्वो अध्वरे भ्राजा न याति गव्ययु॥१२४०
English:- May that Indu, divine Spirit of peace, purity and beauty, inspiring and strengthening, overflowing with the power of ecstasy, flow and reach into the favoured heart of the devotee, that supreme shower of divinity which goes forward like radiations of light into the yajna of love and non-violence with love and desire to reveal the truth of life. (Rigved 9-98-3)
ओ३म् पवस्व सोम महान्त्समुद्र पिता देवानां विश्वाभि धाम॥१२४१
English:- Flow forth and consecrate, O Soma presence of divinity, as great ocean of life, father, generator and sustainer of divinities and ultimate haven and home of all the worlds of existence. (Rigved 9-109-4)
ओ३म् शुक्र पवस्व देवेभ्य सोम दिवे पृथिव्यै शं च प्रजाभ्य॥१२४२
English:- O pure and potent Soma spirit of divinity, consecrate and radiate for the generous brilliant nobilities and divinities and bring showers of peace and joy for heaven and earth and for the human people and all other forms of life. (Rigved 9-109-5)
ओ३म् दिवो धर्त्तासि शुक्र पीयूष सत्ये विधर्मन्वाजी पवस्व॥१२४३
English:- You are the sustainer of the heavenly regions of light, most blissful presence for experience in the yajna of truth and divine law, and the ultimate winner of the victory. Flow forth, divine Soma, purify and consecrate us in the presence. (Rigved 9-109-6)
ओ३म् प्रेष्ठं वो अतिर्थि स्तुषे मित्रमिव प्रियम्।
अग्ने रथं न वेद्यम्॥१२४४
English:- I sing and celebrate the glories of Agni, lord omniscient, light and leader of the world, dearest and most welcome as an enlightened guest, loving as a friend, who like a divine harbinger, reveals the light of knowledge to us. (Rigved 8-84-1)
ओ३म् कविमिव प्रशस्यं यं देवास इति द्विता।
नि मर्त्येष्वादधु॥१२४५
English:- I adore Agni whom the divinities established among mortals as the visionary poet and the spirit of enlightenment and awareness, as intelligence and mind, as will and passion, as perception and volition, as male and female and as the yajna fire and the vital heat of the body system, the two ways in which divine vitality expresses itself. (Rigved 8-84-2)
ओ३म् त्वं यविष्ठ दाशुषो नॄपाहि शृणुही गिर।
रक्षा तोकमुत त्मना॥१२४६
English:- O lord eternal, ever youthful beyond age, pray protect and promote the families of the generous people, listen to their voices of prayer and, by all your will and power, protect and promote the children and grand children of humanity. (Rigved 8-84-3)
ओ३म् एन्द्र नो गधि प्रिय सत्राजिदगोह्य।
गिरिर्न विश्वत पृथु पतिर्दिव॥१२४७
English:- Indra, come, take us over as your own. Dear and giver of fulfilment you are, all dominant by nature, character and action, inconceivably open and bright, expansive and unbounded all round like a cloud of vapour, lord and master of the light of heaven. (Rigved 8-98-4)
ओ३म् अभि हि सत्य सोमपा उभे बभूथ रोदसी।
इन्द्रासि सुन्वतो वृध पतिर्दिव॥१२४८
English:- Lord eternal and ever true, lover, protector and promoter of the beauty and joy of existence, you are higher and greater than both heaven and earth. Indra, omnipotent lord and master of the light of heaven, you are the inspirer and giver of advancement to the pursuer of the knowledge, beauty and power of the soma reality of life. (Rigved 8-98-5)
ओ३म् त्व हि शश्वतीनामिन्द्र धर्त्ता पुरामसि।
हन्ता दस्योर्मनोर्वृध पतिर्दिव॥१२४९
English:- Indra, you are catalyser, breaker and maker, and sustainer of the eternal forms of existence in cosmic dynamics, destroyer of the destroyer and promoter of thoughtful people. You are the guardian of the light of life, sustainer of the heavens of joy. (Rigved 8-98-6)
ओ३म् पुरां भिन्दुर्युवा कविरमितौजा अजायत।
इन्द्रो विश्वस्य कर्मणो धर्त्ता वज्री पुरुष्टुत॥१२५०
English:- Breaker of the enemy forts, youthful, creative and imaginative, hero of boundless strength, sustainer of the acts of the world and disposer, wielder of the thunderbolt, universally acclaimed and celebrated is risen into prominence. (Rigved 1-11-4)
ओ३म् त्वं वलस्य गोमतोऽपावरद्रिवो बिलम्।
त्वां देवा अबिभ्युषस्तुज्यमानास आविषुः॥१२५१
English:- Indra, blazing as the sun, wielder of the clouds, you break open the water-hold of the clouds. The devas, planets, fearless seekers of the lord of light and centre- home, moved round in orbit, hold on to their place in the solar family. (Rigved 1-11-5)
ओ३म् इन्द्रमीशानमोजसाभि स्तोमैरनूषत।
सहस्रं यस्य रातय उत वा सन्ति भूयसीः॥१२५२
English:- All the hymns of praise celebrate Indra, lord ruler over the universe with His power and splendour. Thousands, uncountable, are His gifts and benedictions, infinitely more indeed. (Rigved 1-11-8)