Uttararcika-Chapter 1 >> Section 5

ओ३म् स्वादिष्ठया मदिष्ठया पवस्व सोम धारया।
इन्द्राय पातवे सुत॥६८९
English:- O Soma, Spirit of Divinity, peace and glory of existence distilled in the essence for the soul's being, flow in the sweetest and most exhilarating streams of ecstasy, cleanse and sanctify us unto purity and constancy, and initiate us into the state of ananda, divine glory. (Rigved9-1-1)
(Soma in the physical sense is an exhilarating drink, in the aesthetic sense it is ecstasy, in the psychic sense it is ananda, and in the spiritual sense it is elevation of the soul to the experience of divinity. It is the peace, purity and glory of life, any power physical, social or divine that leads to satyam (truth), shivam (goodness), and sundaram (beauty) of life, anything, power and person that gives us an experience of sacchidananda, the real, the intelligent and the blissful state of the life divine. In short, Soma is satyam, shivam and sundaram, the sat, the chit and the ananda of life. It is not restricted to a particular herb and a particular drink. The meaning of soma is open-ended on the positive side of life and living joy.)
ओ३म् रक्षोहा विश्वचर्षणिरभि योनिमयोहते।
द्रोणे सधस्थमासदत्॥६९०
English:- You are the destroyer of negativity, destructivity and evil and darkness, you are universal watcher and guardian of all that is, you are centre of the origin and end of existence, veiled in impenetrable womb of gold, you are ever on the move yet settled and constant in the house of life. (Soma is Divinity Itself.) (Rigved 9-1-2)
ओ३म् वरिवोधातमो भुवो महिष्ठो वृत्रहन्तमः।
पर्षि राधो मघोनाम्॥६९१
English:- Be the highest giver of the cherished wealth of life, mightiest munificent, and the destroyer of want, suffering and darkness. Sanctify the wealth of the prosperous and powerful with showers of peace, purity and generosity. (Rigved 9-1-3)
ओ३म् पवस्व मधुमत्तम इन्द्राय सोम क्रतुवित्तमो मद।
महि द्युक्षतमो मद॥६९२
English:- O Soma, sweetest honey spirit of light, action and joy, radiate purifying for Indra, the soul. You are the wisest spirit of the knowledge of holy action, greatest and most enlightened spirit of joy. (Rigved 9-108-1)
ओ३म् यस्य ते पीत्वा वृषभो वृषायतेऽस्य पीत्वा स्वर्विद।
स सुप्रकेतो अभ्यक्रमीदिषोऽच्छा वाजं नैतशः॥६९३
English:- Having drunk of the Soma spirit of light, action and joy, Indra, the soul, overflows with strength and virile generosity. Having drunk of it, the soul receives the light of heavenly knowledge. And the soul, also, blest with inner light of spiritual awareness, rushes to achieve food, energy and enlightenment as a warrior wins the battle of his challenges. (Rigved 9-108-2)
ओ३म् इन्द्रमच्छ सुता इमे वृषणं यन्तु हरयः।
श्रुष्टे जातास इन्दवः स्वर्विद॥६९४
English:- May these realised, cleansed and confirmed, blessed, beautiful and brilliant virtues and sanskars touching the bounds of divine bliss, emerging and risen in the mind, well reach and seep into the heart core of the soul completely and permanently. (Rigved 9-106-1)
ओ३म् अयं भराय सानसिरिन्द्राय पवते सुत।
सोमो जैत्रस्य चेतति यथा विदे॥६९५
English:- This Soma, competent and victorious for the battle of life, when realised, flows for Indra, the winning soul, and enlightens it about the world's reality as it is and as it knows. (Rigved 9-106-2)
ओ३म् अस्येदिन्द्रो मदेष्वा ग्राभं गृभ्णाति सानसिम्।
वज्रं च वृषणं भरत्समप्सुजित्॥६९६
English:- Under the inspiration and ecstasy of this soma of divine love, let the soul seize the victorious bow, take on the generous virile and mighty bolt of will and power of faith and win the target of the battle of Karma to the attainment of Divinity. (Rigved 9-106-3)
ओ३म् पुरोजिती वो अन्धसः सुताय मादयित्नवे।
अप श्वान श्नथिष्टन सखायो दीर्घजिह्व्यम्॥६९७
English:- O friends, for your attainment of the purified and exhilarating Soma bliss of existence, eliminate vociferous disturbances of the mind and concentrate on the deep resounding voice of divinity. (Rigved9-101-1)
ओ३म् यो धारया पावकया परिप्रस्यन्दते सुत।
इन्दुरश्वो न कृत्व्य॥६९८
English:- Brilliant and blissful Soma, when, filtered and exhilarated, vibrates and flows in clear purifying streams like waves of energy itself. (Rigved 9-101-2)
ओ३म् तं दुरोषमभी नर सोमं विश्वाच्या धिया।
यज्ञाय सन्त्वद्रयः॥६९९
English:- That blazing unassailable Soma, adorable in yajna, leading lights of rock-bed foundation invoke and impel with universal thought and speech, with controlled mental reflection for self-realisation. (Rigved 9-101-3)
ओ३म् अभि प्रियाणि पवते चनोहितो नामानि यह्वो अधि येषु वर्धते।
आ सूर्यस्य बृहतो बृहन्नधि रथं विष्वञ्चमरुहद्विचक्षण॥७००
English:- Soma, spirit of life and joy of existence, mighty, infinite, omnipresent, pervades and vitalises all dear beautiful systems of waters and light, expansive and exalted therein. Greater than the great, all watching, it rides the grand chariot of the sun which comprehends and illuminates the whole world. (Rigved 9-75-1)
ओ३म् ऋतस्य जिह्वा पवते मधु प्रियं वक्ता पतिर्धियो अस्या अदाभ्यः।
दधाति पुत्र पित्रोरपीच्यां३नाम तृतीयमधि रोचनं दिव॥७०१
English:- The flame of yajna as the voice of eternal truth rises and expresses the dear delicious beauty and glory of Soma, spirit of universal light and bliss. The speaker and protector of the acts of yajna and Soma truth of life is fearless, undaunted. Just as progeny is the continuance and illumination of the honour and reverence of parents, so is yajna the progeny and illuminative soma of Soma refulgent in the third and highest region of the light of existence. (Rigved 9-75-2)
ओ३म् अव द्युतान कलशा अचिक्रदन्नृभिर्येमाण कोश आ हिरण्यये।
अभी ऋतस्य दोहना अनूषताधि त्रिपृष्ठ उषसो वि राजसि॥७०२
English:- Evoked and concentrated in the golden cave of the heart by veteran yogis, leading them to a vision of divinity, illuminating the sacred hearts, it vibrates and speaks loud and bold in the spirit. Those who distil the eternal truth of existence in their yajnic communion with divinity celebrate and exalt it in song as it abides over three regions of earth, heaven and the skies and shines over the glory of dawns. (Rigved 9-75-3)